Itai no wa iya 233

Defense Specialization and the Tower’s 6th Floor 2



For a while after that, the sounds of Sally’s dagger hitting something hard echoed throughout the room. But then it started to die down. Eventually, all of the initial monsters were dead.


“Phew. Now for the throwaway match.”


“Oh, it’s finished then?”


“Only the monsters without piercing attacks are left. It will be annoying…but the path is still blocked behind us. Ooomph! Ah…”

Sally pulled herself out of the wool and swung her daggers around as if enjoying the freedom of movement.


“You can do it, Sally! Though, I can’t see you…”

It seemed like Maple was now changing positions inside of the wool. But as long as she had Dedicated Affection activated, she was doing enough work.


Maple heard the sounds of many monsters being killed by the time she was able to stick her head out again.

And just as Sally had said, it was like a throwaway match, and all of the remaining monsters were easily killed.


“Nice, Sally!”


“Hmm. I’m glad I was able to be useful so quickly. And I got a lot of materials as well… And look, the wall isn’t blocking the way anymore.”


“What should we do, Sally? Go back?”


“We came all of the way here. Let’s go see what’s up ahead. There may be something interesting.”

They talked about it and decided to go forward while Maple kept the wool on.

This was due to the possibility that they could step into another room that was a monster house.


“…I suppose I’ll have to roll you.”


“Ready when you are!”

And so Sally thrust her hands into the wool and started to slowly roll Maple down the passage.

Ultimately, there were no more split passages. What they found at the end was a small altar with a treasure chest on top.


“What do you think, Maple?”


“It-it seems kind of suspicious… But I don’t want to go back without opening it.”


“Yes. Well, let’s just do it then!”

And so both of them stretched out their hands and opened the lid in one quick motion.

There was no trap. They both sighed and then peered inside. There were two scrolls that would give you skills.


“They seem to be the same. Alright, here’s yours, Maple.”


“Yay! I wonder what kind of skill it is?”



AGI is reduced by 50% for 1 minute in exchange for immunity from bad statuses.

3 minute cooling time.


Requires 100+ VIT.


“I think I’ll give mine to Chrome. I’ll never be able to use it myself.”

Sally’s VIT was still at a 0. And as she had no intention of ever raising it, 100 seemed infinitely far away.


“Well, I’m going to use mine right now!”

Maple opened the scroll and acquired the ‘Crystalize’ skill.


“There are no monsters around here, so why don’t you try it once before a real fight?”


“I’ll do that! Okay, ‘Crystalize’!”

And then Maple was enveloped in light. She was then coated in what looked like the same ore as the previous monsters.


“My skin seems to have changed? But I can still move. It feels weird…”


“That is strange… But this is coated too.”

Sally said as she banged on the wool. A metallic sound rang. It also felt like a block of stone.


“Do you think I will get stuck if I put my face inside?”


“What!? Th-this is a little scary… Huh? M-my arms are stuck. I can’t pull them back in…?”



Maple wiggled around, but her torso, which was sticking out, was also covered in wool. And it echoed when you knocked on it.


“Well, its main effect is to make you immune to bad statuses, so this wouldn’t happen usually.”

Sally saw that Maple was half sticking out of what looked like a huge block of ore, and she shook her head.


“Ohh…the things I have to think about keep increasing…”


“That’s what makes it interesting.”

Maple muttered that she wasn’t sure she would be able to make use of it. And then they waited for the effects to go away. She had acquired a number of skills and items in this tower, and just needed time to test them out.


“And there will be skills that we can trade medals for once we clear the tower. Though, I don’t know if it will be the same lineup as before.”


“Oh! That’s right. Hmm… I should probably put some thought into which skills I take.”


“Why not just take the ones you want? You know, go by instinct. As long as you don’t choose something really weird, it should be useful.”

Besides, there was no point in thinking about it too much now, Sally added. Maple nodded in agreement.


As they talked, the effects of Crystalize finally wore off, and they continued their exploration.


“I guess we have to go in the direction of the spear-wielding soldiers now.”


“Spears… I don’t like it. They look like they’ll use piercing attacks…”


“Then let’s continue like this. You know, until those shields trap us.”


“Uh, really? …What about the white arms?”


“They’re not as bad in comparison…”

After having such a horrible time on the fifth floor, Sally was able to think that those hands weren’t so bad, since they didn’t move towards her or try to scare her.


“Okay! Then just let me change my equipment and… Alright, let’s go!”

Sally rode on top of the floating ball of wool and watched up ahead. As long as there was no fire around them, the ball of wool could float around the dungeon.

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