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Chapter 230 Eruption


“We’re discussing a complex situation right now. Is there an emergency going on, for you to run in like this?”


“Y-yes! There are riots happening in the eastern regions!”


Hearing these words that surpassed the limits of my imagination, my brain went blank for a long time.


Riot…a word that had seemed so unreal for me in the past.


Even knowing the word, it was difficult to understand what it really meant.


My mind was roaring, like this word had nothing to do with me.


Why, why…


When the questions rose into my mind, I felt my thoughts spinning nonstop.


No matter how hard I thought, I couldn’t pin down a reason for the riots.


“Is everything all right, milady?”


Tanya looked at me, concerned.


She looked quite unwell too.


Seeing her like this, my final scraps of rationality yelled at me to calm down.


After taking a few shallow breaths, the eye-piercing whiteness that had covered my vision faded, and I was finally able to see everything around me again.


“I’m fine, Tanya.”


If I were consumed by my circumstances and sunk into them, the people around me would drown too.


I couldn’t hesitate in this situation.


Yes, I told myself.


“Summon Ryle and Sebastian right now! We’re holding a meeting right now!”


“Y-yes! Understood.”


Tanya ran swiftly from the room.


“After you can organize things, please give me a thorough report.”




Tanya filled Ryle and Sebastian in on part of the situation, and they showed up with stiff expressions.


“Tanya has told you the reason why you’ve been summoned, right?”


“Yes, but…I still don’t quite understand the specifics…”


Sebastian said this with a confused look. I couldn’t help but agree.


“Me too. Even if we investigate, the only thing we’ll learn is the impacted area and casualties. Who our enemies are and what their intentions are remain unclear.”


I forced myself to take a deep breath to calm down.


“What’s the impacted area, then, milady?”


“There were attacks on the police station and the government office, and they seem to be occupying the office headquarters right now. There are at least ten casualties and many injuries among the police, officials, and civilians.”


Biting down on my lip, I gripped my shaking fist.


My mouth started to taste like iron.


This piercing pain and taste forced me to reckon with the fact that this was reality.




Sebastian was likely worried about me. His voice was filled with sadness.


Even so, I wasn’t shaking out of fear or sadness.


This was an attempt at escaping my own personal chaos when explaining the situation to them.


“They’ve really done something worthy of mockery…”


It was my rage.


Because of rage, my body was trembling.


If they were unhappy with my policies, they should attack me directly.


If there was some kind of purpose behind this, they should have spoken up for themselves.


No discussion or rationale. Instead they allowed themselves to be governed by pure fury, hurting people who hadn’t done anything wrong.


Whoever was behind this riot was my enemy.


Perhaps reacting to my anger, the three of them looked astonished.


“What scale are we talking about in terms of the enemy?”


Ryle managed to shake off his emotions soonest to ask me this question.


“According to eyewitness reports the riot was a hundred or so people…The remaining police have reported that they’re extremely organized, that it seems unlikely that they’re just thugs.”


“True. The police guard is trained well enough not to be defeated by a regular crowd. Have they been planning this for a while, or is there something backing them up?”


“Does anyone have any idea of how these rioters gathered together in the first place?”


As if thinking of something, Tanya bit down on her lip.


She seemed to feel my gaze and spoke hurriedly.


“Apologies, but there’s something bothering me. If they were organizing something involving hundreds of people, they must have needed to meet for discussions. Plus, they need a place for their weapons.”


It felt like something blunt and heavy had struck me in the head.


“That’s what it is.”




The three of them reacted with questioning expressions when I spoke those seemingly random words.


“The people gathering at those locations. The illegal occupants that the construction workers reported. They’ve been using that place as a meeting spot. In that location you can access the sewer system easily. If they walk through them, they’ll be able to reach various locations easily.”


What I was saying was nothing but guesswork, a patchwork attempt at connecting the dots.


But these clues did have their own inherent logic.


This whole time something had been bothering me.


Claus was at the top of the Boltique family, and had no cause to illegally occupy the location.


Considering how he inherited ownership of the land, it seemed even more unnecessary.


Did that mean the family had experienced an internal rift again?


Although not impossible, it seemed unlikely.


If they had really experienced a split, illegally occupying that area would only increase their chances of being found out.


“Given what you’re saying, it’s becoming harder and harder to imagine that these people are just tactless rioters.”


“I think so as well. Seems like they’ve been planning for a long time and found the right time to act.”


The only assumption we could make now is that they took advantage of the perfect moment that old Earl Monroe’s defense line was disrupted to act.


Plus, there was the expert way they suppressed the government office and police stationed there.


Suddenly, the padding sound of footsteps rang out, a rare sound in the mansion. The door opened, and a woman I’d never seen before stood there.


“Miss Tanya, excuse me. I have a report for you here.”


“What’s going on? We’re recounting something important here.”


“I know that, but…”


Leaning near Tanya’s ear, she said something quietly.


“How did this happen?”


“I’ve confirmed it. And here’s the accompanying report…”


When Tanya spoke with the woman, I took the time to confirm the personnel composition of the various police guard teams, and calculated how long it would take them to rush to the east.


“Milady, do you have a moment?”


“You’re done discussing?”


“Yes, excuse me. There’s a report from Dida here.”


“I see. And this is…?”


“After confirming with Claus, it seems like they don’t have an idea of who the people illegally occupying that land are. For caution’s sake Dida will stay with the Boltique family and make sure things are going smoothly, but according to him the last internal conflict led to a strengthened internal organization, so the likelihood of betrayal is small.”


“Is that so…then who are these people?”


“And then there’s the report from the subordinates. They’ve managed to sneak into the government office and investigate the illegal invaders.”


“A good judgement. What have we found out?”


“The enemy’s setup and scale. I’ll share it with Ryle and then report the specifics to you later.”


“Thanks for your hard work.”


The woman nodded seriously at Ryle’s words.


“Our subordinates came to the same conclusion as you, milady, that the illegal occupants of the Boltique property are the same as the rioters.”


“What’s their evidence?”


“They seem to talk in a language that isn’t Tasmerian, and they speak the language with an odd accent. It’s too much evidence to just be a coincidence.”


My expression stiffened at what Tanya was saying.


Although I’d already assumed they were backed up by another party, it seemed quite likely now that there were other countries interfering in our business.


“Well then, where does the odd accent come from?”


“…The Acacia Kingdom.”


Instantly, the conference was shrouded in silence.


Even if we wanted to say something, it was hard to open our mouths in the face of this truth.


Contrary to my stiff lips, my body was trembling because of what Tanya had said.


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