Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 150

Defense Specialization and a Thunderhead



The pure white clouds had bumps and dents all over the place and were not good for running.

Even for Sally, it was all she could do to maintain half of her usual speed.

She would lose her balance and fall if she ran any faster.


“Let’s see, there seems to be something up ahead.”

What Sally was looking at was a cloud that stretched up high into the sky.

This thunderhead cloud had a path underneath it on the ground, that allowed you to go up.


“Should I go in…yes, I will.”

Sally pulled out her daggers and went into the cloud.


When she went through the narrow entrance, she saw that there were several paths that led out.

This place was like a maze, and Sally moved slowly, as she was cautious of an accident.


“Traps…none. Monsters, none. Okay.”

Sally tapped on walls and floors as she walked. Then she flattened herself at the wall of a corner and looked.



The thing that was floating in the path around the corner was a gray cloud. It looked like a rain cloud.


“Oboro, ‘Quick Shadow.’”

Sally disappeared and rushed towards the cloud. She used her two daggers to attack it several times.

The HP bar that floated above the cloud was hacked away, and just as Sally reappeared and the cloud tried to retaliate, its bar was completely gone.


“I’m getting to a point where fighting alone is hard without a maxed out ‘Sword Dance’…”

You had to be able to kill enemies quickly, or the number of times you had to dodge attacks would increase.

And so she needed a decent amount of attack power.


And she could no longer kill enemies while dashing passed them, even with ‘Sword Dance’ maxed out. This was because the monsters had caught up with Sally’s status.


“I want a new skill. Ah.”

As Sally walked down the path, she saw another cloud. This one was releasing electricity.


“I see… So I guess the other one was attacking with water?”

If the one that she had just killed was a rain cloud, then this one was a thunder cloud.


“Let me check its attack range first.”

Sally slowly approached the thundercloud but stayed ready to run away at any time.


Once she reached a certain distance, smaller thunder clouds separated from the main one and scattered.



Sally quickly jumped back. Just then, the smaller clouds and the big one shot out bluish-white lightning.


The bolts of lightning shot through the air before eventually disappearing.

After witnessing this, Sally used ‘Leap’ to quickly close the distance, then she used ‘Double Slash’ and normal attacks to kill the cloud.


“It takes them so long to attack. These thunderclouds are weak.”

Their wind-up was so slow, that she felt that even Maple would be able to avoid their attacks if she knew about them in advance.

Even though the area of effect was quite wide, they were hardly a threat to Sally.


Sally chose a slope as the next path and continued onward.

This was because she thought that the goal would be the top of the thundercloud.

And she was right.


“Oh? I’m already there?”

Sally’s vision was filled with the blue sky.

That meant that she was now outside of the cloud.



Now that she had climbed up the slope, she was on the peak of the cloud.


“That was really easy.”

She hadn’t encountered many monsters, and the road was not too long.

And Sally had farmed similar places to this in other areas when she needed materials.

Then she noticed that there was a flower with small petals near her feet.


And when she touched it…

A white ball fell out from the center of the flower.

Sally picked it up and checked the item name.


“‘Bubble that Reaches the Heavens.'”

As it would be relatively easy to come and get another one, Sally decided that she would use the item now.


The ball that was just as white as the clouds popped, and then large bubbles started to rise from the ground around Sally.


“Can I grab one?”

Sally put her hand on one bubble, and while it resisted the pressure for a second, it immediately popped right after.


“I’ll just watch while it’s going…it’s pretty at least.”

Sally mumbled as she looked at the bubbles that glimmered under the lights in the sky.


The bubbles stopped coming out of the ground after a minute, and she could no longer see the bubbles that had risen in the sky.

Sally was a little disappointed that the item had not been useful, but there was nothing she could do.


“Well, it was easy after all, so it’s no wonder… Oh, but I might come back a few times to get some for Maple.”


Sally felt that Maple would at least like them, and so she decided that she would come here for a while.

Besides, one of her goals was to find different things for Maple.


And it was not too far from the town, and the enemies were few and pretty weak.


“Alright, now I’ll go and look for the next promising place.”

Sally went back into the cloud and went down the slope.



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