Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 59


Translator note Here the chapter of Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku all the credit goes to sese sese and BlackFilter. me i am just posting their work here. Translator : sese sese Editor        : BlackFilter
Defense specialization and quest
Author Note:
For the sake of good end(a.k.a Cliff Hanger) this time will be short

The Day after material gathering, Maple was walking around in town alone at the 2nd stage because the other members are unable to match her login time today. Because of that she has no choice but to go solo.

During the 2nd event, Maple didn’t have the chance to explore the 2nd town properly. So she is thinking of exploring this town to some extent today.

「It’s not good to force them to accompany me ne~」 Besides that, Maple also wants to leisurely explore alone. Her First goal is to search for Sally’s equipment.
Next is to search for a skill or equipment that will make her stronger. Maple still doesn’t have head equipment so her target is something for her head.
Maple talked with the NPC that she sees, one after another. But with her status, she was not able to trigger any event. It is the case where event requires status other than VIT. For example in Sally’s 【Super Acceleration (chō kasoku)】, even if she talks with the key NPC for that event, nothing will happen.

「Maybe I should try to go and see the edge of town」 Leaving from the town’s center, the number of people who walk around decreases. There are buildings that can be seen as【Guild Home】, because of that Maple can’t go inside. She tried to go around the back alleys and was able to find few buildings that she can enter but they are just empty houses.

「Oo! I can go in here too」 Maple made a cracking sound on the door when she opens it. Inside the room, there is a girl lying on a tattered bed being taken care of by a woman who looks like her mother.

「ara?Okyaku-san(a guest)? pardon me」
「, don’t worry (TLN: ie mean no but i can’t find good one to translate it)」
「Are you okay?….Sorry, It’s painful right?」(TLN: I don’t know who talk here) Because Maple is getting awkward with the atmosphere, she tried to get out silently but, The woman after taking care of her daughter goes to Maple’s place.

「Ano… Are you a Kishi-sama?(a Knight)」
「e(Thinking for a while)? U-un, W what about it?」 If you look at Maple’s Equipment, instead of a magic user or a swordsman, being called a Knight actually fits her appearance.
「Kishi-sama(knight)! Please! Help My Daughter! I can’t give anything back but… Please, please….just please」 In front of Maple’s eye, a Blue color panel is floating.
Quest【Benevolence Knight (Hakuai no Kishi)】
Under these words, there is a Yes and No being displayed as well.
Maple press “yes” once. Because Maple is being asked for help, she can’t press “no”. Even if there is no compensation, she doesn’t mind. 「Th-thank you very much! We need my daughter’s medicine… but it looks I can’t go alone… I will guide you so please take me with you.」
「….Understood! I will protect you!」 The woman approach Maple. Above the woman’s head a HP Bar is floating. It seems like if the quest is not properly handled, the quest can’t be repeated.
And here Blue monitor/windows appear, the details of the quest are explained in there. Maple made sure to carefully read the details and the quest goal.
The Goal is to make sure that the woman is alive till they arrived at the destined place. There no time limit.
「For now, isn’t it fine to take her outside?」 When Maple steps outside of the house the woman began to talk.
「We will go to the【Tree of Life】, from here go straight to the east」
「Okay」 Maple called out Syrup and like always she got on its back. Because the woman had a setting that she must stand within 2 meter radius with Maple as the center, when Maple got on Syrup back, using Syrup’s leg as a foothold the woman jump following Maple.
「Aren’t you actually strong? You’re more powerful than me isn’t it?」
「We aim for the east」 「a, yes….【Psychokinesis (Nenriki)】!」 Like always Syrup is floating and they smoothly fly heading east.

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