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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 94 – Outfoxing

Now then, today’s the day of the meeting with that company’s head.

Alright!…. After getting myself psyched up, I got into the carriage.

The company I am headed towards now is one of the companies which pulled out some of my employees by taking advantage of my excommunication strife.

A guy who had made a fuss at my shop before…

The carriage stopped in front of that building, which was located at one of the most prospering lands, even in the capital.

I glanced into the shop a little. It seems like there aren’t many customers in.

Sei informed the managers of the shop that I had arrived and soon we were guided into a reception room.

….The atmosphere here feels is a bit odd.

That was what first came to mind when I saw the reception room.

Many furnishings. There were dignified furnishes which gave off the same feeling as those in our reception room but, on the other hand, there were also some which kind of glittered and looked very flashy.

It almost feels like 2 people who had misaligned tastes did whatever they wanted with this place… Looking at the place as a whole, it comes off as very mismatched.

On top of that, the unnatural blank space between these products also gives off an odd feeling.

There was probably something placed there before.

As proof of that, one could see the marks of a painting which was probably hanged on the wall before.

….Are they in the middle of remodeling? No, that can’t be. Surely they wouldn’t let a guest into the room while doing that.

…Then did they perhaps sell it? The chances of that are higher.

While I was deeply pondering about that, the company’s president appeared.

Gaudy. That was my first impression of him. As if he was using gold threads for his clothing. There were a lot of laces as a whole and seemed like heavy clothing for a man.

“Nice to meet you. I am Vuld Rankam. The president of this company.”

“Nice to meet you as well. I am Iris, the president of Azuta conglomerate. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

We started off the conversation with a smile.

“Even still, to think I would be able to meet the famous Azuta conglomerate’s president.”

“Same here. I have quite the good luck, to be able to meet the president of one of the top companies here in the capital.”

‘Hohoho’, I laughed while hiding my mouth with my folding fan. This style of laughing is that of an evil daughter’s in stories.

Seeing that, his eyebrows twitched slightly.

Oh dear… did I perhaps touch his nerves already? I was planning on unnerving him after having a little peaceful conversation, though.

“….What are you saying? It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to even call you the top in the capital.”

Oho? I wonder if it’s okay if I start poking him already.

“Oh, I am greatly obliged. However, we are just newcomers here. It’s not like we have history here like your company does. Moreover, your company is also looked out for by the prince Edward-sama… Really, I am very jealous.”

The moment I said that, Vuld immediately wore his smile again. I guess he got back to his feet, huh?

“….Thank you very much. But yes, I guess that is true. I am very grateful that Edward-sama is appointing our company to a very responsible post.”

Ah… So you’re going to use Edward-sama as your shield, huh? That is exactly this company’s shield and lance.

“….By the way, the work of art placed in this room are very wonderful.”

I changed the topic here. It is a bit sluggish but only a fool would go straight to his demands. The other party will just take advantage of a situation like that.

Even if we hold more power in terms of capital, that doesn’t matter. The other party is trying to get the talk to his advantage by using Ed-sama as his shield.

To advance things the way I want to, I can’t afford to lose focus here.

“….I am happy you think so.”

Seems like the other party is also loosening up on the offensive a little.

“Yes. They are all very beautiful, I can’t help but be entranced. If ‘all’ of them were together, it would have been quite the magnificent spectacle.”

And once again, he displayed his surprise. Is my assumption a hit regarding the unnatural blank space?

“…..We were in the middle of remodeling, after all. I am truly ashamed that you had to look at the incomplete state of this room.”

His face while he said that looked as if he was trying to steel himself. If it were one of the presidents from our territory in his place, they would easily soften the atmosphere without showing any sign of agitation.

Thanks to my discussions with those people, I think my skills in these situations have gotten a bit better. Better be thankful to those people… Seriously, now that I am confronting this guy here, I can truly understand how much of a sly dog the presidents in our territory are. I would really like them to hold back a little.

“Oh? Is that so? I am sure it would be an excellent room when all the pieces are gathered. What are you planning on decorating over there?”

“…..That is, still under consideration.”

“Is that so… sorry to have asked so many questions like that. After all, you’re Vuld-sama who is in good terms with Marquis Rudolf. With the help of Rudolf-sama, who has the greatest sense of elegance, I am sure you will be able to get something excellent for that spot.”

The moment I said that, his mask peeled off.

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