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Chapter 55 Taking care


Shen Zihan’s birth brought quite a bit of joy to the family. The little guy seemed to grow day by day, and was genuinely adorable. Even Old Lady Shen, who was far in the capital, mailed them a good deal of gifts. This time she didn’t seem intent on making Dan Yuerong’s life difficult, perhaps out of consideration for Shen Zihan. But Shen Jingshu knew that she wouldn’t give up such a perfect opportunity.


“My lady, you still need to take care of yourself. Let me handle him for a while!” Dan Yuerong was resting for double the amount of time as a regular birth. Although it had been a month since the birth, she was still confined to her bed. Shen Wenhua didn’t let her do anything. As much as Dan Yuerong appreciated the care, she sometimes felt rather helpless too.


“It’s fine, I’d like to hold the child for a while. He isn’t heavy anyways.” She rejected the wet nurse’s suggestion. Ruan momo had hired this wet nurse, so of course she came from a good family and was quick on her feet. She took very good care of Shen Zihan, who came to grow rather reliant on her.


“Yes, my lady.” Seeing that Dan Yuerong wasn’t willing to let go of the child, the wet nurse didn’t say anything. Only a while later, however, Shen Zihan burst into tears, and Dan Yuerong found herself rather helpless. “Why is he crying? Could he be hungry?”


“He must be hungry. Allow me!” The wet nurse came over with a smile, her arms extended for Shen Zihan. Seeing how pitiful he looked, even though she didn’t want to let him go Dan Yuerong had to hand her son over.


“Good boy, good boy, oh, oh…” Coaxing the child, the wet nurse fed him. She really did know her way around things: before long, he stopped crying and latched on happily, falling asleep soon thereafter when he was full. Seeing this, the wet nurse smiled. “The young master has fallen asleep. Shall I take him down to sleep?”


“No need, just put him down next to me.” Because she was supposed to be resting, Dan Yuerong hadn’t even had the chance to hold her child much. She couldn’t just let him go now.


“My lady, when the young master wakes up I’ll have to feed him. I don’t want to disturb you as well. Maybe I should take care of him after all!”


“Don’t worry about it. If he wakes then I’ll call you over.”

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