Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 101

Defense Specialization and Night



With the stab of a dagger, another player disappeared into a burst of light.


Three hours had passed since the sun had set.

Maple and the others were able to protect their orbs, and increase their number of points.

Sally had quickly removed herself from the defense team and was already back in the field.

She had taken two orbs within the last three hours.

She had no idea how many players she had killed.

She had just now killed another player.


“Phew, it’s 9 o’clock already… How many more orbs will I be able to get by tomorrow morning…”

Sally inspected her map.

There was an insane amount of notes written on it.

The contents included locations for weapon repairing items, terrain, guild information such as defenses and number of members, routes that reconnaissance teams often passed, and places that ambushes would be the most likely.


9 hours had elapsed since the start of the event.

Running around on the map had allowed her to gain all of this information, and she was now using it to exploit the other guilds’ weaknesses.

The reason that Sally was working so hard with all of her strength from the first day, was because she wanted to get as many orbs as she could while the weaker guilds still remained.

The fight to take other orbs would become much more heated in the second half of the event.

It was very possible that the smaller guilds would be completely gone by the final day.

If that happened, she wouldn’t be able to take their orbs.


“The only way to win is to run far ahead…”

And so Sally continued to run.




Even if she knew that it was dangerous and she was pushing herself too hard.



“Next…yes, I’ll do this place.”

Sally began to run again.

While this was happening, other alliances were forming. And their reconnaissance teams that Sally had defeated were spreading the news about her.




Back at the Maple Tree base, Yui and Mai were talking.


“Hey, Mai. We really can’t dodge normal attacks, huh?”


“That’s true… But if it’s something I’m used to seeing, like a short sword, I might be able to dodge it at least once?”

As Sally’s weapon was the short sword, they had seen it in action the most during their training.

And so it was easier to read the movements compared to other weapons.

Still, that was only in comparison, and it was not as if they could reliably dodge attacks.


“And so I’ve been thinking. There must be a strategy that uses our uniqueness to the fullest.”

When they had all fought together, Yui was able to see how each member had their own unique traits that were useful. And so she was now curious to see if there was anything that she could do.

That being said, both of them already appeared to be very unique to everyone else, but they were the age where they really wanted to grow and be of use to others.


“Hmm, I see.”


“And so there is one thing that I thought of…”

Yui talked quietly into Mai’s ear.

It was so outlandish that her eyes widened, but it was also the kind of strategy that might be possible because it was them. They looked at each other and burst into laughter.


“Yes! I think that’s great!”


“Isn’t it! I would be so happy if it worked at an important moment.”



The two of them began to talk about the smaller details of their plan.

Kanade, Maple, and Chrome watched them from a little ways away as they talked.


“I’m going to go do some scouting. I think it will take around 2 hours.”


“Really? Okay.”

Maple allowed Kanade to leave.

Their defense force was more than enough. If he was coming back in 2 hours, then he would be in time to trade places so the others could sleep.

She had no reason to stop him.




Kanade left the guild for the first time and checked his map as he started to walk.


“According to the information I got from Sally, it should be in this direction.”

Kanade had gone out partially with the intention of scouting, and partially with the intention of snatching an orb.

His map was overflowing with notes that Sally had added. She had shown it to them after they all fought together, and so it was saved on his map.


“I think she’s pushing herself too far. I have to help her.”

It was not as if Sally could move endlessly.

It was necessary for Kanade to go out and take some orbs so that he could have time to rest.


Kanade walked in the direction of his destination, and then he saw the glimmer of an orb through the gaps in the forest trees.


“The medium-sized guild…there it is.”


Kanade closely examined the bookshelves for one to use. He ultimately chose two magical books.


“I might be able to return earlier than I thought… Now… ‘Giant’s Arm.’

Kanade shouted, and a single volume came flying out.

Its effect was the changing of his right arm.

The magic caused your arm to lengthen and thicken for a short time.

Controlling it was not easy, and as the effect only lasted for a short time, you could not do much with it.




He could grab the orb that was 7 meters away, and throw it back at his feet.



“‘Flare Accel.’”

Kanade accelerated along with the explosion. He rushed back to the guild, an orb safely in his hand.


“Cha-chase him!! Immediately!”

The shouts from behind Kanade quickly faded into nothing.

The attack had been so sudden, that their response had been delayed. They had allowed him to run away with their treasure.


“I hope that this will help her at least a little.”

Kanade was still thinking of Sally, who was probably running even now, as he ran back to Maple Tree.





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