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Chapter 241 Battle (Part 3)


“Excuse me! Reenforcements are here!”


The good news we’d been waiting for had arrived.


“Sorry for the wait.”


Appearing alongside the messengers was my old pal Ryle.


“It was a wait. But you still showed up earlier than I expected.”


Ryle’s arrival made me feel more settled. I couldn’t help smiling.


Of course I wouldn’t tell him that.


“Excuse me. So what’s the status on the battle? Seems like you guys are up to something interesting?”


Someone brought me a map and I showed Ryle our plans.


“Here and here, and this place…we’ve locked down everywhere from the port to the streets. As you can see, we’re trying to reduce enemy firepower all while defending against them.”


“Offensive defense, huh. How about the government offices?”


“We’ve only sent the minimum amount of people to guard it. After all, we’re sorely lacking in numbers.”


“Ah,true. But that’s quite a terrible situation.”


“Yes. The moment they strike, we’ll be caught in the middle. They don’t seem to be moving out yet, but there’s no telling when…”


“Then take some of my troops and start pushing against them.”


“No, honestly it’s more worrisome if we do that. The enemy has only sent an advance team to feel out the situation. Facing off against them, I think they already know our internal situation and are just toying with us. If they really started moving out against us in earnest, our defense would collapse immediately.”


“So what follows will be a true military retaliation. Your revenge plot has worked as well.”


“It seems like that’s the case.”


“But we’re surrounded by enemies…”


“Can we handle the government offices instead?”


When Ryle was furrowing his brows, a third voice entered our conversation.


The interruptor who had walked right into our midst, someone we’d interacted with just recently…Claus.


“What brings you here, Claus?”


I had no question as to how Claus had made it past the guards.


He was the head of the Boltique family, an incredibly influential family in the eastern region.


Since he also had the advantage of being a local, figuring out a way to approach us was basically a done deal.


Even if he didn’t do that, trying a more aggressive approach instead, he would probably have no problem either.


“What are you saying? I’m just trying to clean up the people carrying out a scam in the name of the Boltique family. Seems like we were a bit too lighthanded earlier…we’ll have to show them what happens to people who misuse our family name.”


Claus responded to my questions with a shrug.


“Plus, because of everything that went down last time we owe Lady Iris a big favor. If we don’t pay it back, it’ll only snowball.”


He scratched his face in a weak attempt to hide his embarrassment.


“But is this really okay? The people occupying the government offices aren’t just regular thugs. They’re an elite squad from the Acacia Kingdom.”


Ryle delivered this information with the guise of advice.


“Don’t worry. We have our own way of fighting. Just protect us however you can. Plus, we probably wouldn’t actually be able to defeat them in a face to face battle anyways.”


Ryle and I stared at him, like we were trying to read his true intentions.


He didn’t avoid our gaze. Instead a fearless smile appeared on his face.


“Really, we’re borrowing everything from dogs to cats…is it okay for us to hand this over to you?”


“Even cats can do a good job, even if it’s only in the moment when our interests align.”


Claus said this in a lighthearted tone.


We nodded.


“Thanks. It’s on you, then.”


“All right. Same for me: the responsibility of saving our city is on you.”




We’d exhausted the topic. Claus left quickly thereafter.


When he left, we quickly returned to our map to scheme.


“Is this okay?”


After a long discussion, I asked Ryle this.




Ryle nodded heavily.


“All right. That’s how we’ll do it then.”


So we left as well.


To fulfill our promise to Claus.


To protect the people who had our back, and were filled with courage


Most importantly, to protect milady’s dreams.


I let my fighting spirit swell while I walked forward.

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