310 Part 2


“They might come out in the boss fight. So we should kill every new monster that we meet along the way.”

Whether or not they died in one hit from Mai and Yui would greatly affect their strategy. And like that, the four were off to a very good start.

Marx cast ‘Transparent’ on them again, and then used a trap skill on May and Yui that would create a barrier when they were attacked by enemies.


“It was leaking electricity… Even if it can’t see you, it might still attack everything around it. So you should be careful.”


“Maple’s Dedicated Affection, was it? We don’t have that kind of defense ability. So we’ll have to dodge attacks when we can.”

And if that failed, Marx’s defense wall would be their last fortress. Mai and Yui also knew that when they teamed up with someone besides Maple, they needed to have all their attacks hit their targets. So this was a good time to work on their skills.


“Let’s keep going at this pace then!”


“Remember, we have to be careful, Yui.”

They said happily. Aside from the electric eel, there were all kinds of fish that swam in the air. And after they had walked for a while, a huge room appeared before them. Here, the place was filled with fish that swam in the air while leaving a trail of electricity.

It was easy to imagine what would happen if you attacked one carelessly. They would all turn towards you at once and unleash their attacks.


“Wha-what should we do… It would be very hard for us to kill them all at once.”


“I wish we could slip through, but I don’t know if it’s possible.”


“Oh, well. Shadow, ‘Awakening.’”

Dred said. And then the black wolf was summoned.


“Marx isn’t the only one who can help you avoid battles.”

As Dred activated the skill, he told the other three to run straight to the corridor on the opposite side.

Upon hearing this, May and Yui go on top of Tsukimi and Yukimi. Then they told Dred that they were ready.


“Let’s go. Shadow, ‘Shadow World.’”

And just like that, the ground underneath all four of them turned black, and their entire bodies sunk into the ground. The other three were stunned for a moment, but then they remembered Dred’s order and began to dash forward. Above them, they could see the semi-transparent ground they had been on earlier. After a while, they were pushed back up, and they got closer to the surface.

Somehow, the four of them had succeeded in reaching the other side without being seen.


“Haha. That means you would be able to go right through my traps… How could I even deal with such a skill?”


“…Hmm. I don’t know.”

Marx looked quite stunned at this display of power from a member of the Congregation of Holy Blades. Mai and Yui could not hide their surprise either.


“That was amazing! That skill looks like it would have so many uses!”


“You saved us. Thank you.”


“It’s nothing. I’ll have to show my firepower during the boss fight as well. But still…”

Dred scratched his head. Mai and Yui always reacted so honestly to everything, it was hard to imagine they were the same people that were fighting.


“It’s very…Maple Tree…I guess…”


“Ah… I think I know what you’re thinking about.”

Well, this kind of dungeon crawling was not bad for a change. That is what he thought while looking at their shining eyes. And with that, they headed for the boss room.





With Clear and Shadow’s ability to avoid combat, and with Mai and Yui’s ability to one-shot monsters when necessary, the four of them were able to reach the boss room without too much trouble.


“Marx. Are you ready?”


“Yeah, I’m fine.”


“We’re fine too!”

“We’re fine too!”


“Alright. Let’s open the door then.”

Dred was in the lead as they stepped inside. In the back of the room, there was a giant catfish that was nearly 10 meters in size and covered in water. Electricity crackled from its long and thick whiskers.

The catfish’s HP bar appeared above its head, and at the same time, its body shuddered, sending the water around it flying towards the four intruders. While they were floating in the air, the electricity in the catfish’s whiskers increased in intensity, and the water became electric as well.


“‘Remote Set, Earth Wall.’”

Marx had a bad feeling, and so he created a wall of dirt, blocking the spheres of water from reaching them. Immediately after, there was a loud crash, as thick tendrils of electricity connected the spheres. After a while, they disappeared again.


“Don’t worry. I’ll make an opening for you. You fight alongside Sally a lot, don’t you?”


“Yes, we’re fine!”

“Yes, we’re fine!”

Dred was like Sally in terms of speed and weapons. And so it would be easy for Mai and Yui to coordinate with him. They had trained with Sally for quite a long time.

And so it was not hard for them to see the similarities.


“Shadow, ‘Shadow Pack’”!

As Dred started to run forward, he called out several wolves from his shadow. They ran ahead and charged into the catfish that floated slight above the ground. However, before the wolves could deal any damage, they hit the water that enveloped the catfish, and with the buzz of electric shock they vanished.


“How annoying… I guess I’ll have to use magic then.”

He would get shocked too if he got too close. But since he had a skill that would allow him to survive with 1 HP, he could test it if he wanted. But it wasn’t worth the risk.

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