Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 396


Defense Specialization and Camp



552 Name: Anonymous Archer

Pick a camp.


553 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

Just wait a little longer.

Though, right now, I don’t think there is a big difference between them.


554 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

Is that right?
I’ve only been to one side.


555 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

At least, when it comes to town facilities, they are exactly the same.

Even if they look different, they made it so that the locations of the shops are pretty much in the same place.


556 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

I think it’s better that way.

If one side was less convenient, then people would lean towards the other side.


557 Name: Anonymous Archer

As for me, I chose the one that’s filled with nature.

It’s simply more comfortable than a wasteland.

I find it calming.


558 Name: Anonymous Greatshield Wielder

You do have a point.

I suppose that is also important, considering that it will be your base.


559 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

But unlike that side, the king is a lively, dominant dragon lady.

That’s not something an old man can beat.


560 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

Hey, the old man is pretty cool too.

Just in a different way.


561 Name: Anonymous Archer

I actually saw someone who changed their country because of that.

I suppose if that’s what motivates you, then it’s important.


562 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

‘Dragon Girl King.’ That is an advantage in itself.

Besides, she just looks really strong…


563 Name: Anonymous Greatshield Wielder

This is just something I heard from other guild members

But she apparently has amazing mobility.


564 Name: Anonymous Archer

If she’s an enemy, then there is no doubt that I’ll be at a disadvantage with my bow, so I think I’m going to join her side.


565 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

There is a fear of the unknown when it comes to the old man, but people will always prioritize the threat they can see now.


566 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

Wait, you heard it from your guild members?

In other words, does that mean your guild master is over there as well?


567 Name: Anonymous Greatshield Wielder

Well, as of now.

But it seems like it’s just about sightseeing and investigating, so I don’t know what will happen.


568 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder.

Yes, the current known threat is always more important than the mysterious opponent.


569 Name: Anonymous Greatshield Wielder

That’s true.


570 Name: Anonymous Archer

I guess it’s no time to be worrying about NPCs…

As the Demon King is with one of the kings…


571 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

There are plenty of one man army freaks.

And they will either be your ally or enemy in the battle, so it might be better to focus on that.


572 Name: Anonymous Greatshield Wielder

Yeah, and we don’t know the details yet.

It’s possible that the monsters will still be on the event field.


573 Name: Anonymous Archer


In any case, I’ll have some skills with wide area attacks ready.


574 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

There is a lot of flat area around the border, and you won’t be able to get close if there are archers or sorcerers waiting. Having range will definitely be an advantage.

That’s why you should have wide area attacks.


575 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

It will be easier to defend the closer you are to the castle. On the other hand, attacking will mean increased depletion, so you’ll have to cooperate with other players and make formations.


576 Name: Anonymous Greatshield Wielder

That would be best.

Numbers and teamwork will be necessary to win.


577 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

And yet there is someone in your guild whose existence seems to say that none of that even matters.


578 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

What she is doing is buffing comrades…

Like that angel transformation.


579 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

All that talk of teamwork, when you have the strongest individuals.


580 Name: Anonymous Archer

But this one will be larger in scale compared to the fourth event.

And so I think the side with the most cooperation between guilds will win.

No matter how strong the players are, you cannot be in two places at once… And so long as the other side can find an opening…


581 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

It’s quite difficult.

I don’t know much about the other guilds compared to my own.


582 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

So you’ll need to interact with the other guilds, huh…



As much of the information regarding the event had yet to be disclosed, every party had to make preparations based on speculation.

However, there was no doubt that guilds who were able to make the sharper observations and act on them, would have an advantage during the battle.

And so every player was trying to gather as much information as they currently could, and find ways to win.

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