Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – Defense Specialized and Squid Subjugation 3

「My attack was that, so…」

Sally muttered while landing down.

Maple fell to her side.

She did not receive any damage although she fell 25 meters high.

What an amazing vitality.

On the other hand, the squid’s HP and defense are relatively lower.

That is proven because even Sally’s attacks are able to wither it down.

It was not strange at all for that giant squid to lose 20% of its HP after receiving an attack from Maple.

「With this, we shortened it to three hours」

「But there’s still 3 hours〜…」

Maple does not have【Akushoku】anymore. They cannot do the same thing again.

「Ah, it spat out squid ink again」

「The sea, it was beautiful, but now……」

There was nothing that remained from the beautiful blue sea that is now full of squid ink and poison.

「Well then, I’ll run again okay?」

「Un. 【Provoke】!」

Maple pulled the fishes.

It is possible to dissipate the water that was scattered by the fishes using flame-type attacks, so Sally ran around while making the least needed path she needs.

「It’s amazing you can run that much〜…」

It is possible to lessen the fatigue in-game by getting used to VR games.

One needs to get used to playing for long periods of time to not get tired running around.

That is something that a skill cannot cover.

And after two hours of waiting.

There is only 10% left of the squid’s HP.

「re? The fishes…」

The fishes lost the blue effect that they were clad within and withered in an instant after losing their moisture.

The effect that disappeared floated up and got absorbed by the squid’s body.

「Something’s coming!」

「I got it!」

Maple raises her large shield.

Since there are no stacks left of the【Akushoku】, she is finally able to use it as a proper shield.

The giant squid shook once, and jumped out of the water while being enveloped by the same blue effects that the fishes had.

That strong blue light firmly supports its giant body.

「It’s coming!」

「【Cover Move】!【Cover】!」

It was the same time that Maple shouted and the squid charged.

Sally was able to dodge while Maple who used【Cover】to be sure got thrown back after receiving the attack.

The squid that jumped out of the water entered the other side of the wall of water.

Maple’s HP Bar was decreased by 40%.

The damage she receives was doubled because of【Cover Move】/

This is only the second time Sally saw an opponent that was able to get through Maple’s armored defense.

「It powered up…?!」

Sally used【Heal】on Maple and followed the giant squid with her eyes.

It was also a chance to attack because it would get near them.

「I’ll dodge… and slash!」

Sally pumped herself up, but the squid’s target was Maple.

「【Super Acceleration】!」

Sally targeted the squid that targeted Maple.

She swung her dagger while she received speed reduction.

「【Triple Slash】!」

Sally passed through under while releasing six consecutive attacks.

「【Poison Lance】」

Maple’s poisonous lance stabs into the squid’s head.

Maple also received damage from its charge, but the squid also received huge damages.

It jumped into the water again.

「We’ll defeat it in the next one!」

「Just a little bit more! Let’s do our best!」

The two followed the squid’s movements while getting ready for its charge.

It is to make something out of the valuable chance.

And while that happened, the squid was about to jump out.

「It’s coming!」


When the two girls raised their weapons.

The squid’s HP Bar which was infested with poison finally disappeared.


The squid’s body became light and dissipated.

The soiled water was purified.

Its shine sparkled like sun rays that reached the waters and gradually disappeared.

「………for real?」

「………I get that feeling」

The two won in an unconvincing manner.

However, a win is a win.

A deep blue magic circle in front of them.

「You want to get it?」

「What about the reward?」

「n〜… there might be something, so, I’ll go search the waters okay?」

「Please do!」

Sally entered the waters.

It is possible to explore thoroughly since the poison disappeared.

「I would’ve sent Syrup too if she was a sea turtle〜」

Maple watched Sally swim around, but Sally returned after a while.

「There was one squid tentacle」

「What about a medal?」

「U〜n… I think that there was none. I searched properly around the corals too… most of all, I don’t think that the rewards would be placed in a place that is hard to tell」

「That’s true…」

The two girls stepped into the magic circle although disappointed that there were no medals.

The two of them who thought that they would return to the top of the cliff did not expect that they would be teleported underwater.

「I-I can’t breathe! W-What should we do?!」

「n, n? Maple! You can breathe!」

「Eh?! Ah, re? It’s true…」

She can also say her words properly.

It looks like there was no possibility of drowning although there was the feeling of water.

「What a mysterious place…」

「Is this the【peaceful sea】?」

Just like Sally has said, the place where the two girls are was a silent sea.

It was a blue sea that if the two of them did not say anything, they could hear the bubbles in intervals.

It seems like they are in the bottom of the sea, as well as near the water surface.

In that space where calming blue has ruled, where one might fall asleep anytime, there was a blue treasure box that seemed to be enveloped by corals.

「I’ll open it okay?」

There was two medals and two scrolls inside.

Maple kept the medal.

Sally took the scroll and looked at its information.

「What’s the skill name?」

「【Ancient Sea】, it can be learned if you have water-type skills… it looks like you can summon the fishes enveloped by blue light from earlier」

What Sally meant by the fishes earlier were the fishes that they saw schools of when they fought against the squid.

Sally read it, and found out that there was really【Decrease 10 AGI】ability included with those water.

It is a skill that Maple has no use of, but Sally would be able to increase the range of strategies she could take with it.

「Ah〜… is【Hydra】no good?」

「Well, I think that that’s not water-type」

「I guessed so」

Although they tried to be sure, Maple was unable to learn it.

Maple decided to leave it aside for now and put the scroll into her inventory.

The two girls laid around after closing the treasure box.

They are very tired after the long fight and the ruins exploration on the fifth day.

The fifth day started with meeting Kanade.

The two girls really felt that today was a day full of happenings.

「It might be okay taking it slow for one day」

「Ahaha… that’s true」

The two girls decided to sleep while thinking that it might be possible to take some leisure time if they have enough medals.

It was a good place to sleep as well.

「Let’s rest… for a bit」

「I agree…」

The peaceful sea that enveloped the two girls was the most comfortable bed that they had up until now.

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