Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Defense Specialized and Dungeon Attack


「Exploring a dungeon huh〜I feel like my adventure had begun!」


Using the only three thousand gold, she bought potion to be sure.

HP is only 40 so even the lowest kind of potion is enough.

There is the ring of the giant bee and there is also 【Meditation】.

She finished preparing and went to the dungeon. Her aim was the 【Maze of the Poison Dragon】 that was written in the information bulletin board.


「I have 【Poison Resistance (Medium)】 so it is alright!」


Dungeon, here I come, with that feeling she jumped outside of the town.


*TekuTeku* she walked towards the opposite direction of the forest. If this weren’t a game, Kaede who was only holding a large shield and short sword can only be seen as an elementary school student.

She was attacked by a few monsters on the way, but they did no damage so without defeating them, she ignored them.

The monsters in this area seem to be more intelligent than the monsters in the forest, so went they understood that the attack wouldn’t go through, they went away.

There was no witnesses so Kaede’s abnormal defense power wasn’t found out.


When Kaede was walking like that, the trees around had gradually withered and she noticed that the landscape was becoming deserted.

She also saw swamps that sound *PokoPoko* on their ground.

She walked like that by ten minutes.

She saw that there was one part of the ground was opened wide like a mouth.


「Is that it huh?」


Kaede entered inside, the inside had a taller ceiling that she thought, so she could properly make a stance with her large shield.

When she enters further, slimes with poisonous hues and lizards was crawling from the walls and the ground and charges an attack.


「Ei!!  ya!!」


She stabbed the blade to the slime but she couldn’t aim its core that was moves around in its body like it was drifting so she couldn’t deal damage. But, the slime’s tackle also, doesn’t deal damage.


「Mu……this had become my last will. Eat this! Large Shield Preeeeess!!」


Together with the large shield she fell over the slime and covered all its body. There wasn’t a skill or anything so power couldn’t be expected, and it’s an attack that makes a lot of chances because of falling down on enemy lines.

But, that wasn’t relevant to Kaede who only receives no damage to normal attacks or venom.

Shield attack had very little damage, but it seems it was enough to destroy the slime’s core.


「Yo〜sh! Let’s go further more〜!」


Finding out how to deal with the slime, Kaede went further and further to the back. By the way, Kaede gave up on defeating the lizards. Her AGI was not enough, and before she attack, *SuruSuru* it ran away and because she couldn’t hit it.

Wondering how many times it had been, she falls to the ground with the shield. At that time.


『Skill 【Shield Attack】 had been acquired』


Kaede immediately read the skill’s explanation. She guessed the contents of it from its name, but to be sure.


【Shield Attack】

Attack using a shield. Power is dependent to STR. Knockback effect (Small).


Skill Requirement

Using shield attack, deal end damage to monsters 15 times.


「It doesn’t seem very useful…but knockback looks strong!」


While she moved further and further inside, there was like a violet flower that released a very clear poisonous-like mist, and spits poison.

Like fishes that were swimming on poison swamps.

And while getting past those, she reached the deepest area.

In front of her, a door three times higher than Kaede’s height.


She put force to that double door to open it.

*GiGiGi* while sounding like its oil had dried, the door opened completely, and the inside of the room became clear.

There was poison swamps here and there, and was full of light violet liquid.

At the same time that Kaede entered that room carefully.

Behind her, the door closed with momentum.




As if to erase that short scream, a dragon that has its body melted in some parts appeared from the poison swamp.


「T-This is the Poison Dragon?!」


Without caring about Kaede’s distress, a very deep violet breath was shot.

Kaede herself was almost without scratch, but her equipments couldn’t go that way.


「T-The large shield and short sword……」


Corroded to tatters and broke down, those wouldn’t mean anything as an equipment anymore. Fortunately, the ring that she was wearing under her glove was fine.

And on this instance.

Kaede’s large shield【VIT 28】 is quadrupled by the effect of 【Absolute Defense】 and 【Giant Killing (OomonoKurai)】. It means it dropped by 112.

With that, the damage from the breath shot by the Poison Dragon passed through further.

Every time she receives is it was 3 damage. Kaede’s HP had been reduced by 1 by the first breath shot.

It means, if it goes like this, she would surely be killed within 13 shots.


「Fu〜……concentrate! 【Meditation】!!」


Kaede closed her eyes and heightens her concentration.

This time, it would be a 【Meditation】 while pain is going through her body. 【Meditation】 wouldn’t show its effects if concentration isn’t heightened.

The ring and 【Meditation】, and the potion that she bought with all her money. Using all of that, her only chance of winning is to get the higher 【Poison Resistance】.


While she uses 【Meditation】, the fear had gradually disappeared. Just as if Kaede’s body was melting, she stopped feeling anything.

Just like that she continuously endured, and by the time her HP is under 20% left, she drank the potion.


She repeated that.


The amount of recovery couldn’t catch up. Is it the potion running out, or will she gain the resistance.

It is whichever was faster.


After she endured for a while, a voice echoed in her head.


『Skill 【Poison Resistance (Medium)】 had evolved to 【Poison Resistance (Large)】』


With that voice that she was wishing for, but Kaede was not glad.

The pain of her skin being burned still remains.

Her resistance is still not enough.

It is unknown whether the resistance will grow further, but Kaede could only bet on that.


By the time that the last potion bottle was emptied.


「Haha……I did it……」


What echoed to Kaede’s head was the skill acquisition of 【Poison Nullification】.

If it was right now, the breath that fell to her felt good.

But, she couldn’t help it just resting. While recovering her HP, Kaede thought.


Right. In this time that her weapon is destroyed. What should she do to defeat the dragon, it was about that. The dragon’s attack was no damage. Kaede’s attack was also no damage.

It won’t get anywhere.

In addition, she could only kill it or die to get out of this room. This is was a happening that the developer did not expect.


「Ugugu…well, let’s try a lot of things! Tomorrow is rest day too!」


Right, fortunately, it is still rest day for the students tomorrow. She can take a lot of time slowly.

This and that, Kaede thought and tried, and finally, she did a specific move.


「Dragon’s meat, looks tender and juicy…maybe I could eat it with 【Poison Nullification】!」


While being exploited to its breath, she approached the body of the Poison Dragon.

And. Kaede placed her palms together.




Chomps at its back.


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