Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 59

Defense Specialization and a New Feature


Maple logged in for the first time in three days and waited for Sally in the square.

After a short wait, Sally came over.


「Sorry, did I make you wait?」


「No, I didn’t wait that long. What do you want to do today?」


「Ummm… well. How much do you know about the last three days, Maple?」


「Eh?… I know nothing, okay? Because I tried to stay away from the game.」

Maple had no idea what had happened in the game in the last three days.

Not only did she not log in to the game, she even did everything in her power to avoid the information about it.


「Okay, I’ll explain everything to you step by step.」


「Yep, please do.」


「First and foremost, a new great shield skill was added. It’s a skill to counter piercing attacks.」



Maple was very happy to hear that.

Sally said that the acquisition method was also made known by the developers.

Maple decided she would take a look at the skill later, and Sally continued.


「So this is important… but… while Maple was away, an event, or rather… a new feature? Anyway, it was added.」


「New feature?」



「Golden bugs called 【Glow Bugs】 started appearing in the field in some places.」

Sally said that various types of bugs would appear on the field, and if you defeated them, a 【Glow Bug Token】 would drop.


「What do you use that token for?」


「You need it to buy a 【Guild Home】, the new feature.」


「Guild… home?」


「So you know how there are a bunch of buildings in this town that you can’t enter, right?」



Maple could see a number of them just by looking around.

Most of the buildings in this large town were inaccessible.

Almost all of them in fact, except for the NPC stores and the blacksmith shop, which the players rented from NPCs by paying them.


「You can buy one of those with one of these tokens. There are different ranks of 【Guild Homes】 you can buy depending on the type of bug.」


「Hmmm, I see.」

Sally spoke about the stat boosting benefits of the 【Guild Home】, and then she started talking about the number of 【Glow Bugs】.


「The number of 【Glow Bugs】 is limited… there are only so many buildings.」




「I heard the devs are going to be increasing the number of buildings little by little.」

But that wouldn’t help increase the number of 【Glow Bugs】 now.

In other words, Maple had missed the boat.


「T-then let’s hurry up and find them!」

When it came to Maple, she wanted to experience something like a 【Guild Home】.

If she couldn’t get the token this time, who knew when the next opportunity would come.

And so, they couldn’t stay here talking forever.





Sally quickly navigated the blue screen to take an item out of her inventory.


「I’ve already got it. I figured you’d want it, Maple.」


「Oh… o-oh! Thank you!」


「It’s just… this only gives you the right to buy a 【Guild Home】, you need money to actually buy it.」


「How… much of it?」


「Five million gold.」


「Fi—…!? Eh?」

Maple checked the money she had.

Maple rarely needed money, and so of course she never thought of saving it.

Therefore, Maple only had a little over 50000 gold in her possession.


「Then… let’s go make some money today! I can’t wait to get my 【Guild Home】.」

And so Maple was about to walk out of town when…





Sally brought up her status screen as she approached Maple.

She pointed to a small part of it and showed it to Maple.

In Sally’s money column, there were one five and six zeros.


「I’ve already prepared this, see?」


「A-amazing! Sally’s amazing!」


「Hehehe… praise me more.」

There was but a small trick to earning this amount of money: it was simply three days of her doing her absolute utmost to collect and sell the drop items.


After being praised by Maple for some time, Sally spoke up.

Sally suggested to Maple that they head toward a building that they could purchase, and Maple agreed.

Maple started walking, following Sally, who knew where to go.


「I’ll pay you back the money some other time, okay?」


「Ummm… that’s no problem, you know? I don’t need money that much. If you really want to give something back, maybe you should find some equipment that fits me?」


「Got it, I’ll look for it!」


「Whenever you like.」







Sally stopped when she was near the edge of town.

It would be inconvenient to use the central square or the NPC stores.


