Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 170

Defense Specialization the King of Light



As Maple approached the throne, white light began to gather together on the throne as if in reaction.

And they quickly took the shape of a human that was big enough to sit on the throne.


A crown shined on his head, and a beard made of light swayed on his old, wrinkled jaw.

The clothes that he was wearing were extravagant and worthy of royalty.


Magic circles started to appear all around the king. The white lights spread out and through the ground.


And without exchanging a word.

The magic circles launched a volley of light arrows at Maple.


“Alright… ‘Savagery’!”

The outer layer that surrounded Maple caused the flying arrows to bounce off of her.


“Here I go!”

Maple started to run.

Just as Maple had crossed the area around the throne that was covered in white lights, her tough outer layer disappeared as if dissolving.


“Huh!? Woah!”

Maple was thrown out so suddenly that she went rolling onto the ground.

When she finally stopped, she looked around and wondered what had happened.

The arrows were still being fired, and the king still sat on the throne.


“Fine… ‘Hydra’!”

Maple shouted. However, the familiar stream of poison did not materialize from the point of her thrust short sword.


“Huh? What…? ‘Predator’! ‘Oozing Chaos’! ‘Deploy all Weapons’!”

She tried using all of the skills that she relied on, and while she was able to create weapons, all of the others failed to go off.


The shining ground continued to expand.

It was a holy field that sealed the evil skills of those who were around.

So many of Maple’s skills were too dark for this king of light.


“‘Commence Attack’!”

Maple tried to attack him with a storm of bullets, cannonballs, and lasers, but the light arrows were too numerous, and most of her attacks were knocked out of the air.


Furthermore, right when she thought her attacks would hit their target, she saw that they didn’t even deal any damage.

Generally, Maple’s guns were about quantity, rather than the impact of each bullet. And so they were not too effective on people with strong defense.

As the attack power was fixed, if she continued to use it like this and move forward, it would only become less effective.


“Hmm… What should I do? I don’t take any damage… But ‘Bizarre Eater’ hasn’t even activated.”

Maple confirmed that her great shield was blocking all of the arrows, then stood there in bewilderment.

She couldn’t win or lose in this situation.

Both sides were just using ranged attacks that were unlimited, and it didn’t seem like anything was going to change.


“I guess I’ll try getting closer.”

Maple blocked the oncoming arrows as she walked towards the motionless king on the throne.

After a moment, she arrived at its feet.


“Attacking…not likely…”

Maple tried poking the toes with her sword, but of course, there was no damage.

Even if she hit with her shield or called out Syrup and had it attacks, it was all the same.

Maple stood there for a while before clapping her hands and turning her back on the boss.


“Retreat! Retreat!”

She understood now that there was nothing she could do, and so she returned to the sea of thunderclouds as the arrows shot at her back.



And so Maple returned to the normal field after getting struck by lightning. Here, she stopped and tried to come up with a breakthrough plan.


“Do I have anything, hmm… Oh, I know! That thing I heard when walking through the town, it should be somewhere!”

Maple remembered something, and so she rode on top of Syrup and slowly flew towards the town.


“There’s a row of shops, so I’ll start here.”

Maple checked how much money she was carrying, then got off of Syrup right in front of the town.


“Is it here, is it here…  They said it was on the first layer.”

Maple went through the stores one by one and looked at the products.

And after an hour of searching.


Maple had used a lot of her money and bought many items.


“Okay. I got quite a lot, though I’m not sure if this stuff will be useful… But I’ll give it another try tomorrow!”

Maple checked the items that she had stuffed into her inventory one last time before returning to the real world.


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