317 Part 2

Maple quickly moved towards the back of the store, and Sally followed after her.


“Are you going to buy anything?”


“Hmm. Maybe.”


“You know, you were sticking out a lot earlier.”


“Uhhh. It was like that before too. It’s kind of strange.”

Maple’s human and non-human forms were famous. If she wore unique armor, she would attract a lot of attention. Of course, Sally was no different.


“Well, it will be hard to enjoy sightseeing if we attract so much attention. So let’s change our clothes and appearance!”


“But wouldn’t it be better to just use clothes we bought before? See!”

Maple changed her equipment in a flash. She was now wearing a white one piece and her hair was long.


“Don’t you have one, Sally?”


“Uh, well…I do. But that’s a bit…”

Sally said that it was too cute and didn’t suit her. Maple quickly objected to this.


“Fine, but at least let me change the hair! Surely you can allow me to do that?”


“Hmm. I will allow it.”


“Hehe. Thanks.”

After receiving Maple’s permission, Sally also changed her clothes. While it was still mostly blue, there were now frills and a skirt that she normally wouldn’t wear. She refused to put on the twin tail hairstyle they had bought together before. Instead, she changed her usual ponytail to a plain style where it all hung down.


“Hmm…it’s not very surprising.”

Maple muttered as she held her chin. Sally wondered what to do for a second and then suddenly exclaimed as if she had a brilliant idea.


“You know, I just wanted to match yours!”

Maple looked down and saw that her own hair was also hanging straight down. And she smiled.


“Ehehehe. It’s fine then.”


“Okay! Now, let’s look around. That was our reason for coming here, after all.”


“That’s right! Is there anything that you want, Sally?”

They looked at the furniture that was being sold and thought about their rooms in the guild. They could have Izu make them, but it was also nice to buy things from places like this.


“Hmm. I’m mostly just in the shared space while in the guild home.”


“I put furniture in my room! But I can’t see any of it when I’m out in the field…”


“Really? Can I go see it next time?”


“Of course! But I don’t know if it will help you. Ah, this might suit you?”

Maple tried suggesting some cool-looking furniture to Sally. After learning more about them, Sally decided that she liked them and ended up buying everything that Maple pointed out.


“Ohh! You bought everything!”


“I made a lot of money while leveling up. So I have a lot more to spend compared to before.”


“How nice. I never have any money.”


“That’s because you’re always buying stuff.”


“I’ll have to gather more…”


“I’ll help you when you do.”


“Thanks! Hmm. I’ll mark down everything that I want to buy for later.”

After they had seen everything in the store, they left and continued their stroll around the town. As they had been hoping, once they changed their clothes and hair, no one was able to recognize them at a glance. Realizing that no one was staring at them, the two looked at each other and laughed before entering another store. This was the place the two had eaten cake in when they first started the game.

And so they bought cake just like that time and talked.


“Is this your first time returning here, Maple?”


“Yes. There was too much to do on the new layer.”


“Well, it’s already hard to keep up with every new thing that’s implemented.”


“Yes, yes. Though, I can finally relax now.”


“That’s true. So, do you have a favorite layer, Maple?”


“That’s hard…I like all of them!”


“I knew you’d say that.”

Maple smiled innocently. It really did look like she was enjoying it from the bottom of her heart. Not just look, it must be true.




“Hmm. Well, I don’t mind any layer as long as we’re together.”


“Ehehe. Really?”


“Of course. That’s why I invited you to this game.”


“Well, I’m glad that I can do my part in battles. Things didn’t go so well in the other games you got me to play.”


“Yeah. It’s almost like things are going too well this time.”


“Ahaha. I guess so.”

Sally was much more used to gaming. And so it was very rare for her not to have to stoop to Maple’s level. They were both equally strong and on equal footing.

As they continued to eat their cake and talk casually, Sally suddenly paused and then opened her mouth as if to broach an important subject.


“Uh, maybe another…”



As Maple waited for her to continue, Sally chuckled and then seemed to change her mind as she looked at the menu.


“Um. Do you want another cake? Check the menu.”


“Uh, yes! Of course! What about you?”


“Definitely. Oh, but we have to be careful. Last time you ate too much and went bankrupt. Our sightseeing has only started, after all.”

“That’s right. I better be careful!”

And like that, amidst this quiet atmosphere, their forks reached towards their cakes.


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