Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Defense Specialized and First Login

Kaede ended the first configurations of New World Online with memo on one of her hand. Thanks to the memo, the configuration was proceeding very quickly.

「Fu〜……it’s okay with this right…」

And then, it became the time to dive into the cyber world. It’s a feeling after a long time. I closed my eyes, and the next time I opened them, it was already the game’s world. Even though I said that, there are still configurations remaining, and it couldn’t be in the middle of a town from the start.

「First is……name huh〜. U〜n, choosing Kaede as it is, it’s my real name so it’s somehow…what should I do…」

Kaede thought for a while, and after that, she chose Maple as her name, and pushed accept. On the panel that floats in air, the contents that were shown had changes. Next is, looks like it was needed to choose the beginner’s equipment.

「Large sword and…one-handed sword…mace…staff…u〜n…I’m not good at moving around you know…and also, I don’t want to receive something like an attack…then, maybe it’s staff to be a magician huh〜」

Just like that, Kaede was looking at some equipments, but there was one equipment that stopped on her eyes.

「Large shield and sword? The attack power is low though, but…the defense power is number one huh…Eh?! If defense power increases the damage is nullified?!」

Kaede who was reading the explanation, decided that was it, picked large shield and short sword as beginner’s equipment.

By the way, increasing the defense power and nullifying the attack is only for the very start, and it would be better to increase strength after that, that was the evaluation of that within the game, well, it just means, it was an unpopular equipment.

In the first place, there are only a few people who chooses their equipments intentionally, in the assumption that they are going to receive an attack. In addition, even if was impossible with a large shield, if it’s a shield, it is possible to equip a one-handed sword or a mace.

There are a lot more people who chooses that because it is easier to swing around.

「Next is status point huh…here is, all defense power, here you go」

It was what you call a pure build. If you do this with a large shield, your seemingly trash attack power will become more sad, and since you are not placing anything on speed stats, your movement speed could only be how fast you are in reality.

Who wonders if there is any high-school girls that could win against charging animals in the real world.

「Ah〜…you can’t change height huh…I wanted to make my height taller…」

Kaede’s height is about 145 cm. She also has slim figure, and with that lovely appearance and stature, she was secretly being liked at school, but Kaede had no ways of knowing that. Height was her complex, but it seems that changing the body, height, and weight different from the real world originally, you cannot play very well so it couldn’t be helped.

「Then, it’s okay with this huh. Yosh!」

Kaede’s body was enveloped with light.

The next time she opened her eyes, that was the vibrant castle town’s square.


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