307 Part 2

Now that Frederia was supporting Drag, Sally went to Kanade and Yui.


“I didn’t expect to find you two here. Well, I’m glad that you’re alright.”


“We were so close to reaching Maple, but then these monsters appeared.”


“At first, we were fighting with Drag, but I was in danger and… Oh, right! Sally, could you help Drag?”

While Frederica had come, it was still two against many. And so Yui looked very worried as she watched Drag. Especially since she had not done much but be protected. She had an apologetic expression on her face.


“Don’t worry. It’s not just Frederica and I that came.”




“‘Area Expand,’ ‘Holy Blade of Conviction’!”


“‘Whirlwind Slash’!”

They heard a voice from the other side of Drag’s dirt wall, and immediately after, a current of light washed over the field. There were also sounds cracking, and the trio could tell that monsters were being annihilated.


“They’re so much stronger than before… Even without the tamed monsters. I’m so glad this event isn’t about PvP.”


“I expected no less from them. Payne and Dred.”

It was Payne and Dred that had erased the monsters from the field. They then put their weapons away and started to talk with Drag and Frederica.


“It’s no use. Nothing from the other party members… Besides, they were great shield wielders and buff-debuffers…maybe they were unlucky in terms of where they landed.”


“I see. What about our base?”

Frederica shook her head at Payne’s question. As Payne’s party had made their base near the edge of the map, it was now overrun by powerful monsters.


“We’ll have to look for a new place. How annoying…”


“Well, we have no choice. It’s too dangerous to spend the night out in the field.”

Sally overheard this conversation, and she thought about it a little before walking towards them.


“Um, there’s something I’d like to negotiate with you. Do you have a minute?”

And then Sally made a certain suggestion.




“What do you think about this snack? I bought it on the 7th layer.”


“It’s delicious! I’ll have to tell Yui about it later…”


“Hehe. There’s still more. Ah, wait! Something is coming!”

Maple saw that something was flying towards them from the darkness. And so she directed her weapons at it so she could burn it with the laser if necessary. Mai also picked up an iron ball and looked in the same direction.


“Huh? That…”

As Maple squinted, she saw that it wasn’t a monster, but Ignis and Ray. And on their backs, were the members of the Congregation of Holy Swords, Flame Emperors, and the remaining members of Maple Tree.


“I didn’t expect us to meet again so soon, Maple.”


“Mi! Everyone! Payne and… Huh? Did-did something happen?”


“I didn’t expect us to have the same timing, but apparently Sally and I were thinking the same thing.”


“It looks like it.”

In other words, what both of them had suggested was the sharing of their base. Maple Tree’s base was close to the center of the map, and so it wasn’t overflowing with monsters yet.

And so in exchange for being able to stay there, the others would help defend it.


“Ohh! That’s great! It will be more fun with all these people. And we’ll be able to kill more monsters!”

Said Maple with a big smile. Then the other member of Maple Tree got onto Syrup, and they flew off towards their base.


“Hmm. Sally, it was around here, right?”


“Yes. The mountain’s position hasn’t changed. So it should be down here.”

And so Maple had Syrup slowly descend until they landed on the ground. They searched the area for a while until they found the sign, which led them to the familiar cave.


“Phew. What a relief. Alright, let’s return once before going out to explore.”


“But it took us a lot of time to reunite, so depending on management, the monsters might be coming out soon.”

In that case, it was best to start work on the base immediately. And so they all went inside. As it would take time to set up the traps again, they did it on the way.


“Woah… Who thought of this deadly trap…”


“Marx. Why don’t you set up traps too?”


“Yeah, I’ll ask. Also, I think we should make at least one route where the traps won’t trigger when we go through… After all, it will be over if you step on one by accident.”

As Maple constantly had Dedicated Affection activated, there was no problem if the members of Maple Tree were in the poison mud, but it was not the same for the other guild members.

And so Marx joined them in setting traps as they made their way deeper in. Since there were eight more people now, they had to use the space differently.


“Let’s do this quickly! Everyone, help me, okay? And I mean everyone.”

Izu ordered as they remade the living area. Since they had already finished setting the traps, they were able to finish building their camp in no time.

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