321 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 321

Defense Specialization and the Floating Castle 3



“It-it’s amazing.”


“Yes. There must be an entrance somewhere…”

They had reached the base of the mountain, which was really the bottom of a cliff. The side of the mountain practically shot up in a vertical line towards the sky.

It looked very difficult to climb. Especially for someone like Maple.


“There is no way that they would require players to have the ability to fly or have something like Syrup. So there must be a normal route that leads into the castle somewhere.”


“That’s true.”

It would be possible to climb it by using Syrup or Helping Hand to move the shields. Sally could also use Web User. However, it was clear that those were not the normal solutions.


“And we decided to do this the proper way this time…”


“Yes. Let’s try going around the cliff. We might find something.”

Luckily none of the monsters in the forest were a threat to them, so exploration was not a problem. And so they killed the monsters while walking alongside the side of the cliff. Eventually, there was a change, and they stopped.


It was a place in between two mountains that reached high into the sky, like a valley. Perhaps others had passed through here, as there was a path through it with no grass. And in the far back of this valley, they could see that there was a gate made of pure white material.


“I guess the surrounding mountains are like a natural wall?”


“Ohh. This must be the entrance!”


“Yes. Well, shall we attack the castle?”


“Okay! I’m all prepared!”

They brandished their weapons and headed straight for the gate. After they had walked far enough that the gate could be seen clearly, something teleported to the other side of the gate. And then they heard that giant roar echoing again.

At the same time, winged humanoid dragons called dragonewts flew out as the gate opened.


“Maple. Here they come!”


“Yes! ‘Deploy all Weapons,’ ‘Commence Attack’!”

If they attacked from the front, she just had to fight back with a wall of bullets. And so Maple unleashed her ammunition onto them. However, the dragonewts all twisted their bodies and dodged them as they moved in.


“What! I can’t hit them!”


“I doubt it has anything to do with aim! We won’t be able to keep them away!”



It’s not like they weren’t good at close quarters combat. If anything, that would allow them to use their most powerful attacks. Just then, the dragonewts that had been flying in the lead dodged the last of Maple’s bullets and then dove down towards Maple. She could not dodge the attack, and it slammed into her shoulder and then bit her. At the same time, she was also hit by its breath. Her weapons shattered.




“Th-that was a little surprising…but I seem to be fine! Do it, Sally!”

Maple’s body was more durable than any weapon. She would not get injured from mere dragon bites. As if to return the favor, Maple shot at it point blank with her cannon, and the two Predators on either side of her attacked it as well.


“‘Frozen Earth’!”


“‘Quintuple Slash’!”

Just as the dragonewt tried to jump up, the ground froze over, and its feet were stuck to the earth. It could no longer dodge attacks like this, and so Maple’s strongest cannon fire and Sally’s chain of attacks slammed into it.

Obviously it could not survive this, and its body faded into light.

It had all happened in a flash. But there were still more of them headed towards Maple and Sally. Unlike players, monsters did not retreat. That made things easier.


“You’re better at counter attacks, aren’t you?”


“Yes. I think it’s easier.”

Maple just needed to wait for things to jump on her. Sally just needed to shred them and find every opening. The fact that the dragonewts could land a clean hit and still do zero damage meant that their fates would be identical to that of the lizards and great snake.



“Phew. We did it.”


“Yes! I’m glad there were no piercing attacks.”

After successfully crushing the pack of dragonewts, they went through the gate and entered the castle. Some of the castle was inside of the mountain and some of it was on its surface. And they weren’t quite sure where the hallway they were walking down was located.

The floor and walls were made of the same white material. And while it wasn’t made of cloud, it still reminded them that they were on the fifth layer.


“Where do you think the goal is, Maple?”


“Hmm… Maybe at the highest point?”


“Oh, that’s what I was thinking.”

Currently, while there were rooms on both sides, the hallway was just a straight, single path. They didn’t know when it would branch out.

They both felt that if there was a boss, it would be in the location that was the farthest from the entrance. And so their goal was to reach the top of the castle, which they had got a glimpse of when they first teleported.

After walking for some time, the hallway started to branch out, and dragonewts appeared around corners.


“Ah! There they are again!”


“But I think they’re a little different. Be careful!”

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