Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 161

Defense Specialization and the Web User



Once the battle was over, the webs that bound Sally started to disappear.

As soon as her upper body was able to move, Sally raised herself up.

Right after that, the rest of the webs disappeared, and Sally fell to the ground.



She caught her balance in the air and was able to land nicely on her feet.


“I’m sure I got a skill from that…there it is.”

Sally looked through her stats.

There was a new skill added called ‘Web User I.’

Sally read the explanation.


‘Web User’

Control spider webs.

Can be stretched once you reach skill level 5.

Shooting distance is 5 meters. Can shoot from both hands and feet.

Use again to deactivate ‘Web User.’


“So it wasn’t Eater. Ah…but the conditions are the same.”

Sally wanted to reach Maple’s position with methods that were different than what Maple had used.

And she was quite stubborn about this.


However, she was also feeling her own limits.


“Well, I wonder what this ‘Web User’ is like.”

Just as she said it, she saw that there was a change in her status, that she was still viewing.

The words, ‘Web User’ were added right next to her name.

Sally read the explanations carefully and then thrust out her right hand.


“‘Right Hand: Web.’”

A web that was just like the one that had bound her earlier now shot out of her right hand and caught onto a tree that was a short distance away.

Sally tried to pull it back, but the web would not let go of the tree.

She thought about this for a while.


“…Maple, I’m going to need your help this one time.”

Sally mumbled. Then she made the web disappear. She continued to walk through the jungle in order to raise her level.




Sally continued to shoot her webs and make them disappear as she walked in the jungle, then she suddenly stopped.


“I should raise it to level 5 for now. I can’t really judge this until I can make the webs stretch.”

But Sally felt that it was dangerous to raise your skill level here, and so she decided to leave the jungle.

Sally’s interest had moved from the jungle to the skill.


“Yeah, I can’t die yet. I better go back.”

And so Sally’s body turned into light, and she vanished from the jungle.


And like that, Sally returned to the guild home in the 5th layer’s town with one new skill.

When Sally entered the guild home, Kanade and Chrome were there.

Both of them talked to Sally. They were about to challenge the jungle themselves.


“I’m going to go again today…The only materials I’ve gathered so far are things that Izu would use.”


“There is something that I want as well. I don’t know if I can get there, but I have to try!”

They both had their reasons, and it was clear that if they succeeded, the guild would be that much stronger.


“Goodbye then. Hope it goes well for you.”


“Yeah, I’ll bring something back.”



Both of them waved their hands and went out into the town to make preparations.

During this time, two members from Ifrit’s Kingdom had also headed out for the jungle.


They had started to explore the jungle a little earlier than Chrome and Kanade.

But the fact that the two teleported in front of them as they were exploring, may have had more to do with the system than with luck.


In any case, Kanade appeared near Marx, and Chrome appeared near Misery.

Players that used MP like magicians would want to use this opportunity to gain MP Increase skills.

And since Kanade and Marx had the same goal, they decided to move together.

And since Chrome didn’t have any specific goal, he decided to pair up with Misery and explore the area.




And then Maple, who was not really thinking about anything, was running through the jungle with Pain on her back.

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