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244 Ending


The sword’s tip grazed against her nose, yet she wasn’t surprised at all.


“Too slow.” She said in a complaining tone.




Of course, she wasn’t saying this to the enemy before her, but Ryle, who was standing before her and pointing his sword at the enemy’s leader.


Behind him, in a different direction from which she had come from, there was the police guard of Duke Armenia’s territory led by Ryle.


“But I have to say, you were far too quick in breaking into their inner circles. It’s an exhausting ordeal just to keep up with you.”


“It is easier though, isn’t it?”


“Yes. As you suggested, two different armies attacking from different directions creates a far greater chaos. But you were able to predict that I would arrive here?”


“It’s easy enough when you look at how the men were arrayed. Compared to the direction from which I came, your team is lesser in numbers.”


Merry had completely predicted their actions and supported them.


While they were surprise attacking the enemies, she complemented this with her own surprise attack, creating an even worse chaos amidst them.


“I was thinking that you’d come. I mean, it would be fine if you didn’t. I’d just be the one to take the enemy’s head.”


After all, Dida and Ryle’s police guard had the initiative here. Conflicts happening within a territory were best resolved by the people of that territory. Merry thought this too, and had explained her thinking to me even before the battle.


But if Ryle and the others hadn’t made it, she would have taken care of business without hesitation.


Not for fame or gain, but just so she could clean things up as efficiently as possible.


If the enemies’ backup got here, there would be an even starker difference in firepower. Even with Duke Anderson’s guard, they wouldn’t be able to change the tide. That’s probably her line of thought.


“All in all, let’s ask their leader first.”


Ryle’s sharp gaze shot toward the man. That was enough to make him squeal.


“Who are you, where are you from?”


The man glanced around, terrified.


No one moved to help him. After all, everyone with courage to stand up to them had been killed by Merry and Ryle.


Everyone still alive was scared stiff, afraid to even meet his eyes.


When Ryle pointed his sword at him, treating him as hostage, that’s when he lost all his power.


The sword in Ryle’s hand moved even closer to the enemy’s throat.


Ever so lightly, a red line formed.


“We’re asking you a question. Answer quickly, and make sure you’re telling the truth.”


Merry stated from the side.


It was enough to stun the man into speaking.


“H-how do you know Acacian!”


“We can speak a little over here. So who are you?”


“I-I’m the first prince of Acacia, Jalal Bante Acacia!”*


“What, this guy is the first prince?”


Merry deadpanned this at the same exact moment Ryle did. Both of them looked extremely confused.


“Doesn’t look like a lie. Normally if the first prince is arriving on the battlefield he’ll have a corresponding amount of guards accompanying him. Even in the presence of a mistake the prince would never be alone.”


“The first prince, on the frontlines of invading someone else’s country…never heard of something like that before.”


If we were going by that logic, wasn’t it also unheard of to have a duke’s wife on the battlefield too…seems like Ryle had the same thought I did, and we smiled at each other.


“Do you pigs…understand what will happen to you if you injure me in the slightest?”


Perhaps what we were saying was getting to his head. The man who called himself the crown prince, who had just been moaning and weeping, was now grinning triumphantly without fear.


“Why are you attacking our territory?”


“Our majesty decided this along with the Towair Kingdom. When the kingdom is won, we’ll receive Duke Armenia’s territory and the surrounding lands, while the rest goes to the Towair Kingdom. I was sent to the frontlines as proof of this collaboration.”


Ryle tilted his head to the side, a look of understanding coming over his face.


“Oh, I see.” Merry said quietly.


As if she were saying she had already heard everything she needed to, and there was no further need to keep listening.


“Ryle, no matter if he’s for real or not he at least appears to be royalty. Either way, let’s keep him alive for now and take him prisoner. Perhaps in future negotiations he’ll be able to serve some value.”


Ryle reacted quickly to what Merry had said. Raising his sword, he cut into the man’s Achilles’ heel.


Howls like beasts rang out.


“You think you’re going to be permitted to go back after doing this? You’ll at least have to experience some of the pain you’re inflicted on others.”


Ryle said this softly, looking down at the man.


Merry seemed amused by this. Standing over the man, whose face was stained with tears, she spoke.


“That’s it. Don’t worry, we won’t kill you. Thank your noble birth for all the good work you’ll do for our land.”


Stuffing some cloth into his mouth, Ryle tied him up quickly and lifted him up.


“Doesn’t seem like he has much sacrificial spirit.”


“Indeed. Isn’t that great though? He was getting on my nerves earlier.” Merry responded nonchalantly.


“But how did you know he’s actually royalty?”


“The ring on his right hand’s middle finger. Every member of royalty in that country has their own symbol, and they bring it everywhere they go. I remember that symbol specifically, although I was surprised to see him taking it with him on the battlefield.”


Like Merry had said, there was indeed a marking on the man’s ring. Instead of a gemstone, it was the carving of a bull.


“Oh, I see. So Lady Merry, we’ll be bringing this man back?”


“Of course. I’m just here to support you guys. Plus, I haven’t even warmed up fully yet.”


Ryle made a face at the final sentence Merry muttered. But he was able to immediately stop himself and open his mouth seriously.


“From now on, everyone go and attack the enemy troops! Without their leader they’re nothing but a crowd of thugs.”


In their chaos, the enemy troops learned that their leader had been contained.


Ryle’s team of police guard kept moving and cutting down their enemies, steadily and without hesitation.


After all, he had trained at Duke Anderson’s home when he was younger. I knew what he had been like when he was younger, but he really had grown up now.


The way he fought and issued orders at the same time, made me laugh.


After this, Merry issued an order for us to clean house as well.


It was like when tearing her enemies apart earlier she hadn’t even been using her full strength.


Even I was shocked by her seemingly endless power…the police guard was completely stunned into submission.


She was like a monster, flying through the waves of blood, who only existed to destroy the enemy.


To stop ourselves from falling behind, we kept burning through ourselves.


Fighting like this, by the time we’d come back to ourselves most of our enemies had lost the ability to resist and were immediately conquered.


Of course, the main rationale was that their leader had been defeated.


Plus, Dida who had been in charge of defense also started participating in the battle.


And so the battle in Duke Armenia’s territory saw an end.



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