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253  Marriage

Xuan Yuan saw the King Piggy expression, it made him felt sorry for him.

Even though this fat piggy was very greedy, but he was loyal to the Devour King, as the Holy Beast, he was born in holy, of course, both of them had a different point of viewed about love.

This fat piggy didn’t expect, the Devour King who only had enemy whole his life, when he was surrounded by the enemy, someone could come and save him. That person was Devour King rival.

“ At first, I think the one that will save the king is someone who use to be saved by the king, but I never think, the one who will save him is his rival. If the king’s father in heaven knows, he will be so grateful” Said the greedy old man inside Xuan Yuan body.

Xuan Yuan remained silent, Qian Duo Duo thought the King Piggy was very powerful.

The situation felt serious, then the King Piggy cried hard, punched the land, and screaming as if he had just lost his father and mother.

“ What a pity of me. I can’t get that Qing Long Shen tree, even the fruit is okay.” Said the King Piggy

Xuan Yuan was speechless by his action, in his mind, he mad him: “ Oh man, why do I have to feel sorry for him.”

Qian Duo Duo smiled and said: “ But you can get three leaves, that’s already good.”

Xuan Yuan sighed,” Wish this war can finally end, I don’t want to get out here and die.”

“ Hey little boy, do you know how long have you been in this Qing Long Xian mountain?” asked the pig

“ I don’t know.” Said Qian Duo Duo in confused. “ Looks like we’ve been long in here, but, it feels like we just come, as we enter here, the time seems unpredictable.”

The King Piggy shook his head and said ” You’ve been here 2 years. You little boy has practiced your power here 2 years.”

Xuan Yuan was shocked, he thensaid:: “ What shall we do. We must go back now to Dong Zhou Huang Dynasty.”

He knew if he stayed longer here, Ying Zheng Luo’s father couldn’t stay longer and it would add his burden.

“Let’s go.” Said the King Piggy, his body still surrounded by exclusion spell, seemed like the Devour King had become more powerful.

The spells surrounded Qing Long Xian mountain, it made them liked enter other dimension, and it made the mountain spread unknown power.

Qing Long Xian Mountain was made of an ancient dragon cage, it combined the power of heaven and earth, became dragon pulse, every inch of the mountain was surrounded by spells.

“ HAHAHA,  the ancient blue dragon’s thought had controlled all the Qing Long Xian mountain in  50 km.” Said the King Piggy, he had known about the dragon moved, before it started the spell, the king piggy had brought them out.

A small beast who saw Xuan Yuan and the other left, made a sound ‘Yi…Yi….Yi…’

The golden hair monkey  felt the move from the dragon mountain, he smiled and said. “Hehehe, Bro Xuan Yuan was awesome, he must have taken the dragon heart. Time to go now.”

The Monkey King knew that his duty had already done, he then went.

At that time, Xuan Yuan and the other had gone to the forest, Xuan Yuan then realized something ; “By the way, where’s You Xue?”

“You Xue is okay, he guards outside the forest, looks like that two Emperor Dragon ridge very helpful, just 2 years, he has reached the battle emperor level 4, hahahaha, I’m really happy.” Said the greedy old man laughing.

“What?” Xuan Yuan didn’t think that You Xue didn’t die, he even reached level 4 battle emperor from level 1, just within 2 years!!

“ That’s not weird, he is chosen as Yin family’s emperor guard, he must be special, everyone who inside their body have the blood of the Dragon King, their battle skill is very amazing, even though we don’t know what he have gone through but it really has a big effects in his life.” Said the greedy old man.

“Yes, let’s go meet up with him.” Said Xuan Yuan.

As soon as they went out from the dimension, they had come to Qing Ming land, as they had already gone out,  the screamed of the beast was heard from inside.

Apparently, as the spell didn’t work, beasts would enter the land, when Xuan Yuan had gone out, the spell and the land would work at the same time, and destroyed all.

Xuan Yuan didn’t want to hear it, he met You Xue whose hands held a pair of Dragon Ridge Sword. You Xue who saw him, politely said : “Master.”

Xuan Yuan nodded at him and said, “Rise. What happened to the sword on your hands, is it make of the dragon’s ridge?”

