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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 87: Dida’s Query (2)


“Milady, are you really ready to take that responsibility?”

Dida stowed away his wavering tone, and looked at me with full focus.

“If this really evolves to war, defeating the enemy would be absolutely necessary. There will be casualties on our side, too. With a single command that you make, milady, everyone will be under that situation.”

“…. Dida.”

Ryle inched closer, and called Dida’s name in a scolding tone.

“Princess, are you capable of issuing a command that will result in the deaths of our enemies, even at the expense of our own militaries?”


When he didn’t stop talking, Ryle shouted his name again.

The room’s silence was deafening.

“If war really will come upon us, everyone will have to take that burden- the burden of possibly losing their own lives, of having their hands dirtied in the enemy’s blood. So the princess will not have to take this responsibility alone.”

Ryle’s voice echoed throughout the voiceless room.

“Of course, I’m ready to take this on, but princess, are you really ready to take accountability? The decisions of our princess will determine the balance of our victories and losses. Even though you would not be directly commanding the troops, the princess’ intentions will be our guidepost. Our backs will be laden with not only our own lives, but the citizens’ as well. But, the princess will have to account for everyone on the battlefield, as well as the repercussions for after the war…. Is that right?”

Ryle remained silent after Dida’s question.

“Furthermore, even though it’s not direct, signing the authorization papers will still count as spilling enemy blood.”

Dida was right…. My heart felt pierced by the truth’s starkness.

I can’t just play dumb when I know the answer.

…. Such as the wishes of the people.

I have accomplished many deeds with single, decisive actions.

Even the citizens, who definitely won’t approve of the war, will be caught in the storm.

…. When war truly breaks out, will I really be able to send our military into combat?

“…. I won’t ask for the lightning-quick decisions that milady always makes. But, since our princess has already taken the future into consideration and started to prepare, maybe those fast resolutions will be for the best.”

Even I don’t have the answer when I ask myself these kinds of questions.

“Yes… It’s exactly as you said, Dida.”

My tone was pretty much worthless.

But, it couldn’t be helped.

I, really am worthless.

I told Dida and Ryle to make arrangements for the future, but I wasn’t even prepared myself.

“Right now, I still don’t have an answer, to your question. Please give me, a little more time.”

“Understood. We’ll go make the preparations now.”

I thought that he wouldn’t start to immediately take action after my answer’s delay. I was surprised that Dida announced first what they were going to do.

“…. Yes, I’ll leave it to you.”

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