Itai no Wa 192

Defense Specialization and Reaction

641 Name: Nameless large shield user


642 Name: Nameless spear user

I can tell what you want to say already.

643 Name: Nameless archer

It’s increasing, after all.

The shields  around Maple.. or rather, hands.

644 Name: Nameless magician

She’s gonna increase her defense again…

645 Name: Nameless large shield user

I have come to state my opinions since I had a mock battle with Maple but… I guess everyone already knows the change, huh?

Well, I will still say my part.

646 Name: Nameless large sword user

As long as it doesn’t become a hindrance to Maple, alright?

647 Name: Nameless large shield user

Got it

Well, first of all, as you’ve seen, the hands

It seems that is also reflecting the number of shields or skills

She has gotten more like an iron wall but it’s a calculation error in numerical values

More importantly, what’s dangerous is that the number of obstacles before reaching Maple has increased

And it also seems she can move them

648 Name: Nameless archer

That’s sounds like death to an archer

As I thought, she can control the large shields

This is gonna make me go crazy

649 Name: Nameless large shield user

Her ‘guard’ abilities aren’t that high yet since Maple isn’t used to controlling shields but… that’s also a matter of time

650 Name: Nameless spear user

It’s hilarious how the top of large shield users can’t use large shields

651 Name: Nameless large shield user

Well, moving on

Maple suddenly sat on the throne

It’s a very pretty chalk throne!

Really cute too

652 Name: Nameless magician

So she has finally become the king in both name and substance, huh?

653 Name: Nameless archer

There will be people following her lead

654 Name: Nameless large shield user

A white field deploys around her when she’s sitting on the throne

And the throne has some sort of sealing effect

A few of my skills also got sealed

I think it seals dangerous skills but…

It seems like it also affects Maple herself?

I am not sure

Also, auto health regeneration comes with it

655 Name: Nameless large sword user

That last bit is a little too much for a small addition, don’t ya think?

She will basically always win if she has an ally sitting next to it

656 Name: Nameless magician

Wouldn’t sealing dangerous skill seal almost all of Maple’s skill?

657 Name: Nameless spear user

It even seals her skills too, eh

Isn’t that the most risky for herself?

658 Name: Nameless archer

In other words, she gentle when she’s sitting, eh?

And when the king stands… yikes

659 Name: Nameless large sword user

The more allies she has around her, the stronger her protection abilities with the large shield will be

If all her guild members are beside her, the throne will literally be complete

660 Name: Nameless spear user

Her guards are already too strong

And if they are in Maple’s protection…

One would have no other choice but to assassinate from stealth

661 Name: Nameless large shield user

I wonder

I don’t really understand how resistance types work but can someone defeat them before their defenses are strengthened?

662 Name: Nameless large sword user

Expect that of a raid boss or something

It’s impossible for your general player

Also impossible for a high level player

And a pro player won’t go close since they would be able to sense the danger

Then we have no other choice but to call a boss who can charge in knowing the risks!

663 Name: Nameless magician

Well, if that boss beats Maple after going head to head with her, who will then defeat that boss?

664 Name: Nameless large shield user

That’s pretty much it about her changes

I will go teach Maple how to use a large shield so

See ya!

665 Name: Nameless large sword user

There he goes to make it even harder!

666 Name: Nameless spear user

We can’t do anything that way!

667 Name: Nameless large sword user

Right… yeah….

After this, the topic became “what kind of a country can be built with Maple as the lord?” but that’s another story.

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