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Chapter 254 The Arrival of a Hundred Immortals

On that broad street, a huge crowd gathered on both sides. People swarmed, crowding to stare at the procession of the carriage from the Hai family to the Yi family for the wedding.

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The wedding carriage of the Hai family was built completely from gold, from the body of the carriage to the wheels. Detailed patterns adorned the cart, dragons and phoenixes curling together for a truly magnificent sight to behold.

The eight-headed Qilin horse pulled the cart. Given that the Hai family was in charge of attending to the affairs of the East State imperial family, of course they would have the power and wealth to have a Qilin horse pulling their carriages.

Although the eight-headed Qilin horse wasn’t nearly as impressive as the old emperor’s twelve-headed one, it was more than enough to show the elegant dominance of the Hai family. Each step it took was slow and ceremonious, giving off the royal air of an emperor surveying the crowds.

Around the golden carriage, ninety-nine royal guards of the Hai family marched along slowly, each with a staff in their hands. Ninety-nine comely beauties walked alongside them, playing instruments of all kinds. Melodious music filled the air.

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