Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 118

Defense Specialization and Visitors



There were only 10 minutes left of the second day. Maple and the others were just about to decide the order for the midnight defenses, when their last visitors of the day arrived.


Maple and the others stopped talking and took out their weapons.

The people who had arrived were not the kind of people that you could let your guard down with.

They were 15 players.

Not only that, but Pain, Dread, Frederica and Drag were among them.


There was no reason that they had to attack Maple Tree.

This attack could be seen as an attempt to get rid of a guild who might threaten their position in the rankings, but still, there was a large gap between the Assembly of Holy Blades and Maple Tree.


The reason that they had all come here, with Pain as the leader, was for the simple reason of wanting to fight and be victorious against Maple Tree.

They wanted to fight with guilds that were equal to them or had the potential to exceed them.

And so they had waited for all the members to return before attacking.

However, much to their displeasure, they had to choose a time when Maple was at her weakest, otherwise, the other members of the guild would not have agreed to this almost meaningless attack.


And that is why they came now, near the end of the day.


When Maple’s angel wings stretched up into the air, and the beasts were summoned, the battle began.



Frederica’s magic raised the speed of all of the members of ‘Assembly of Holy Blades.’

Dread, Pain, and Drag all came forward.


“‘Flying Attack’!”

“‘Flying Attack’!”


“Not this time.”

Yui and Mai’s attacks did not hit Dread.

There was no one less fitting than them to fight Dread head-on.


In exchange for death, Dread had experienced the abnormalities of Yui and Mai. And he had taken that information back with him to his guild.

In other words, Yui and Mai’s biggest weapon, which was that they were ‘unknown,’ was now gone.

No one was stupid enough to try and block their attacks with a shield now.


And now Yui and Mai were attacked by Drag who was in the front.


“‘Earth Wave’!”

His axe slammed into the ground, sending waves that broke up the floor in ripples that crashed into Yui and Mai.

They did not take any damage thanks to Maple, but the ‘Added Knockback’ that was Drag’s unique ability, was a different matter.

Maple was pushed back, and Yui and Mai were now out of the area of effect for Dedicated Affection.

And this was no coincidence. As if to prove it, Drag and Dread charged towards Yui and Mai.


Maple and the others had wreaked havoc during the last two days. Especially in their fight against Ifrit’s Kingdom, Maple, Yui, and Mai had been able to make the most of their abnormal qualities.


But Maple had not known that Assembly of Holy Blades was quietly watching that fight from afar.

And so they knew.

The weakness of ‘Dedicated Affection.’

Of Maple’s weapons.

That there was a limit to Maple’s great shield.

And with this information, they had devised a plan to take Maple’s head.


“‘Cover Move’!”


“Like hell, you will!”


“‘Magic Wall’!”

Kasumi stopped Dread, and Chrome stopped Drag. Kanade supported them with magic.

Even if Maple had been pushed back, Chrome and Kasumi were top-level players.

They were used to parrying attacks.


“Maple! You should deactivate it!”


“O-okay! Got it!”

Maple heard Sally’s voice, and deactivated ‘Dedicated Affection.’

Since they knew how to deal with her, it was obvious that piercing attacks would come at her nonstop.

In fact, most of the magic that Frederica was using in the back had the ability to pierce through her defenses.

Those attacks were coming straight at Maple, and while she could block them with her great shield, it would make it difficult for her to move.


Just as the other four were distracted by Drag and Dread, Pain moved forward in a flash. He immediately targeted Maple and charged at her with his sword and shield.


“I won’t let you go.”

Sally moved in between them, and she focused, intent on not missing what his next action would be.



Pain shouted. It was Dread, Drag, and Frederica who responded.


“‘God Speed’!”



With those skills, Dread disappeared, and Drag did not become rigid after using the skill.

The two had used their powerful trump cards, and now Frederica’s voice rang.


“‘Multi-Full Transfer’!”

The magic that was Frederica’s trump card caused all of the effects that were on Dread and Drag to transfer over to Pain. Pain now disappeared, and he was much faster than before.


“‘Super Acceleration.’”

He was even faster now as he dashed passed Sally.

Even if Sally could see where Pain was, she was unable to catch up with him.

There was too much of a difference in level.

Pain was twice as high compared to Sally, to begin with, and his original stats were much better.

If they were actually fighting, she could react and dodge his movements, but there was nothing she could do if he was avoiding her.



Maple held her great shield up as she tried to look for Pain.

She was sure that the shield which was taller than her would protect her from the front.

And so it was completely to her surprise when she heard a voice coming from the other side of the shield.


“‘Holy Blade of Conviction’!”

Pain suddenly appeared with his shining sword, and after a short pause, swung.

He had four trump cards gathered together within him, and he was determined to take her head.



It was a sensation that was so rare to Maple, and for a moment, she could not think.



Pain’s sword split the oncoming monsters and Maple’s great shield into pieces. It even destroyed her armor and cut deep into her body. Maple was thrown into the wall, and her HP dropped to 1.



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