Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 298

Defense Specialization and Water and Mud



“Phew… We finally finished… Good work, Mai and Yui.”


“Sorry. I wish that I could have helped you…”


“It’s fine! You were protecting us, Maple!”


“You have to save your energy for the boss fight…!”

Maple’s skills were very strong, but almost all of them were limited use.

And that was a big demerit in events like this one, where you had to fight for the entire day. This meant that Mai and Yui had to work harder, as their attack ability did not change.


“Let’s continue on until we reach the boss! After all, we know how to beat them now!”


“That’s true. We’ll be expecting a lot from you during the boss fight. Okay, Maple?”


“Yes. I’ll make up for all this time I’ve been saving my energy!”

Now that they knew how to defeat the stock monsters, they could make progress very easily. Of course, it was not supposed to be possible to one-shot these monsters, and they were designed to require the use of many resources, but this was hardly the case for Mai and Yui.

Mai was put in charge of the mud dolls and Yui the water dolls. And with precision, Sally took down any that they missed. Maple protected them with Dedicated Affection so it wouldn’t matter if they were hit. As all of their attacks were nullified, there was no way for the dolls to stop these four.


And like that, the team breezed through the area and got closer and closer until they reached what could only have been the boss room.


“It took us a while, since there were so many, but we’re finally here.”


“We’re ready!”

“We’re ready!”


“Alright! I’m going to open it!”

Maple opened the door, and the four of them cautiously stepped into the room. There were puddles of water and mud throughout the room, but the rest of the ground was covered in a yellow and green moss.

And then two dolls that were about four meters tall rose up in front of them. One was made of mud and had moss and grass growing on it. The other was made of water.


“Well, let’s continue to use the same attacks we used on the way! We’ll defeat them one by one!”




The three attackers chose the mud doll as their first target, and then approached it with weapons enveloped in fire. In the meantime, Maple attracted the attention of the water doll, allowing the others to concentrate on attacking.


“Let’s finish it in one try, Mai!”



Mai and Yui slammed their burning great hammers into it all at once. Of course, boss monsters were not designed with their attack power in mind. And so just as they had declared, chunks of its HP bar were lost immediately. The mud doll attacked them repeatedly with its slow movements, but Maple’s Dedicated Affection blocked them all. This also meant that the cool down clock for Maple’s skills would be paused, but that was fine.


“I can’t fall behind!”

Unlike Mai and Yui, Sally dodged attacks in order to enhance the effect of Sword Dance while she cut at the enemy’s legs.


“One more time!”

“One more time!”

Just as Sally’s attacks had caused it to lose its balance, Mai and Yui’s great hammers smashed into it. And the mud doll’s HP went straight to 0.





“Oh! That’s amazing!”


“…Wait. Something is not right!”

Sally said. Just then, bubbles started to burst from inside of the doll. Then it exploded loudly.

While Mai and Yui were hit by it, they took no damage, thanks to Maple.


“We’re fine! …Huh!?”

Just as Maple was boasting about nullifying the mud, her HP bar suddenly went down by 20%. She looked around in confusion.


“Mai! Yui! Your feet!”


“Huh? Ah!”

As the two stood in the puddle of mud, they saw that there were brown seeds next to their feet. And vines were growing from them and wrapping around their legs. Just as Maple’s HP dropped by 20%, Mai and Yui tore away the vines.


“Maple! Call out Syrup! You two, come over here!”

Sally ordered. And then the three of them dodged the seeds as they made their way over to Syrup and then jumped on its back.

As the seeds only reacted to people on the ground, they were able to escape the danger, and Maple’s HP recovered as well.


“Phew… That was a surprise… Uhh, but now we can’t get down…”


“Woah… And it seems like the mud doll was able to recover.”


“But at least we’re safe up here!”


“As we practiced…we should be able to attack it from here.”

The reliable pair declared. And so Maple and Sally decided to let them handle it.

Just as before, Maple was blocking the mud and water that came flying towards them. While this happened, Mai and Yui took out metal balls from their inventory.

They had been improved since the 4th event, and were now larger and had spikes. And so they enveloped them in fire and prepared to throw them.




Their adorable voices shouted as they unleashed the balls. They shot towards the mud doll’s face at a frightening speed. And like that, the balls erased its recovered HP in a flash before sinking deeply into the ground behind it.


“Yes! We did it!”


“It’s because we practiced!”


“Only you two could have practiced like that… Still, that is some impressive control.”

They had played catch with iron balls during their free time, and it was clear that it had paid off. The two took aim at their next target. This time, the iron balls cracked with electricity as they shot through the air and pierced the giant’s body.


“Ohh! Ah, I know! Wouldn’t it do more damage if you hit them with your great hammers?”


“Ahh… That won’t work.”


“The iron balls just shatter! That’s why we asked Izu to make stronger ones!”

As iron balls were just items, they broke if they took a certain amount of damage. They had tested it out once, and with a horrifying sound, the iron balls had exploded like a ball of snow.

While the current balls could not be hit, they had various additions made to them.


“I can’t pass you balls of this size…I guess I can’t do anything but watch.”


“Leave it to us!”

“Leave it to us!”

Every time the iron balls crashed heavily to the ground, a hole opened up inside of the watery body.

The ground was covered in seeds now, but it didn’t matter to them. The final iron ball shot through the enemy’s head. And like that, both the mud and water dolls were defeated. And all of the seeds disappeared into light.

Then they heard the notification sound as all the members of Maple Tree were awarded 1 silver medal.


“Phew. We did it! And we got a medal!”


“Yes, what a relief. But we have to be careful. Syrup couldn’t fly this time either, so it was pretty dangerous.”


“Yes. And they can revive… They were probably supposed to be even stronger.”


“We’ll have to avoid entering dungeons that are a bad fit for us. The stock monsters should give us an idea. Oh, we’re being forced out now…”


“So, I guess we can’t stay here while it’s safe.”


“Alright, let’s go on to the next one!”

As their bodies were enveloped in light, they teleported out of the dungeon like they always did.

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