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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 86: Dida’s Query


After Berne left, Tanya walked inside the office with Ryle and Dida.

Wonderful, perfect timing.

“I deeply apologize for asking you to do something for me right after you came back…. Tanya, please bring me the fief’s inventory report. Ryle, Dida, find out the number of personnel on our guards list, as well as the Armelia Ducal House’s private army. Also, report the number of available commanders and captains.”

“I understand.”

“I’ll go immediately, but milady, what’s going on?”

Tanya quickly bowed her head in confirmation, and Ryle and Dida also accepted my request. But Ryle seemed to have questions about my commands.

Well, anyone would be confused about these instructions.

“Just now, Father sent me a message through Berne: The bill for the army’s disassembly has been submitted to the throne.”


Their faces were filled with surprise. Not only did their emotions include a part of the Armelia Ducal House, but also as Grandfather- the General’s disciples, and worry about his mental state.

“Thankfully, the proposal was stopped by Grandfather-sama and Father-sama.”

The three of them sighed in relief.

“The problem is behind the scenes- the aristocrats who were in favor of the proposal and bill.”

“What does that mean?”

“Well, first things first. All of what I’m about to say is guesswork, so there will be some errors.”

They nodded as I spoke.

“First, is the flow of matters. This incident was started by the words of Yuri Noir, the daughter of Baron Noir.”

“…. That woman?”

Ryle didn’t conceal his displeasure at all. Seeing him express his emotions so freely, especially on such a negative topic, was a rare sight.

“Although I don’t know how, I have a hunch that she has ties with the country of Towair, judging from Tanya’s reports.”

As for how close was their connection, and the methods of communication, it was too early to make any statements. Or maybe…. She was threatened by someone, or unconsciously used as a tool. Of course, the possibility of her being a treasonous spy existed.

But these are all murky facts, and I didn’t have any evidence of their communication. However, I was still going to estimate with the worst possible situation.

“Father, who is the only person I truly rely on, is being rooted to the ground whenever something happens to me. To have the army disassembled…. That marks the start of Towair Kingdom’s dream plan. That attack by the Church of Darryl was stun Father, and Yuri-sama…. May be the person behind all of this.”

Now, everything’s falling into place. The pope made those iron-set actions against me to drive me out, probably to redeem some agreed rewards………..Continue on Page 2

The three of them smacked their lips in unhappiness after hearing my words.

“This next issue is the start of the problem. The aristocrats…. Who proposed this plan.”

“Well, no doubt it’s the Second Prince’s faction?”

Ryle gave me the answer I was expecting.

“Not only them. Actually, there was assent from the neutral party, too.”

“Even the neutral party….”

Ryle repeated in bewilderment. Tanya and Dida also had sour looks on their faces.

“Then, what’s in it for them?”

“…. I think it’s because they wanted to legally expand their own militaries.”

“What’s the matter with that?”

“Ryle, Dida, you two know that our fief’s army maintenance is put at the least priority…. From the fief’s size, the volume of our military is pretty straightforward.

This was a part of the remnant left of the past Duke. Back then, he had much more power than we had right now.

Opposition to our military’s organization and the requirement of “national army assembly” resulted in the limbo our forces were at right now.

“And since every Duke monitors each other closely, along with the kingdom’s surveillance, no fief would have too much military power.”

This prevented rebellion and independence from dukedoms.

“The plan that proposed the disassembly of the kingdom’s military wanted to distribute the army into select fiefs, and the costs would be handled by the fief privately. If it were an emergency situation, to distribute military power to states… wouldn’t be the worst idea, but it would return the kingdom to when fiefs held the most power. That is what a great number of neutral-party aristocrats seek.”

“To maintain their own military strength just in case something happens… Well, isn’t that just the same as abandoning your kingdom?”

Dida blurted out when I was organizing my thoughts.

“Exactly. But we don’t know whether their plan is to actively rebel and break away, or hole up in their fief’s shell.”

“Then, to make inventory of our own military… Milady, do you wish to fight these cowards if the time comes? Do you wish to become the kingdom’s shield and sword, and walk in battle by their side?”

“Well, not really. It’s just a precaution- since the situation is really unstable right now, if something really happens, we will need to defend our fief.”

“Mmm… But….”

Dida’s tone wavered just like they always did, but they carried a very serious attitude.


Usually, Ryle would scold him, but he hasn’t said a word. He’s probably still recovering from the news.

“Then, if something really happens, will the one that commands the fief’s army be you, milady?”

“…. Yes.”

Scarily, that is not impossible. But.

It’s only because Father is still running politics in the royal capital.

If I wasn’t here as the Feudal Lord Representative, decisions would take very long to process. For such important matters like these, Father would probably have to command from the capital. Even if Sebastian were to manage the fief indefinitely, he wouldn’t be given that kind of responsibility and power.

But, as long as I’m here, that situation wouldn’t happen. Because I have the same authority as the Duke himself.

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