「Around here, I guess.」


「We’ve walked a long way.」


「That’s because the token I got was of low rank… though a better rank token would have allowed us to buy a 【Guild Home】 in the center of the town.」


「Just being able to get it is enough!」

Maple didn’t care about the size of the 【Guild Home】 or whatever.

Given her personality and mindset, that thinking was to be expected.



After walking for a while, Maple found a certain 【Guild Home】.


「This place… might be good.」

At the end of an empty street.

There quietly stood a 【Guild Home】 , exuding a hideout atmosphere.


「You sure seem to like it, Maple.」


「Is this place okay?」


「Yep, looks good to me.」

After saying that, Sally took out the 【Glow Bug Token】 and pressed it to the door.


A white glow filled the alleyway and the door slowly opened.

The two walked inside.



「Ooh… it’s really quite spacious.」

A quick check of the interior revealed that it consisted mainly of wooden furniture in subdued colors.

At the back of the room, a blue panel was fitted into the wall, where information to register guild members could be entered.

Since Sally had given the guild master role to Maple, Maple was the guild master.

Sally herself declined the guildmaster position, saying she would not be doing it this time.


「This is still the lowest level, though. You can register up to fifty guild members, you know.」


「There’s also a second floor… will there be enough room for that many?」


「Well, it’s the limit, so it might not be comfortable… should we invite some people? If we don’t hurry, people will join other guilds.」


「…Let’s ask Kasumi and Kanade!」


「I knew you would say that. I think that’s a good idea.」

Maple sent a message to them.

A few minutes later, a reply came from both of them.

Fortunately, neither of them was a member of a guild yet.

And they gladly accepted Maple’s invitation.


「Whoohoo! Sally! I gotta go to the square for a bit!」


「See you soon!」

Maple swung the door open and ran out.








Maple arrived at the square.

The two of them were sitting on the rim of the central fountain, but when they noticed Maple, they both approached her.

Kanade and Kasumi introduced themselves to each other, and then Maple spoke up.


「Thank you, both of you! I’m so happy!」


「I’m happy you invited me.」


「Same for me, thank you.」

They thanked each other and started to walk.



「Hmm? Is that…」

As Maple stared intently at the person, he noticed her and came closer.


「Oh, it’s been a while since the event.」


「Chrome-san! It’s been quite some time.」

The person was Chrome.

Maple had met him on the summit of the snowy mountain last time.


「Maple, how was the event? You went into that in the snowy mountain after us, didn’t you?」

“That”, of course, was the place where the monster bird lived.


「It was tough! We managed to win, though.」

Chrome had expected that Maple had beaten it, but was again astonished when he actually heard it from her own mouth.

Yeah, she beat 【that】.


「I’m sure you can join just about any guild you want with that strength. Well… some of them have conditions, actually…」


「Guild… that’s right! Chrome-san, would you like to join my guild? That is, if you don’t have any other plans now.」

Chrome had had a party at the second event, so Maple thought it would be impossible for him to join.

That’s why she hadn’t sent him a message, but now that she met him, she decided to talk to him.


「Are you sure? If you’re okay with it, I’d be happy to join…」

Chrome said that the party at the last event was a one-time thing.

So for now, Chrome was free.


Since it happened to be like that, Maple took Chrome along with her and the four of them headed to the 【Guild Home】.






「I’m back!」


「Welcome back. Oh? You brought Chrome-san with you too, huh?」


「I ran into him and he said he’d join!」


「Well, let’s get them all registered, then.」

The three newcomers each entered their information into the blue panel at the back of the room.


「Oh, by the way, we need to choose a name for the guild.」


「Maple, you decide, you’re the guild master.」


「I believe that would be best.」


「Yeah, I’m gonna second that.」

After the four of them told her, Maple started thinking.

After a while, Maple entered the name into the panel.


【Maple Tree】


This guild, which Maple named, was a small guild.


And later on, it would be called 【The Inhuman Domain】 or 【The Demon Realm】and such, but that was still far in the future.

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