Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 30

Defense Specialization and Exploring at Midnight

Author note:
Based on recent feedback
Kaede → Maple
Risa → Sally
I have changed the names in the text in this way.
In line with this, I would like to change the names from the first to the latest chapter.

Due to the large amount of text, it is impossible to correct all of it at once.
“Chapters 1 through 10 use the names Maple and Sally, but chapter 11 uses the names Kaede and Risa”.
This will definitely create situations like the above.
Please understand.

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TL note: basically the author is saying that going through the chapters and correcting all of them would be slow/error-prone. And since this change requires just a bit more intervention than find+replace to not sound awkward in some places, I also left the names in the previous chapters as-is.


Two figures emerged from the magic circle.

Although she had no more 【Eating Inedibles】 uses, Maple held up her great shield in preparation for surprise attacks.


「Looks okay… I guess?」

The two checked their surroundings.

The ruins spread around them. Traces of a number of crumbling buildings could be seen.

Judging from the position of the mountainous area, their current location seemed to be exactly opposite of their starting position.


「For now, we are on the right track, eh?」


「Though someone might have already explored the area.」


「It’s only the second day… and I’m sure no one has found anything hidden… and there’s probably nothing in here. Besides, a magic circle transfers you here.」

Indeed, there was no way the devs would make a destination point right in front of a medal.

Having decided to explore for a while while looking for a safe place, the two walked around the ruins.


「…There are three players. What do we do?」


「If possible, I’d rather not fight… I have no 【Eating Inedibles】 uses, and… it would leave a bad taste in my mouth if we lose.」


「All right. Let’s go this way then.」

The two sneaked out of the ruins and entered the forest.

The monsters that came out were spiders and owls.

Looking at the monsters after the monster bird, any monster looked like a small fry.

Their movements were slow, they had no offensive power and little HP.


「Easy win, easy win.」

They made their way through the forest. All they had to do was find a safe place to spend the night at. The sun was already starting to set as they had spent quite a bit of time climbing the mountain.

The two continued to explore the forest while defeating monsters.


「Ummm… there’s nothing here…」

As Maple said, there seemed to be no special buildings or caves in the surrounding area, just a forest all around.


「For now, let’s climb on top of a somewhat tall tree. I think it’s better than being on the ground.」

Sally chose a tree with only high branches and jumped up with 【Leap】.


「【Cover Move】!」

Maple followed and reached the top of the tree.

There wouldn’t be many players who would prefer to climb up a tree without any low branches.

They rested their backs against the trunk and took a breath.

Then, the fatigue from the battle with the monster bird hit them.


「Sally… after twelve o’clock 【Eating Inedibles】 uses will recover, so… What do we do?」

So what Maple was trying to ask was whether to go on a midnight exploration after a short rest until twelve o’clock.

There would be some events that may or may not occur depending on the time of day, considering the incident in the sea of trees the other day.

The goal for the two was 20 medals.

In order to achieve this, they would have to try a lot of things, and they would have to explore wherever they could.

Moreover, they would have to be faster than the other players.

Exploring in a hurry at the end of the event wouldn’t do.


「If it’s fine with Maple.」


「Yeah, then… after twelve o’clock we’ll continue exploring!」

The two decided to allocate the status points they got from leveling up.


「Well… AGI and STR, I guess?」


「VIT only!」




HP 40/40〈+160〉

MP 12/12 〈+10〉


【STR 0】

【VIT 175〈+141〉】

【AGI 0】

【DEX 0】

【INT 0】



Head 【Blank】

Body 【Black Rose Armor】

Right hand 【New Moon: Hydra】

Left Hand 【Replica of the Dark Night: Eating Inedibles】

Legs 【Black Rose Armor】

Shoes 【Black Rose Armor】

Accessories 【Ring of the Forest Queen Bee】

【Toughness Ring】

【Ring of Life】



【Absolute Defense】 【Giant Killing】 【Hydra Eater】 【Bomb Eater】 【Meditation】 【Provocation】 【Inhumane】 【Great Shield Mastery IV】 【Body Management】 【Attack Deflection】 【Shield Attack】

