Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Defence Specialized and First Intermingling


「I also came today huh〜…」


With this, it’s the third day of consecutive login. Although saying that it was for playing with Risa, but she got hooked to the hilt.

The feeling of success at the time she gained a skill, and the feeling of success of increasing defense powers made her addicted, and before she noticed she turned on the hardware.

And Risa at the time, she was told by her parents to study so she couldn’t play.


「Fufufu〜…I’ll just enjoy by myself you know」


Just like that, Kaede was about to walk, but she had an idea when she looked around.


「I…I’m still on beginner’s equipment!」

Shield that has no decoration at all and very weak-looking short sword

that it was it. When she looked around, there are high-level players here and there, and those people are wearing good equipments with decorations.

*KyoroKyoro* she looked around for those kind of people for a while, and saw a man who had equipped a cool large shield.

*ToteTote* Kaede approached that man and called out to him.


「Uhm〜where should I go to get that kind of cool shield?」

「n? eh? m-me?」


The man was surprised because he was suddenly had been called out to.


「Yes! That large shield, it’s cool right!」

「Y-Yeah. Well, thanks……this is, an order-made you know. You can pay money to a non-combat class user and make it for you」

「Mumumu…I see…」


「Let me think…you want me to introduce someone? As the kinship as same large shield user」


「!! Please do!」

「Well then, come with me」


There exists the possibility of this being a fraud, but Kaede was only thinking about the large shield right now, so she wasn’t able to think about that at all.

It was lucky for Kaede that this man was really only being a friendly man.



「No way…to think she will talk to me……I should write this on the bulletin boards later」


Right, this man was the Nameless Large Shield User from some bulletin board.


After walking for a while, they entered one store.

Inside, a woman was working ahead of the counter.


「Ara, welcome, Crom」 What happened? The maintenance of the shield is still early though?」

「Ahh, I just saw a new large shield user so…I took her impulsively」


And from behind of Crom who said that, Kaede shows her appearance.


「Ara, what a cute girl……Crom, did you bring this girl with you impulsively? Should I report this to the police?」


Saying that, the store owner woman emerges a blue panel in mid-air.


「W-Wait a minute! That, what can I say, it’s just an analogy!!」

「Fufu…I know. Just joking」

「Ha〜…that’s too bad for the heart so stop that」


Crom said that, *Ho* and let out a sigh.


「You also, you shouldn’t come with a suspicious person like that you know?」

「Au〜…I understand」

「I’m not suspicious!?」

「Fufu, well, chatting is enough with this, then, what’s the real talk?」

「This girl was saying that she wanted a cool large shield, so I thought I should just let you see her face」

「I see now. My name is Izu. Like you can see, a non-combat class, and within that, I specialize on blacksmithing. I can also create something like a potion though」

「He〜…you’re amazing desu ne! Ah, uhm, I am called Maple!」


It was her first intermingling inside the game, so although Kaede was nervous, she was able to say her name without biting her tongue.


「Maple-chan huh. Why did you choose the large shield?」

「Uhmm…I don’t like painful things, so I thought I’d increase my defense powers desu」

「n〜…I see, I see. Then VIT specialized equipments would be good…but…budget, you don’t have right」


Kaede checks her budget. Because she hadn’t bought anything so her money was still 3000G, the default money.


「W-Would three thousand gold be enough?」


Kaede asked to be sure.


「Fufu…it’s not enough with that. At least around one million gold is needed」


To Kaede right now, it was a dizzying amount.


「Ugugu……being fashionable will be postponed for a while huh〜」

「There is also the way of entering dungeons you know? There are a lot of treasures in dungeons. Also as a way of collecting money, you can go for once you know? Well, I don’t know if there is a powerful large shield though」


After that, she registered friends with Crom and Izu, to be able to contact them anytime.

To the friendly two, *Pecori* she bowed her head and left the store.

Kaede for the meantime, decided two things, to collect money and go to the dungeon.


「I want a cool equipment〜!」


241 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

I encountered the large shield girl, I mean, I registered friends with her lol


242 Name: Nameless Spearman



243 Name: Nameless Archer



244 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

When I logged in, she was like *KyoroKyoro* a lot, and when I thought that our sights met, she runs towards to me and talked to me lol


245 Name: Nameless Large Swordsman

large shield user girl, communication level is too high


246 Name: Nameless Magician


then? what happened?


247 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

I was told cool large shield

when I told her I’ll introduce her to a non-combat class user she followed from behind

her AGI was too low and she took a hard time following me so I stopped a few times for her


248 Name: Nameless Spearman


how high is your AGI


249 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

wait a sec I’ll summarize it now

here it is


Her name is Maple

She had not entered any party

The reason she chose large shield was because she didn’t like painful things so she increased her defense powers

A very honest and active-type girl


Overall Evaluation

She was a very good girl


Ah〜watch and take care of her〜

Lastly, I am thinking of exchanging information about Maple-chan with you guys so I’ll show my information

For the mean time, I’m playing using the name Crom

Then, my AGI is 20

I want to register friends with you guys so I’ll be happy if those who can come would go to the front of the plaza’s fountain at around 22pm


250 Name: Nameless Spearman

thanks for the info, I mean, aren’t you Crom!

Aren’t you completely a top player!!


251 Name: Nameless Magician

you’re too famous I’m too scared lol


252 Name: Nameless Archer

Yossha, then I’ll go at that time lol

I mean, Maple-chan, being left behind by AGI20, maybe she really is full build


253 Name: Nameless Large Swordsman

then, from now on also, is the plan warmly watch and protect Maple-chan, alright〜?


254 Name: Nameless Spearman

I agree〜!


255 Name: Nameless Archer

I agree〜!


256 Name: Nameless Magician

I agree〜!


257 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

I agree〜!


Of course, there’s no way that Kaede would know about this bulletin board.





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