Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Chapter 61


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Defense specialization and quest 3

While flying, Maple saw the fountain below her.
This time, the woman didn’t say anything, so she came to the location straight from the top.
The fountain that she saw is surrounded by rocks and most of those rocks are standing tall.

「For now, let’s go down near it」
After dropping off near it, she called Syrup back into the ring and head for the fountain with the woman. There seemed to be no monsters around the fountain, so we arrived at the fountain without any trouble. The woman looked back to Maple after she collects the fountain water.
「Kishi-sama(Knight)! Thank you very much!」
「No.., I am not doing anything praiseworthy…」
「Let’s hurry home!」
「A , un. That’s right.」
We go back to the spot where we got off from Syrup. Maple then summons Syrup and starts to fly with it.

They returned safely back to town and the woman gave her daughter the water.
Maple is just standing there watching them.
「How do you feel?」
「D- Don’t worry, I’m fine」
although the girl says so, her complexion is bad and her body is slightly trembling.
She didn’t seem to be OK.
Naturally, the next quest appears before Maple.
Quest【Benevolence knight (Hakuai no Kishi) 3】
「Un, Like I thought」
The next quest occurs as Maple expected.
Maple tries to check the skill【Benevolence knight (Hakuai no Kishi)】,but the skill is still displayed only as a name. So, she decided to take the quest.
「Kishi-sama(Knight)! Thank you very much!」
「It’s alright, it’s alright」
「There is a huge town far away from here and I’ve heard rumors that there are rings to heal your body just by putting it in … … I’m sorry for asking again, could you bring me there?」
「Huge … Town, maybe the first town?」
The first town when Maple starts this game.
It was the only huge town in Maple’s mind.
「That means(tte koto wa) … The ring is maybe that…」
Maple takes one ring out of her inventory.
A Rare drop that Maple got in the first stage.
The【Ring of the Forest Queen Bee】.

「Knight!( Kishi-sama!) You brought it! Oh, How can I show you my gratitude …」

「A … this is OK」
Maple thinks of giving away the ring which has not been equipped recently to the lady.
The Ring is a rare drop, she didn’t know when she can get it again.
Maple gives the lady the ring that she has.
「I give it to you …」
The Lady puts the ring on her daughter. Then a quest clear notification shows in front of Maple. That proves that the ring is the correct item.

「U, gu~… ga,」

「…are you fine? … is there any pain?」

The girl had a distorted face because of the pain, then suddenly she jumped out of bed, opened the door roughly and ran outside the house.

「Wa, wait!( Ma, matte!)」
The lady also chase her.

A notice of new quest appears in front of the Maple who was left by the mother and daughter.

Quest【Benevolence Knight (Hakuai no kishi) 4】

Maple naturally takes it.

「For the time being … Let’s chase after them」


「There! (Ita!)」
When she got out of town, Maple saw the woman sitting down.
When Maple approaches, the woman starts talking.

「Ū ~…Knight (kishi-sama)…! My daughter……」

「Where did she go? Is she Safe?!」

「My daughter goes to the 【Temple of Everlasting (tokoyami no shinden)】 .. It is dangerous there!」

「…… I will take her back!」

「I will guide you there…! This is to save my daughter …」
Maple wanted to go alone but since she can’t refuse the lady, Maple decided to take her.

Following the Lady guidance, she came further to the place in northwest, passing the fountain that they were at earlier.
There, was an old temple that looks like it will collapse anytime.
There is no doubt that this is the【Temple of Everlasting (tokoyami no shinden)】.

Maple enters the temple after returning Syrup to the ring.
The daughter was at the very deep of this simple structure with only one hall surrounded by walls and ceiling. The lady is about to run over there, but a jet-black fog blows out from the daughter’s body.

The fog attacked the lady while it had a humanoid shape.

「【Cover Move】! 【Cover】!」
It was confirmed at the first quest that【Cover Move】and 【Cover】is can be used for the lady.
Maple suspends the fog attack with her shield when she moved between the two.

「……! 【Bizarre Eater (Akujiki)】ga~ …!
Maple had forgotten that 【Bizarre Eater (Akujiki)】 has not recovered because quests have progressed so well. The fog shaped humanoid whose attack was prevented keeps his distance from Maple.

「【Poisonous Dragon (hydra)】I never think about using it…」

「Gugi… gagagaga」

「…… That is not good, is it?」
Maple regarded the humanoid who raises a creepy voice despite having no mouth as a monster.


The jumping movement of the enemy is monotonous, so she defend against it securely.
However, Maple has limited means of attack. Since she cannot defeat it right away, she carefully observes the timing of using her skills. Naturally, the battle was prolonged.

Then when Maple was enduring for a while, the humanoid suddenly began to cry scratching his head.

「Gugaaaaa…a a ~aa a! !」 As there were no parts on its face there was no facial expression, but it seemed to be suffering from pain. The humanoid’s arm change shape to something like a spear.

「!! 【Cover】」
Although she quickly move to protect the lady, she was only able to sparingly defend against it. The sharp attack on both arms was apparently a defense penetration attack.
「Ku u……u!」
It was impossible to Parry both arm’s attacks with a big shield.
Maple ‘s HP is being scraped away, but Maple did not stop using 【Cover】.
It was obvious that the lady is in danger if she got hit by it.

「Gugaaaaa! Gaga… guga…」

The humanoid shape fog that attacked Maple suddenly stopped attacking and took distance from Maple.

「Gugi… gugu…」
the humanoid shape fog who stuck to the ground with his head gradually blurred and eventually disappeared.

「I, I was saved … ….?」
Maple ‘s HP bar has around 20% remaining. She was aiming for a counter – clock counter, but it would have been dangerous if the battle continued.

「Is that … The work of the【Demonic Holy Water】」

「Is that … from the fountain before?」

「Maybe my daughter is… being possessed by a Devil」
This happened because Maple was not attacked at 【Benevolence Knight (Hakuai no kishi) 2】,  so she successfully cleared it. If that woman or player can go back to town without dying, that quest will be successful. If you die, the quest will fail.

In either case the quest will move to the next stage.
However, it is difficult for players with large shield equipment to fight against the fog humanoid without clearing the Fountain Quest.

「A … Quest Clear …」
although I cleared the current quest, no new quest occurred.
and, the Skill is still the same.

「Let’s go to my daughter!」

「A, un. That right (Sōda ne)!」
Maple and the lady rush to the girl.
The girl was asleep as if he was dead. It does not respond at all even if she was rocked to wake up.

「For the time being … let’s take her home」
The lady lift her daughter and left the temple.

At the same time a blue panel appears in front of Maple.

【Benevolence Knight (Hakuai no kishi) 5】comes up。

Again, 【Benevolence Knight (Hakuai no kishi) 】 Damage to mothers in Quests 1 to 4 is lower than the reference value.

Extra Quest 【Dedicated Charity(Mi sasagu jiai)】occurred.
Please choose either route.

「N n?」
Maple tilt his neck in an unexpected situation.
– –

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