【HP Increase (Low)】 【MP Increase (Low)】

【Cover Move I】 【Cover】

【Indomitable Guardian】




HP 32/32

MP 25/25〈+35〉


【STR 30〈+20〉】

【VIT 0】

【AGI 85〈+68〉】

【DEX 25〈+20〉】

【INT 25〈+20〉】



Head 【Water Surface Muffler: Mirage】

Body 【Oceanic Coat: Ocean】

Right Hand 【Dagger of the Ocean Depths】

Left Hand 【Dagger of the Sea Floor】

Legs 【Oceanic Leggings】

Shoes 【Black Boots】

Accessories 【Blank】





【Status Debuff Attack III】 【Slash】 【Double Slash】 【Gale Slash】 【Muscle Strengthening (Low)】

【Consecutive Attack Strengthening (Low)】 【Double Attack】 【Power Attack】 【Switch Attack】 【Body Arts I】

【Short Sword Mastery II】 【Jack of All Trades and Master of None】 【Defense Break】 【Super Acceleration】

【Fire Magic I】 【Water Magic II】 【Wind Magic II】

【Earth Magic I】 【Dark Magic I】 【Light Magic II】

【Fire Ball】 【Water Ball】

【Water Wall】

【Wind Cutter】 【Wind Wall】

【Sand Cutter】

【Dark Ball】

【Refresh】 【Heal】

【MP Increase (Low)】 【MP Cut (Low)】

【MP Recovery Speed Increase (Low)】 【Magic Mastery II】

【Fishing】 【Swimming X】 【Diving X】 【Cooking I】

【Mining Speed Increase (Low)】 【Hiding Presence II】

【Sensing Presence II】 【Stealthy Feet I】 【Leap I】

【Poison Resistance (Low)】


Maple got 【VIT+5】 to her status and an additional 【VIT+60】 due to 【Destruction Growth】.

【Indomitable Guardian】 was added to her skills.

Sally got 【AGI+5】 and 【STR+5】 for her status.

Maple took and ate the food Sally handed to her.

They had to let their bodies rest until twelve o’clock.






The two came down from the tree in the middle of the night when even the sounds of the monsters moving were disappearing.

Since 【Eating Inedibles】 uses recovered, they were fully prepared for combat.

Along with that, Maple switched her great shield to Snow White. It was to avoid wasting it.


「The forest or the ruins? Which one do you want to choose?」


「Umm… the forest! There were players in the ruins earlier, so it seems they’ve already been explored.」


「Yep. Forest it is.」

The two of them proceeded deeper and deeper into the forest.

Occasionally an owl would charge in without a sound, but Sally easily dodged with her evasion skills and Maple ignored it, since it did no damage anyway.

And after an hour and a half of wandering around the forest.


「Hey, Sally? Right there… isn’t something glowing?」

At Maple’s mention, Sally narrowed her eyes.

As Maple said, there was a slight glow quite a bit ahead.


「It might be a player, so… be careful.」


「Got it.」

The two approached, holding their breath.

Sally even used 【Hiding Presence】 to be sure.


「This is…」



A bamboo grove was there.

And a part of a bamboo plant was glowing slightly.


「W-what to do…? Try and cut it open?」

Maple asked Sally.


「It’d be really troublesome if someone came out from the inside, though…」

A bamboo glowing in the middle.

Anyone would be thinking of Princess Kaguya. In fact, Sally seemed to be as well.


「But… there might be a medal… and there are medals you can get from exploring, right?」

The two talked about it for a while, and eventually decided to split it.

Sally swung her dagger.


The bamboo broke with a snap and shined brighter.

Nothing like what they had feared happened.

Inside was a single shiny silver medal.


「Yay! No trouble, and we got a medal!」


「All right! 12 more to go!」

The two were delighted, but it was a mistake to say that there was no trouble.

Rustling sounds came from the bushes around them, as long-horned rabbits began to jump out one by one.


「Are those moon rabbit-sans?」
TL note: Moon rabbit


「Maybe… those horns could mean piercing attacks. Watch out for those.」



The two prepared for battle.

Compared to when she started playing the game, Maple had become much more like a normal player.

If we aren’t talking about status, that is.


Rabbits and such were cute compared to the monster bird.

The two started fighting the rabbits that leaped at them before their eyes.








When the battle ended a short time later, the place that used to be a bamboo forest turned into a sea of poison, and the bamboos that grew straight up were cut right down the middle: the situation was terrible.

Each rabbit wasn’t much, but their numbers were tremendous.


「T-too many…」


「A hundred?…Two hundred? I’m spent…」

It was painstakingly difficult to defeat the rabbits that were running around in the bamboo forest as if it were their own garden.


「Let’s go rest on a tree somewhere…」


「Yeah… let’s.」

In exchange for one medal, they got quite fatigued.

The third day of the event had only just begun.

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