Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 435

Defense Specialization and Just Before the Rematch

Since it was a time-accelerated event, players who had withdrawn could watch the game on the available spectator field exclusive for them.

If they got bored or satisfied, they could always choose to exit and return to their normal field.

Various areas of the battlefield were displayed on the large monitor, in which one could watch all the progressing battles—which was also an opportunity to gather valuable information. By checking the skill of the winning player, one could use it in the next interpersonal battle.

But of course, that was just one of the many reasons. If anything, the place was bustling with players who wanted to share their impressions about the event.

At the same time, many players were transferred to that area at once. That was the proof that even now, fierce battles were brewing everywhere.

Ooh—! Both sides suffered quite a loss.”

“After all, it’d be troublesome if they got attacked alongside the monsters. I went to stop it, only for it to become a huge battle.”

“I saw it. As expected, the main battlefield didn’t disappoint! Even now, it’s still going…”

The highlight of the event—the aforementioned battle was still displayed on a large monitor. By sacrificing something as compensation, black monsters emerged one after another from the ground as if to occupy the screen.

“Wow… Is that an altar?”

“Is that their doing?”

“I don’t think so.”

“I got eaten by one of those things.”

“Yeah, that was some tough monster…”

“Actually, it belongs to the side with the altar.”


To sacrifice an ally. At first, they wondered if that skill was of any use, but upon seeing how it was raging in front of them, they began to think that the skill was formidable.

“Since Maple has some summoning skills, in the worst-case scenario, she can just use them.”



“It seems that the 9th Layer had some skills that were suitable for this event. As such, that skill was probably one of them, considering its strong advantage.”

“I saw it—Maple and Sally had the same skill. As in, the flooding and the teleport…”

“Oh, that… I thought we’d won, so I let my guard down, and got attacked by Mii’s flame from behind as a result. Haa, I screwed up…”

“Also, the Maple Tree is growing. Payne is attacking with light magic like a wizard.”

“It’d be nice if there’s a wide range attack. After the event is over, I’ll look for it.”

Even if the weapon was a sword or a spear, as long as there was a method to attack from a longer distance, one would gain an advantage.

“I hope the rest of the allies win! Please, I want a medal!”

The losing side would also obtain a medal, but the winning side would be rewarded with more. Both camps watched the event field as the battle ensued, wishing for victory.


With the passage of time, the invasion of the enemy camp by monsters ended, while the hostile monsters disappeared and respawned in their original positions. At last, peace had returned to the land.

…Although, that’d be a bit misleading. Around Maple and the others, monsters that had been fed to the darkness were wandering around, waiting for further instructions.

“Alright, we’re doing great!”

Maple extinguished the [Darkness of Rebirth], after all, if there was nothing to put inside, even if it was deployed, it’d only serve as a hindrance to allies.

With the release of [Darkness of Rebirth] as a signal, everyone advanced towards the enemy royal castle.

The monsters created by everyone’s repeated efforts were leading the way. The powerful soldiers, who didn’t mind dying, had no problem being disposable. Their huge bodies would serve as a wall that’d block incoming magic attack.

“Maple! Get on!”


Sally called out from above Haku’s head. To keep up with the march, Maple indeed needed a means of transportations.

“I’m going to settle this match.”

“Yes! Everyone, prepare yourself!”

While anticipating the success of the monsters running around below, Maple went towards the enemy camp.

“Will I be frozen again?”

“I think the cooldown for that skill is extensive. Since it took a lot of time to prepare, I’m not sure that skill is ready.”

A non-standard range of effect that can stope everyone in their tracks. If such was the case, it wouldn’t be strange if the skill could only be used once per day.

“Even though we managed to overcome the opponent’s plans, we were only able to withdraw due to Maple’s peculiarity.”

“However, it doesn’t seem like the enemy has exhausted all of their resources. If we aren’t careful, we might get blindsided.”

Once they arrived at the royal castle, retreat was no longer an option. Besides, there was no doubt that the enemy would try to stop the invasion at all cost. Even more so when the enemy’s leadership had been disturbed.

When an unexpected event occurred and the war situation worsened, it was difficult to completely unify the will to retreat or advance.

“It’d be best if everything went as we thought it would.”

“But I don’t think that’s the case.”

“I also doubt it…”

“For the sake of the [Congregations of Holy Sword], I want to do my best!”

To lead this invasion to victory—devour, shred, and trample anything that approached. Maple and the others went to take on a country as if they were a Demon King.


…At that time, Mii and the others were also preparing to face Maple and the others despite the time crunch.

“Velvet, Hinata, how long will it take?”

“I’m trying!”

“I’ll try to make it in time…”

Hinata’s ice and Velvet’s thunder were the two necessary powers to win. Since the two of them were unable to use those skills in the previous battle, they hurriedly subjugated the monsters in an attempt to remove the disadvantages.

“Next. I summon you.”

The mechanical soldiers summoned by Lily applied [Provoke] effect to nearby monsters, causing them to come one after another.

“I want you to do your best. I have a plan, but it won’t work unless the two of you are ready.”

The two thunderstorm were just that significant. Velvet and Hinata understood that, so they tried their best.

Nevertheless, even if they were in a hurry, there was a high chance that they wouldn’t make it if they were to suffer an attack. For that, the members of the [Kingdom of the Flame Emperor] gathered at the center of the Night Castle, ready to be defeated.

“Haha… Good grief, it’s difficult because there are so many things I just have to protect!”

“It can’t be helped. In the first place, we aren’t exactly good attackers… Only Mii is different.”

“Let’s do our best. If possible, I want everyone to make it.”

“Well, in other words, I hope they can make it in time. Poor you, Wilbert! This could be the place to die.”

“With all of you here, I believe it won’t happen. Although the damage output will be much lower without Lily, just being here should be a good check.”

During this event, Wilbert had been rediscovered as a high-threat player. As such, his presence would definitely instill fear in people.

“Alright, final confirmation, Marx. Is the trap set?”

“Yes, it has. I’m ready.”

“Misery, what about your skill cooldown!?”

“There’s no problem!”

“Alright! If anything happens, I’ll be the first decoy! Since your skills are important, the enemy will definitely come after you!”

Despite being similar with a few other skills, Misery’s wide-range heal and Marx’s traps were different from your usual offensive skills. As such, they became the core of the strategy, hence the need to be protected.

“…It looks like our enemy has arrived. Brace yourself.”

Following Wilbert, who was the first to sense the enemy, Marx also grasped the situation with the installed camera. Reflected there was a wave of jet-black—

—a horde of monsters was surging in like waves.


“…Eeh? They’re multiplying.”

Upon seeing that the situation was beyond his expectation, Marx was at a loss for words. Even if he were to flee, he’d inadvertently have to fight those.

“I’ve contacted Mii to get here as soon as possible. Leave the recovery to me.”

“I leave that to you! Then, let’s go, Wilbert!”

“Yeah, let’s do it!”

Shin casted [Split-Sword] for him to ride, along with conjuring a few more swords to guard Wilbert.

“I’ll shoot anything that flies. I’ll try to take down as much as I can. Please finish them off!”

“Yeah, let’s defeat as many as possible.”

In this way, Wilbert poised his bow atop the Night Castle, while Shin rushed forward on his flying sword to keep the monsters at bay.


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