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Evil God Average

Chapter 73 Retreat


By the time the two Anril Armours Tena and I had boarded reached the place, the fighting hadn’t yet begun and both parties were just glaring at each other.


No, after a good look, I understood it was just Leonara and Orlaine who were glaring. I couldn’t quite understand the Evil God statue’s expression and the Pope was facing the other way.


“Sorry for the wait. How is the situation?”


I asked Leonara, while I was still on Anril Armor 2. It is different from a robot so I have to use magic to talk.


“You came at last. It’s just as it looks. It won’t come challenging so we were waiting for you people to come.”


Leonara answered, while staying cautious of the Evil God statue.


Their battle formation consisted of the Pope being at the front line with a spear, Leonara behind him barehanded and Orlaine at the back with the holy bow. Even though Leonara was barehanded, she was in the middle because she could use magic.


As one would expect, the doll occupying her hand was a hindrance so I put it into the item box for the time being. Although I do think it is only a matter of time till it slips out.


And beside them, two Anril Armors took stance. I was on the left and Tena was on the right.

The Anril Armor sure is huge when compared to humans or demons but the Evil God statue was even larger. Anril Armor’s height was at best upto the Evil God statue’s knees, so we were having to look up.


“I don’t think we will be able to finish it off but let’s focus our attacks on the legs to weaken its movement.”


“Ah, got it.”


“Leave it to us!”


“Yes, Anri-sama.”





There was no response from the Pope, who was at the front line. That’s rare. I wonder if he couldn’t hear because he was concentrating too much on the statue.

And so when I look towards him, I find him trembling for some reason.

He didn’t really look like it but was he perhaps afraid of the battle? If so then I feel sorry for dragging him into all this.


“I-I will…”


Seeing his usual happy go lucky mood disappear and him trying to say something even while trembling, the feeling of guilt inside me kept growing. He doesn’t look like he will able to fight at all. If he goes into battle like this, he will either be injured right away or even die.


Fortunately, the Evil God statue still hadn’t moved. It would be better to remove him from battle now.

And just when I tried talking to him about it, he looked greatly perplexed.


“As I thought, I can’t do it! I can’t possibly attack Anri-sama!”












I was an idiot for worrying. I felt like even the heartless Evil God statue looked dumbfounded.

Chapters are split into pages.