Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 133

Defense Specialization and a Sword



Ten days after Maple went inside the pot, Kasumi was in her room and staring at her status and other information that was displayed on the blue panel.

No, more correctly, she was staring at one specific point on the panel.



Kasumi had continued to buy things that had no effect on her abilities, and now she had used up almost all of the money she had saved up until now.

It had been enough to make 5 Maple Trees.


The 4th layer was built so that you would get closer to the center every time you went through a gate, and therefore, each new area was a little smaller.

But they were still pretty big overall.

However, Kasumi had collected items from all of the antique shops in the area.

Looking at the items in those stores was a time of supreme bliss for Kasumi.


Her passion had not only loosened her purse strings, but it had also slashed the purse wide open.


“Alright…now I can buy it.”

Kasumi left the guild with the money she had acquired through hunting additional monsters. Then she went past the gate that said ‘seven’ on it and entered a certain store.


“Good, good. Thankfully, there is no such issue of someone buying it while you are away.”

It was a feature of games, that what you were staring at in your room, also existed back in the shop.

She took the last item that she had not been able to put in her room until now, and her financial situation returned to a point where she couldn’t even afford a potion.


“Thank you for your patronage…”


“Hm? Oh, yes.”

Kasumi was a little surprised, as the store owner had never said more than what was necessary to her before.


“Hmm…yes, I will give you this as well.”

So saying, the store owner handed Kasumi an old piece of paper.


“It’s a map of where my tool shed used to be…I am too old to return there…But you can take what you like. I think it would be better than having them sleep there forever.”

Kasumi thanked him and left the store as she looked at the map.


“It’s on…the edge of the field? I guess I can go take a look…?”

At this point, she had already bought everything that she possibly could in this town.

And she had no money, so she was not afraid of dying.

She had no reason to not go.



She ran through the dark field, occasionally checking her map as she came closer and closer to the edge.

And when she arrived, she was greeted by what looked like an open plain with nothing else there.


“Around here…no, further along? …Oh, here!”

Kasumi’s foot hit a handle that was sticking out of the ground.

She would never have been able to find it in this darkness, had she not had the map telling her the general location.

Kasumi brushed the dirt away and pulled the handle.

The lid opened with a burst of dust, and an even darker staircase leading downwards greeted her.


“…I suppose I’ll go then.”

She had bought a lantern since coming to this town, and so she pulled it out of her inventory and started to climb down the stairs.

The red fire of the lantern illuminated the area. Kasumi’s footsteps were the only sounds that could be heard.

When she reached the bottom, there was an iron door in front of her.



Kasumi felt a mix of expectation and worry as she opened the door and raised her lantern.



It was just an empty open area. This was not exactly what you would expect from a storage room.


“Was there some kind of requirement? …I don’t know.”

Kasumi wasn’t about to give up though, and just then, she heard the sound of something breaking.


“What? Is there something there?”

Kasumi pulled out her sword and cautiously moved to the back of the room.

The lantern illuminated the parts that she had not been able to see.

There, she saw the remnants of several tools.

A broken sword, a shattered pot, a cracked crystal ball.

And in the very center, was a light purple sword that was floating in the air.


Every time that this sword touched something close to it, the sound of something breaking could be heard. It was as if the sword was eating them.


“…Is it coming!?”

The sword pointed itself towards her, as if it now realized she was there. And so Kasumi pulled out her own sword.

It seemed that it had decided that she was an enemy, and it now enveloped itself in a bright purple smoke.

The sword shuddered for a second, and then the purple fire appeared on the ceiling and floor. Now it was bright enough to see without the lantern.

Kasumi quickly jumped back and put the lantern away, but the sword didn’t attack her.


“It’s not coming? …No, I can’t let my guard down.”

Kasumi had a bad feeling about this sword.

And she was right.

In the next instant, it started flying at her at an incredible speed.



Kasumi let out a short breath and blocked it. However, as there was no one wielding the sword, it could move completely freely, and it was hard to read its movements.


“Good thing…I had some practice with Shin…! Hah!”
With a loud clang, she blocked the floating sword again.

Kasumi jumped back again and waited to see how it would move.

However, as Kasumi kept the sword in her sight without blinking, it suddenly vanished.


“Wha…!? Huh!?”

In the next instant, Kasumi saw that a purple blade seemed to have sprouted from the center of her chest.

And it wasn’t just one blade.

She had been stabbed in the legs, stomach, arms and more.

This was familiar, no, it was an attack most similar to a skill she had used.


When Kasumi opened her eyes again, she was in the 4th layer town.


“…Hahh… Hehehe. Interesting… I’ll get you before someone else does! I can’t be losing to some sword!”

With a mixture of anger and enthusiasm, Kasumi began to plan her next attack.



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