Itai no Wa

Chapter 88 Defense Specialization and Probing

One minute after the duel between Sally and Fredrica began.

Fredrica was constantly using magic, while observing Sally.


“… Mmm, it certainly doesn’t hit, huh…”


Fredrica couldn’t hit a single one of those.

However, she also didn’t think that she can’t hit it.

Sally was dodging with big movements which left several areas risky and so Fredrica judged that she couldn’t also shift to attack because of that.


“….I guess I will defeat her after observing a bit more.”


As she thought, Sally’s evasive abilities are certainly amazing.

None of her attacks or magic landed on Sally.

But Fredrica still wasn’t giving her all.


“[Multiple Fire Bullets]!”


Along with Fredrica’s voice, a large quantity of magic circles surrounded her and fire bullets were shot at Sally one after another.

According to Fredrica’s predictions, this should have been enough to beat Sally.


“[Attack Lure]!”


Fredrica could hear it clearly.

And then, the moment she said it, Sally’s movements changed completely.

It even looked as if the bullets were avoiding Sally.

As if there was something there, protecting Sally, the bullets passed her millimeters apart.

Her weird, big movements from before had disappeared and before Fredrica realized, Sally had gotten in front of her and was drawing her dagger.


“[Multiple Barrier]!”


Multiple, golden, magic circles appeared in front of Fredrica and stopped Sally’s dagger.

One–two–three–the barriers kept getting broken one after another and before she realized, the dagger had crossed the fifth barrier.

To avoid counterattacks, Sally retreated and created some distance between them.


“I ended up using it but… I got to see [Multiple Barrier] so I guess I will let it pass…”


Fredrica was undoubtedly strong.

She had confidence in her strength.

And because of that, from her experience she thought of what Sally said, ‘Attack Lure’, as a skill.

Moreover, it was also natural for her to come to the conclusion that such a skill would have a long cooldown time.

Fredrica also noted to herself that she should be careful of that abnormally strong dagger.


However, Fredrica still hadn’t noticed.

That the skill [Attack Lure] doesn’t actually exist.

The fact that that is a lie.

Sally just observed and dodged.

That was all there was to it.


“[Multiple Water Bullets]!”


Fredrica’s next attack was using water bullets.

Sally barely dodged all of them running around, even using [Super Acceleration].

Seeing Sally even roll over the ground to dodge the last one, Fredrica was convinced.

She was convinced of the fact that there’s a cooldown time to [Attack Lure] and that it is was at least a few minutes.


The seed of falsehood Sally planted in Fredrica slowly grew.


“[Multiple Stone Bullets]!”


Fredrica had thought she would end it with this and go back after hearing something.

And then, running out of breath, Sally had just lost balance and was in no position to dodge the stone bullets.


“Alright, I win–”


Just as Fredrica relaxed, she could hear Sally’s words.


“[Stream Blade]!”


Fredrica just stared as Sally repelled all of the stone bullets with her two daggers.

Seeing this and comparing it with the time she used water bullets, Fredrica understood that that skill can only be used on physical things.

Although, that was also a meaningless comprehension.

And while she was thinking that, Sally had finished repelling all of the bullets and was nearing Fredrica.


“Okayy! I [surrender]!”


“Eh? …Ah, alright.”


A word appeared in front of Sally indicating the end of the duel and they were returned to the original location.


“See ya later~”


Fredrica waved farewell to Sally and disappeared.

And after going a bit far, she started talking to herself.


“Ah, I messed up by using [Multiple Barrier]… But, if I were to fight anymore than that, she would have found out about me too… Yep, I think it was best to stop it there.”


Fredrica was completely thinking that she was able to draw out information from Sally.

She thought she had gotten the upper hand.


She didn’t realize who was the hunted mouse until the end.


Seeing Fredrica’s back while she went away, Sally muttered,


“If you’re stronger than the opponent, it is quite easy to act weaker, you know?”


Sally didn’t overlook how Fredrica reacted and got on alert when she had first said [Congregate Holy Sword].

On top of that, since Fredrica spoke to Sally about the [Flame Emperor’s Country], that just confirmed that she was from [Congregate Holy Sword].

After all, if she did what she did, the [Congregate Holy Sword] would profit.

Sally was also thinking of making them crush each other so it was easy for her to guess what Fredrica was thinking.


“Wrong information is much more scarier than no information…”


Sally got to know about Fredrica’s magic’s speciality, about how she has a lot of MP and that her defensive abilities are strong.

And Fredica got to know that Sally could use the skills [Attack Lure] and [Stream blade].

Or rather, she was led to believe.

That’s right, being too proud of her strength, Fredrica misjudged Sally’s true strength as she acted weak–which ultimately ended with Fredrica going back with false information.

Fredrica was surely strong but Sally was even stronger.


“Arrogance clouds the eyes… ah, how scary.”


Saying that, Sally returned to Maple and the others.

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