Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 5

Defense specialization and First Damage


Sigh… why did it die by itself… I didn’t want to kill it anymore…」

Kaede was mourning the death of the White Rabbit, but after a while, she seemed to have regained her composure and started checking on the level-up.


「Ah! I’ve got five more points for my status!」

If she allocated these points, she could safely say goodbye to the zeroes in her status.


「Hmmm… but even if I increase anything other than defense now…」

It seemed that once the points were allocated, they could not be restored, so Kaede thought carefully.


「All right… I’ve decided! I’ll assign them to VIT!」

Kaede put all five points into VIT and went deeper into the forest to find more monsters.








「Ewww… disgusting…」

A large centipede was coiled around Kaede’s ankle. Surely, there is no person who wouldn’t find that disgusting.

Kaede pulled out the short sword from her waist and slashed its body. The centipede was poisonous: it injected its venom into the person it bit, but since Kaede’s body wasn’t even scratched by its bites, it couldn’t possibly poison her.

In addition, it wasn’t as cute as the White Rabbit.

In other words, she didn’t think twice about defeating it.

Because her STR was so low, she was finally able to defeat it after stabbing it a dozen or so times.


「My level won’t go up, huh…」

Kaede was unsure whether to turn back at this point.

But as she went deeper and deeper, she wandered into the place where the most powerful monster in this area was.

And that monster, to her misfortune, just now appeared in front of Kaede.

A giant bee flying with an annoying buzzing noise.

It was coming towards Kaede.


「No way… this is the worst…」

Kaede was terrified of that unbelievably large needle on its bottom and held up her great shield.

However, there was no way for Kaede to keep up with the Giant Bee’s quick movements with her 【AGI 0】.

In the blink of an eye, it got behind her and pierced her neck…



It didn’t.

The giant bee seemed to be confused too and tried to sting her in the back of the neck again and again.


「Ahaha… it tickles, hey!」

Kaede regained her composure, returning to her usual self.

The giant bee then tried to sting her a few more times, but, perhaps realizing it was pointless, it sprayed her with venom.



Kaede felt a pain, not quite a skin-burning pain, but definitely a pain. It was about as painful as taking a bath after a sunburn.

When she checked her status, she found that her HP had dropped by one. In other words, if Kaede got hit by the venom 39 more times, she would die.


「…Tactical retreat!」

Kaede turned her back to the giant bee and ran away. But the AGI difference was so brutal that it wouldn’t let her.

The Giant Bee sprayed the venom again and again.



At the time when Kaede’s HP was cut down to below half.


『Skill 【Poison Resistance (Low)】 has been acquired』

After that sound, Kaede stopped taking damage completely. Normally, Kaede would have been happy at this point, but this time was different. She was a bit angry because the giant bee had damaged her for the first time.


「No more…」

Kaede fell to the ground with a thud and acted out crawling as far away from the place as possible.

Right, it was an act.

It may or may not have had an effect, but the giant bee doused her with venom, looking as if it wanted to say “Just a little bit more”. As Kaede gradually slowed her movements, even more venom poured down on her, as if to deal her a finishing blow.


『Skill 【Poison Resistance (Low)】 has leveled up to 【Poison Resistance (Medium)】 』

Kaede smirked. Yes, this was her goal. That was the countermeasure against poison, which was her only concern in her current situation, and now everything was perfect.

Then, Kaede stopped moving completely and feigned death. The giant bee approached her face, wanting to eat her up.


「Hehe, you fell for it! Giant bee-eh!」

Kaede turned her body around and stabbed its open mouth with the dagger in her hand. The blade pierced the head, grating through the unarmored mouth part.

Kaede moved it left and right, pressing it further in. The HP gauge displayed above the giant bee’s head was steadily being whittled down.

The giant bee angrily thrust its stinger at her, but it did not do any damage.

Finally, the giant bee twitched and trembled, and then it turned into light and disappeared.

And then, *plonk*, a silver ring dropped in its place.


「Hehe… I won!」


『Skill 【Giant Killing】 has been acquired. Your level has increased to 8』

Kaede picked up the ring and checked the skill and the ring she got this time.


Ring of the Forest Queen Bee 【Rare】

【VIT +6】

Auto Recovery: Restores 10% of max HP every 10 minutes.


「Ohhhh! This is great, HP recovery! It says it’s rare, so I guess I got lucky?」

Kaede had only starting MP and had not yet acquired any magic, so HP recovery was invaluable. In addition to that, the 【VIT +6】 bonus that came with it was quite impressive. Because of Absolute Defense, it would become VIT +12 for Kaede.

She equipped it after taking off the glove she had been wearing from the beginning. The glove was not a piece of equipment, it was just a cosmetic item, so she put it back on over her ring.


「Valuable items and skills should not be told about or shown to others, as it said in the memo, right.」

Risa had written down the countermeasures for PKers. However, there weren’t many players who could PK Kaede at the moment.
TL note: PK means “player killing”.


「Now to the skills, then…」


【Poison Resistance (Medium)】

Nullifies strong poison.

Acquisition Conditions

Get attacked with strong poison 40 times.


「It didn’t seem that strong to me… but it could’ve been that VIT reduced the damage from poison…」

In fact, this was true. It reduced and minimized the damage that would normally be inflicted.

However, because of the nature of the poison attack, without resistance, she still took 1 damage.


「Then, next!」


【Giant Killing】

When four or more of your stats other than HP and MP are lower than your opponent’s, your stats other than HP and MP are doubled.

Acquisition Conditions

A player who has four or more of their stats other than HP and MP lower than half of the opponent monster’s stats must defeat said monster alone.


「I have four zeros in my stats, so… huh? So most of the time when I fight, they will be doubled? That means… my VIT is multiplied by four in all!」

As Kaede said, her status was full of zeroes, so the actual effect was just doubling VIT for her.

She also gained another level and got more status points.


「Oh? I only got 15 status points… I guess you can only get them on multiples of two.」

This time, Kaede put all of them into VIT without hesitation.

Considering the fact she had 【Giant Killing】, this was probably the best option for her.

Kaede’s actual VIT value was a whopping 616 at that moment.


「Uh… I’m kind of tired. I think I’ll call it a day now. I got more into it than I thought I would.」

Kaede went back to the town through the forest, logged out and returned to the real world.

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