312 Part 3


“Farsight’…Human bones? No, there is something… A crystal snake and…a scorpion?”

She saw something glimmering inside of the skull, and she realized that it was a crystal snake and a scorpion. At the same moment, the two creatures crawled out of the skull and buried themselves in the sand.

And with that, familiar-looking snakes and scorpions came crawling out of the piles of sand.





It was what they had expected, but desperately hoped would not happen. And so all four of them shouted in unison. It was clear that this crystal snake and scorpion were the bosses. However, they would first have to deal with this horde of monsters that had instant kill attacks.

Everything that they didn’t want to appear in the boss room had appeared. Still, there was nothing for them to do but fight.


“The scorpions are clearly more dangerous! Shin and I will handle them. Kasumi and Chrome. You two deal with the snakes!”





“‘Earth Wave’! Earth, ‘Earthquake’!”


“Wen, ‘Wind God’! ‘Destructor’!”

Drag caused the ground to shake, dealing damage to the scorpions across a wide area. Furthermore, the knockback effect threw them into the air, while dragging others out of the sand.

Shin used ‘Destructor’ to multiply his swords to the limit, and then made them hover just above the ground as they slashed through the enemy.


“‘Flame of Death’!”


“‘Arm of the Warrior’! ‘Blood Blade’!”

As for Chrome and Kasumi, Chrome stood one step in the front in order to lure the enemy in. By doing so, they were able to burn all of the monsters at once. Any those that remained were cut down with the liquid katana.

However, more scorpions and snakes kept coming out of the sand. There was no end in sight.


“We’re using skills to deal with them! If this continues, we’ll be killed by the cooldown time!”


“The two bosses should be somewhere! Those crystal bastards are the boss right! We have to find them!”

Kasumi and Chrome could not spam area attacks. And while Shin could continue to use his flying blades, things could easily crumble with one mistake.


“Tsk. Damn it. I’ll have to use my trump card. Earth, ‘Raging Earth’!”

Drag ordered, and nearly the entire floor of the room turned a glowing red, and sharp rocks came shooting out. Of course, they skewered the snakes and scorpions as they dragged them out of the sand.


“There they are! There!”


“Aye. Leave it to me!”

Kasumi moved around in order to find the bosses, and it did not take long. Shin immediately attacked them with his swords.


“How is it!?”


“No, it’s not finished yet.”

After taking a certain amount of damage, the two monsters dove back into the sand. The four of them waited warily for more snakes and scorpions to flow out, but that did not happen.


They thought it was very strange. Just then, they noticed that the sand pile towards the back of the room was moving, and so they turned their heads to look at it.

While they assumed that the avalanche of enemies would start at any moment now, instead, the two sand hills began to harden until they formed a large snake and scorpion that were made of sand and were bigger than all four of them combined. On their foreheads, they could see the small crystal bodies were exposed. At the same time, the small snakes and scorpions that covered the place disappeared.

So, they could transform. Normally this would have made them worried, however, they happily brandished their weapons as if they had been waiting for this moment.


“Now we can fight head on.”


“I’ll lure them in. You three get them when there’s an opening.”


“Let’s start with the scorpion. That being said, it’s going to be a nuisance.”


“Yeah. But I can use ‘Arms of the Warrior’ to hit it.”

The two enemies finally looked like real bosses. And while they didn’t have that much HP left, the four of them rushed forward as if the fight had just begun.


“‘Provoke’! Necro, ‘Impact Reflect’!”


“‘Earth Shatter’!”

Chrome attracted their attention while approaching the sand scorpion. It attacked with pincers and a stinger like an ordinary scorpion, but also summoned sharp thorns from the ground, much like Drag had done before. However, since Chrome was attacking while blocking them, even if the thorns hit him, they could not keep up with the speed of his healing.

While Chrome distracted the scorpion, Drag shattered the ground around the snake, stopping it from moving.


As they fought like this, Kasumi and Shin ran past Chrome. They would target what was obviously its weak spot. The exposed main body.

Shin concentrated all of his swords into one point, and then fired them at a high speed. Kasumi used Arms of the Warrior along with her own swords to attack it.

There was a loud crack, and all of the swords pierced into the crystal body. And just like that, the newly created body of sand crumbled to the ground.


“What? That was disappointingly easy.”

“Alright, next.”


“Oh, looks like we won’t have to worry about who it targets.”

And so the three joined Drag, who was already attacking it.

Ultimately, the outcome was not very different from that of the scorpion.

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