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Chapter 240 Battle (Part 2)


As the night fell, the enemies stopped fighting and returned to their own camp.


“Sir Dida, it’s time for dinner!”


After I’d listened to the team leader’s reports and ordered everyone to rest, I walked toward the map on the table to plan our strategy.


I mulled over this and that, writing and drawing on the map, playing with the chess pieces and considering the battle scenario.


“Sir Dida, I’ll leave your meal here. Eat it while it’s hot.”


“While it’s hot, huh…like there’s a difference in emergency foods when they’re hot or cold…”


Looking up, I saw the warm, steaming food in a bowl.


I had thought there was only canned food and stale bread to go around this time.


These were all things Lady Iris invented to ensure storage of food. Because it saved us time and effort, we’d been eating them for days at a time.


“Who made this? It’s quite a lot.”


“The female volunteers.”


“Really…what did they cook with? Have we paid them back?”


“They said they didn’t want anything, since there was no storage left over. They believe that Lady Iris would do something about the current situation. As long as she’s there, they won’t go hungry. Anyways, they wanted you guys to eat up and have enough energy to defeat the invaders and whatnot.”


“I suppose they’re right.”


So I grabbed my bowl and started eating.


“Ah…how warm. If there was some alcohol here it would be perfect.”


“Don’t challenge us like that.” The team member who had brought the food laughed.


“I’ll have to ask Lady Iris, huh…”


“Um, Sir Dida, that’s a little bit…”


My ramblings left him with an awkward expression. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.


“Just kidding. But seriously, we really need reinforcements now.”


“With just us, how many more days can we hold out.”


“Who knows. We can only do our best.”


I sounded like I was pushing off my responsibilities.


“Our enemies seem quite happy. Hopefully they’ll make some careless mistakes.”


But I had no intention of giving up.


My lighthearted demeanor was only an attempt to stop myself from expressing my true anger.


“How do you know that they’re happy?”


“We’re leagues behind them in terms of raw power. They could’ve just charged in and attacked all at once instead of trickling through like this.”


“That’s because you made good use of the small paths and roads.”


“Don’t be stupid, even that way there are far too few of them. They’re just treating us like a diversion right now. Plus, they need to preserve their troops for the capital.”


We were being mocked.


That was the source of my rage.


How could we break through their ranks and defeat them, so that they’re scared to even step onto our soil again. This is what I was thinking.


But a difference in power wasn’t something we could easily make up for.


“Speaking of which, Sir Dida, the thing you asked the volunteers to make is finished.”


“Oh, really?”


Taking one last bite, I ran out.


A wooden roadblock and several big rocks tied up with ropes were what loomed into my view.


“Oh~! You guys managed to make it in such a short amount of time. Thank you so much!”


“No worries, as long as it’s of use.”


The people of this city wore proud expressions.


“Hey. Is this really the best course of action for you guys? I can’t promise your safety. We’ll try our best to protect this city, but we don’t know what will happen. You might be hurt by stray arrows, or the enemies trying to sneak attack from somewhere.”


“Even if that happens, this is our city.”


They said this with their chests puffed out.


“This is our pride, our core. Because Lady Iris became our leader, this place has become a comfortable place to live. We’d never dream of leaving.”


“We know that when everything went wrong with the Boltique family, Lady Iris came here herself to solve the issue. She loves us dearly, and she sent you to help us too. If we ran away at a time like this, we’d have no pride left.”


“As long as she’s leading us, we’ll follow her and believe in her. That’s what all of us think. So what do we do now, surround this place?”


I smiled at their words.


In the past, before she had helped me, I lived here.


Years after, when she became leader, this city had transformed.


The streets too, the laws too. But it wasn’t just that.


The shape of how people thought had changed too.


“Is that so. But milady still isn’t official leader? She’s only a substitute right now.”


“Eh…come on, really?”


“Does that mean she’s going to leave?”


Everyone’s unrest and unhappiness came out.


The way they spoke made me laugh from the bottom of my heart.


Lady Iris was truly loved here.


“All right. Can we ask you for a favor? These tall shields go at the front of the line, and the rocks go to each team.”


“What about the rope?”


One of the volunteers asked.


“Ropes and stones go together. We’re using them to throw at the enemies.”




“I’ll leave that up to you then.”


“Oh, okay.”


“Ah…okay. Does anyone here live near here or here?”


“I don’t live there, but I’m around that area a lot.”


“In that case, I have a favor to ask.”


I whispered my favor into the person’s ear.


“Um, well I think I can do that…”


He accepted with a look of confusion. I couldn’t help but smile.


“Thanks. Even though there might be some damages, I’ll ask milady for the repair fees.”


After gazing out for a while, I went back to what I had been doing originally.


“How are we going to fight?”


The guy who had brought me food asked this.


“We’re going to take back what they took from us. In a major way.”


The team members backed off when they saw my smiling face.


Was I robbing them of their determination with my expressions…?


They were full of questions, but I walked away before they could ask anything.


The second day, I called every team leader before the sun rose.


“We’ve already arrayed all the wooden shields made by the volunteers.”


“Oh, oh…but what are wooden shields for?”


Wooden shields would be chopped up immediately by swords…


Even if they didn’t express that concern in words, it was written on their faces.


“We’re just leaving them there. First of all, don’t let the enemy approach.”


“Don’t let them get close?”


“Yes. Have a big team waiting upstairs in these two houses, shooting arrows at them through the windows.”


“Ah, I see…”


The houses I was pointing at were facing the port.


In the three story building, there were a few windows facing the port directly.


“We’re not knights, so whatever pride they have about facing enemies down honorably can go to hell. All we need is to protect the things we need to protect. Isn’t that the case?”


No one spoke in response to my question.


But I could see the determination in their eyes.


“This is a tactic I’ve designed for exactly that purpose. Before reinforcements arrive, try not to actually square off with the enemies face to face. We’re just focusing on reducing their firepower.”




When the sun rose, the enemies started to shift.


Just like yesterday, they separated into several teams in an attempt to invade the streets.


Our team members hidden in the buildings above shot at them. Countless arrows rained down, indiscriminately attacking them.


“Arrows! Where is the enemy?”


“O-over there!”


“Above! Use your shields!”


The second team used the rock throwing contraptions and sent countless soldiers flying.


At the same time, our ground team held up their own wooden shields and shot arrows into the sky too.


The multidirectional hail of arrows and stones sent the enemy into chaos.


“All right, that’s how we’ll keep doing it. But no one go to the actual frontline.”




After receiving reports from each team, I thought about their situations separately and gave them the necessary orders.


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