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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 89: Okaa-sama’s Past


*Okaa-sama means “Mother”. This chapter is a dialogue between Iris and Mellice Armelia.

Oto-sama means “Father”. That is Louis Armelia. Also, this chapter heavily references to the prequel of this novel, “Common Sense of a Warrior”.


I sipped my tea elegantly in the salon.

Normally, I would gaze at the decorative flowers, and calm my mind at their beauty…. But today, I couldn’t stay composed.


“Ah, Iris-chan, what happened? What’s with the long face?”

Mother appeared with her luminous and gentle voice.


“You, over there, I want the same drink as Iris-chan.”

Mother sat down next to me after instructing the servant.

“Taking a break?”

“….. Mm, I’m just a little tired.”

“You can’t bet your life on your work. Ugh, you’re just like your father.”

Okaa-sama’s “fufufu” chuckling was beautiful, as always.

Even the lifting of her teacup to her lips was charming. Even though she was my mother, I felt taken aback.

“Really, only because you’re tired? Do you have anything else on your mind?”

Hearing Mother’s words, I tensed up in surprise.

Is someone like me really that readable?

“…. Iris-chan, do you want to take a walk outside? If you’re shut indoors all day, your thoughts will focus on all the bad things.”

As she spoke, Mother snatched my hand, pulled me up, and started walking.

“Eh? Eh?”

Although she had a slender appearance, Mother was unexpectedly strong. She dragged me along her steps.

I looked back, and the servants seemed confused and frantic. They didn’t know how to respond to her actions.

….. So I was dragged on for a few more minutes.

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Somehow, I got on a horse cart, and we wobbled forward for ten or so minutes.

We climbed up a long, daunting set of cobblestone stairs.

Finally, I stood on top of a high tower overlooking the Royal City.

“…. So pretty….”

I sighed in appreciation of the view.

We were close to the floating clouds, and warm sunlight enveloped my body.

Under the sun’s brilliance, the Royal City looked even more alluring than usual.

“Mm, indeed, Iris-chan.”

“Okaa-sama, this is….”

“This place, is the watchtower for the Royal City Guard. Right now, it should be under the army’s custody.”

“….. We were actually allowed in?”

Simply put, this was the military’s property. Even as aristocrats, I was surprised that we could enter even as citizens.

“With your grandfather’s name, it was easy.”

For Mother to talk about things like this so carelessly was really something to be respected about her.

“…. When I was a child, I would come here if something happened to me. So I’m naturally familiar with the guards.”

Mother smiled gently.

“…. Okaa-sama, what would bother you back then?”

“Hehehe…. Like, when I got into an argument with my father, or when I lost in combat against him.”

Mother looked very cheerful as she spoke.

“Also, I would come here when one of my dreams fell apart.”

“Okaa-sama’s, dreams? ….. Okaa-sama, what kind….”

Mother’s dreams… I couldn’t imagine at all.

This person, dubbed the “Flower of Society”, is praised with honor and awe nationwide.

I felt that no matter what she wanted, she would definitely get it.

I couldn’t imagine a single dream that Mother would have given up.

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website

“Back then, I wanted to serve in the military.”

My pupils dilated as I heard the startling answer.

“…. In the military?”


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