Itai no Wa 205 



Defense Specialization and the Tower’s First Floor 2



The two of them continue going through several passages searching for the stairs to go to the next floor,  and as they go, they feel the strength of some of the most difficult monsters they have ever encountered.


“How bothersome…”


“Right? They are all so strong…“


There are many monsters who negate physical attacks, others that negate magical attacks, and others that can only be defeated if certain conditions are met.

Sally’s ‘Sword Dance’ has also gone up to the point she is able to fight against monsters that quickly fly against the walls.

It’s only natural that the monsters are this strong since there are also very strong players, like Maple.


A new monster appears in front of them.  It looks like a cloud, but with a humanoid shape.


“Sally! Something’s coming!”


“We’ve never seen this one before. Be careful!”


Maple walks in front of Sally while holding her a big shield up high, and uses ‘Dedicated Affection’.

Sally’s waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump from behind her.

The monster seems to have noticed them, as it assumes a battle stance.


After a moment of silence, the monster’s body shines with a green light, and the passage is filled with wind blades.






Maple lowers her shield to retain the effects of ‘Bizarre Eater’ which had been activated seven times in battle already.

The first wind blade hits Maple’s body with full force.

She doesn’t receive any damage, but the attack sends her flying.




“Water Wall!”


Sally sees that, and instantly sets up a water wall to gain time, and runs to Maple, who had been knocked away by their opponent’s attack.

If Maple gets sent flying too far away, she will be outside of the area of effect of ‘Dedicated Affection’.

There are some attacks that Sally needs to watch out for since not even her can avoid them all.


“Maple, use ‘Heavy Body’!”


“Ah, that’s right! ‘Heavy Body’!”


Maple activates the skill after being reminded by Sally.

With that, Sally reaches Maple, who is now unable to move from where she stands, but on the other hand, she can no longer suffer from knockbacks or be sent flying.


“All right, don’t get too close now.”


“Direct attacks are no good, I’ll see what to do about that knockback effect.”


“Then… ‘‘Throne of the Heavenly King’!”


When Maple says that, a white throne appears.

After her knockback effect wears off, Maple sits on the throne.


“We should be all right with this!”


Maple laughs as Sally brushes off the knockback effect after receiving an attack.


“Now we can focus on dealing with that monster. Maple, could you try shooting it?”


“Roger that! ‘Deploy Guns’!”


Two protrusions emerge from Maple’s shoulders, which become two huge guns that point at the monster.

They shoot white lasers, brushing away several wind blades. But as soon as they are about to hit their target, the monster puts up a wind barrier that makes the lasers disappear.


“Hmm, okay. The barrier only appears in front of it.”


“Can we do something about it?”


“I’ll keep it distracted, so use that opportunity to open fire.”


Sally puts her daggers away and begins to tie threads to the wall.


“Can you avoid its attacks, Sally?”


“Of course. I know how to deal with those wind blades.”


Maple and Sally decide how they’re going to execute their plan.

After that, Sally extends her threads and starts climbing the wall.


“‘Ice Pillar’! ‘Fireball’! ‘Fire Pillar’!”


“‘Commence attack’!”


Sally creates several footholds along the wall. She slips past the monster’s wind blades and manages to get close to it.

Maple also fires off her lasers to assist Sally, taking some wind blades down as she goes.

Even though they had been caught off guard by this new monster, they can quickly adapt to the situation and come up with a strategy to defeat it.


Sally walks along the wall and approaches the monster, now glowing with a blue aura, and slashes away at it.

Sally’s attack is blocked by the wind barrier, but she continues to attack.


“‘Ice Pillar’! ‘Right Hand: Thread’! ‘A Step Towards the Underworld’!”


At that moment, the monster turns towards Sally and sends out more wind blades at her.

Sally extends her threads towards the Ice Pillar and creates a foothold using the shoes she got from Maple.


“Ah! I thought that you wouldn’t turn this way…”


As soon as Sally says that, the sound of an explosion resounds in the passage, and fire begins to dance.

After the smoke clears away, Maple dashes towards the monster.

There are no massive wind blades or powerful barriers to hold Maple back on the monster’s completely exposed back.


“Eat this! ‘Commence Attack’!”


A laser shot at zero distance and a big shield that swallows everything that it hits make short work of the monster’s HP.


“It’s over!”


After pulling her shield back and hitting the monster again with it, the monster disappears into light.


“Way to go, Maple! Nice attack!”


“Thanks, Sally! Ah, wait a moment.”


Maple returns to the throne and puts away her weapons, which turn to dust as they return to her armor.


“It didn’t have that much HP, but it felt like a boss. Man, to have this kind of difficult enemies as normal encounters in a dungeon’s first floor’s passages really talks about this place’s difficulty.”


“I’m sure everyone thinks the same, too…”


Sally replies with a big smile on her face.


“Huh? Ah, anyway, let’s hurry! If more of those monsters show up now, we’ll be in trouble!”


“Hmm, right. Let’s break through quickly.”


The two of them continue their search, exploring the passages so as to avoid encountering monsters, while Sally searches for traps.



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