Itai no Wa 193

Defense Specialization and A Helping Hand

While routinely learning how to use the broad shield from Chrome, Maple walked around the town on the sixth layer when she got some free time.

“Mmm, well I did get the item Sally wanted too. What should I do next~?”

After loitering around for a while, Maple came to the conclusion that she didn’t really have to do anything till the next event.

“It might be good to just relax for a while. After all, fighting against ghosts is a pain.”

While Maple was seating on a bench in the city and was gazing at a white figure flying through the sky, a message popped up.

“Mm? I wonder who it is… Ah, it’s Mi!”

Maple read through the text.

Mi texted asking whether Maple would like to go and hunt some monsters now if she had some time on her hands.

“’I was free anyway, so let’s go’… there we go. The east entrance is the meeting point, alright.”

Maple stood up and started walking towards the east gate.

When Maple reached the east gate, Mi was already there.

“Sorry! Did you wait?”

In response, Mi quickly looked around to confirm something and then replied to Maple.

“It’s fine. Rather, I am sorry for inviting you so suddenly.”

“It’s OK. I didn’t have anything else to do anyway.”

“I see. But really, thanks. Shall we go?”


Maple followed Mi out of the city.

After leaving the city, the amount of people around them also decreased quite a lot, and Mi’s expression grew much more relaxed.

“Is it fine if I don’t use ‘atrocity’? The pace will be really slow but… I don’t really mind, what about you, Mi?”

“It’s fine. I would like to relax and talk as we go.”

They went towards their destination while chatting about their recent activities.

About how the last event went to how the enemies in the sixth floor are.

About how Mi was bad at handling the city’s mood and how she would get along well with Sally.

While they were talking about such topics, they arrived at their destination.

“Hmm, it’s a tomb.”

“Right. Human souls come out around here but… they have a skill which increases their fire resistance. And their attacks are quite strong and have an area of effect.”

“Leave it to me then! ‘Dedicated affection’! ‘Heavenly King’s Throne’.”

Angel-like wings grew from Maple’s back. Her hair turned blonde and her eyes turned blue.

And just as the halo appeared above her head, a white throne materialized behind her.

Maple sat straight down and smiled at Mi.

“Ready whenever you are. Ah, but don’t go too far, alright?”

“Uh? Ah, uh, yeah. Got it.”

Mi had to force herself to look away from Maple and towards the blue human souls.

“’Flame empress’!”

Two big fiery spheres appeared around Mi and engulfed the human souls one after the other.

However, because of the resistance skill, even Mi’s fire couldn’t bring them down at once.

“As I thought, it’s impossible, eh… I did strengthen it a bit, though!”

Mi swung her arms and threw the fire spheres again and this time a large amount of human souls were engulfed and taken down.

“…..! Ah, that’s right.”

Mi turned around amidst the bursting flames.

And there, inside the flame, Maple sat with full HP even while taking all the attacks herself.

As long as the impregnable fort is protecting Mi, there’s no way these tiny human souls can beat her.

“I could take some time then.”

It didn’t take long until Mi took all the human souls down with her hell fire.

After defeating a few dozen of those souls, Mi got close to Maple, who was still seating on her throne.

“Thanks, Maple. You saved me.”

“You fine now? That was amazing~! I was in the flames all along~… It was glistening and very pretty.”

“That is… good? Is it good? Well, I do think it’s a sight only you are able to see.”

“Really? Then I guess I am lucky!”

“That might be. Hmm… it would be great if I could thank you somehow… ah! Right.”

Mi looked like she had just remembered something. And then, she started telling Maple about what she remembered.

“I heard there’s a skill called ’Iron Body’ and ‘Heavy Body’ at the information dealer in the city. It seems it is related to the vitality stat. I paid a hefty amount but they didn’t tell me anything other than the fact that it is available in the south so it must be a great skill but..”

“You can buy information about skills…?”

As Maple asked that in wonder, Mi couldn’t help but look amazed as well.

“You… didn’t know? Well, it does cost a lot. But you can learn about good skills too.”

Saying that, Mi told Maple about the information dealer’s location.

After writing it down on a memo, Maple properly thanked Mi.

“Thank you as well. Tell me if something’s up. I will definitely come to your aid!”

“Yep, see you later!”

After parting with Mi, Maple headed south to find the skill Mi was talking about.

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