Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 110

Defense Specialization and Attack Preparations



Past midday of the second event.

Sally slowly got up in the back of Maple Tree.

“…I wonder how Maple is doing.”

Sally opened her map to check Maple’s position. She saw that Maple was starting to move towards Maple Tree.


“I should go soon.”

She wasn’t back to full strength, but she couldn’t sleep forever either.

Sally got up and went to the room with the orb.


As Sally returned to the defense team, she saw that the orb was still there.

She sighed with relief as she stretched and walked over to the other members.


“Oh, you’re up now. What will you do? Are you going out again?”

Sally answered Chrome’s question by saying she had no intention of doing so.

As she had not recovered completely, she was worried that she would not be able to dodge all of the attacks.

Additionally, she presumed that many of the guilds would now be better equipped to handle ambushes, as it was now the second day.

It was likely that she would be killed if her ambushes failed, and so Sally had decided that if she were to go out, it would be during the night.


And then Sally asked about one thing that was bothering her.




“Yeah…she’s been like that ever since her new sword was made.”

Both of them looked at Kasumi.

Her expression was so happy as her eyes went back and forth from the blade to the sheath.


“Hahh…so good…”

Kasumi was not likely to return to their world for quite some time.


“I heard that Kasumi defeated ‘Destructor’…I wonder just how many top class players will die during the second half…”


“The last day should be crazy…I’m sure that they will survive.”

Both Dread and Shin had died because they fought against another strong player.

But as long as that did not happen, the strong would probably be able to survive.


As they talked about this, Maple returned.


“I’m back! I’ve got 9 orbs with me!”


“Woah… Really, I just don’t understand how you do it…”

That was what Sally thought as she saw that Maple had brought back the same number of orbs as her, but was still full of energy.


“It was all thanks to your map, Sally. I wouldn’t have been able to find the guilds without it…”


“Oh, right. I’m glad it helped.”

Maple set the orbs on the pedestal and decided to stay at the base for now.

Part of it was because she had less skill uses left, but it was also because of the small chance that all of the guilds would come and attack at once in order to retrieve their orbs.

Most players would not risk such an attack again, but there was no harm in playing it safe.


“Also…from what I saw from the sky, there are all kinds of battles happening around the place. I bet there are many people who have died multiple times.”


“It sounds pretty crazy. Well, they probably had their orb taken by a large guild. So they just gave up and attack random places.”


“I agree with Chrome. It’s good that the number of players is going down.”

The tide of chaos that was created by wild players like Sally on the first day had not ended yet.

If anything, it had become worse.


“Yui and Mai are strong with defense, and this terrain is on our side.”

Currently, Yui and Mai were playing catch ball with the iron ball.

The two of them were the type of players that could not be sent out to fight, and so they were always assigned to defense roles. This meant that they were currently quite bored.


“Once we are finished defending these orbs…It would be nice to have Yui and Mai do something.”


“Hm? But Sally, they already are?”


“Ah, um. I mean outside.”

Chrome was about to say something about their mobility, but Sally addressed Maple first.


“Maple, it would be too hard for you to go out and attack again, right?”

Sally was asking in terms of depletion of skills.

She had been sleeping until a short while ago, but she already had a grasp on Maple’s situation. This was because they had been together for such a long time.


“Hmm…yes…oh, that’s right!”


“Yes, it will be easier on you if you take those two with you… Plus, it doesn’t seem like we need that many people protecting the base anymore.”

And they would be able to return quickly if Maple was with them.

Maple was essential for defending and attacking.


“Alright, we’ll finish guarding these orbs. Then I’ll take those two and make another round.”


“How about your physical energy? Working for too long can…”

As Sally had known what it was like to not be able to move, she didn’t want Maple to push herself too hard.


“I’m much stronger now! Also, meditation! And I won’t even be walking.”

There was no point in running around like Sally, so it was harder for Maple to get tired when she was just leisurely moving in the sky.


“Okay, then you do that.”



3 hours later, Maple returned to the battlefield with two of the strongest fighters with her.

Yui and Mai would cover Maple’s weaknesses, and Maple would cover Yui and Mai’s weaknesses.


This trio who had twisted stats would miraculously make the perfect team, turning out even more vicious than ever.





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