“Yes, it’s Yin family’s worker modify it for me.” You Xue gave the swords to Xuan Yuan, but he laughed and said: “It’s ok, just take it, I don’t need it, tell me what just happen in this 2 years?”

“Jiang Yi Tian bumped into Da Xian Yuan, he then goes to the mysterious house, gets the inheritance, he gets stronger now, just 2 years, he has reached level 7, just a little bit, he’ll reach the last level as the battle emperor, people say that master you’ve already died in the Qing Ming Land, so you can’t battle with Jiang Yi Ran.” Said You Xue.

He then continued, “ Yin Zheng Luo, Mo Chou, Zheng Xuan, Bai You Niang, Fang Yu Xao, Fang Yun, Feng Lie and Princess Devil, has come to find you, I say that master hasn’t die, just practicing in there, they then leave.”

“What!” Xuan Yuan was excited, he looked to You Xue and asked,”You say  Beauty Master has come? Really?”

“Yes, she brings all the guards, wants to find you, but I block them, she wants you to know, when you’re out, go to the Yin’s house.” Said You Xue.

“Ok, anything else?” Asked Xuan Yuan.

“Yes, Yin Zheng Luo accept the marriage with Hai Ya, it will be held as soon as possible.” Said You Xue.

“What! It can’t be, what’s going on?” Asked Xuan Yuan.

“I don’t know the detail.” Said You Xue.

He forced himself to calm down and say: “ What else?”

“Last two years,The Five God Emperor entered the Yin’s house. After that, no one has ever see them, someone think that they has been hurted, Dou Long Xian’s house has already warned them many times.” Said You Xue

Xuan Yuan knew, this news couldn’t be true, Five God Organs Amulet was very hard to be made, even the Five God Emperor wanted to make it, wasn’t easy, if the Yin family wanted to be saved, they had to rely on Five God Emperor to make the amulet.

“Is there anymore?”

“ No master.” Said You Xue.

“Ok, let’s go to Yin’s house, humph, this Hai family has break their promise, they must have forced Dou Shui to force Beauty Master to marry them, just wait, I’ll beat Hai family!” Said Xuan Yuan, he then said to the King Piggy: “Straight to Dong Zhou Huang city.”

“Xuan Xuan seems really angry, I want to follow him too.” Said Qian Duo Duo

The King Piggy laughed : “I’ve done so many things in my life, but, rob the bride, I’ve never done before, let’s go let’s go.”

The King piggy used his power, light covered them and took them straight to where they wanted to go.

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Dong Zhou Huang City

This is the center of Dynasty Dong Huang Zhou, it represented the Dynasty highest society, in here, even the street guard was Battle Emperor best fighter.

This was the place of the strongest, the news about Yin family and Hai family marriage had become the breaking news. Hai Ya was afraid if someone didn’t know, he told his guard to spread this news, he wished the more people come the better he felt.

Now all people in the city was  talking about them.

“Yin family’s real dragon emperor inheritance going to marry Hai family’s Hai Ya! What a pity.”

“What’s the bad, talented man and beautiful girl, Hai family’s son has Sea of Hearts, in 2 years, he’s stronger, now he’s battle emperor level 4, that will be a perfect match with Yin family.”

“That’s right, you think Yin Zheng Luo doesn’t marry Hai Ya, she will marry you? Hahaha.”

“Humph, what you guys know? Even Hai Ya is stronger, he still can’t beat Xuan Yuan, he has been beaten by Xuan Yuan, you guys don’t know right?”

“Just an unknown little boy, no need to discuss about, maybe he has died inside the Qing Ming land.”

“Rumor say, he hasn’t died, just before he has made one of Yin family’s guard to become his personal guard, and the guard protect the entrance of Qing Ming land, some of the Yin family’s really support Xuan Yuan , they even made the Dragon Ridge sword for the guard, looks like, Xuan Yuan must be hasn’t died.”

“So what, a man without power, status, and very strong strength, he can’t be anything, can he be combined with Hai family? Even his master is Yin Zheng Luo, but according to Mr. Hai Ya, this boy was greedy, he wants to ruin his master, he’s really a shame.”

“Shh, that’s Hai family’s wedding car, look! They’re going to Yin family.”

Suddenly, the crowded was amazed.

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