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This is the second to last Commemoration Chapter


Evil God Average

Chapter 64 Mysterious Tradition ‘Happy New Year and Cultural Exchange’ (4th Commemoration Chapter)


“Well then, now we shall start the sacrificial ceremony to celebrate the new year!”


“Enough of that already.”







“Happy new year.”


“Happy new year, Anri-sama.”


“….Happy new year.”


“Happy new year.”


I exchanged greetings with Tena, Lily and Leonara in the dining hall.

This would be my first time experiencing a new year in this world.


“By the way, what do you guys do to celebrate the new year in this world?”


“Hmmm.. Well, to start with, we all have osechi together.”  (*food served during the New Year’s Holidays)


“Osechi? You have those here?”


Suddenly hearing such a nostalgic word from Tena, I kinda got my hopes up.

The food I normally have are good but I do occasionally want to have some Japanese food.

I want to have a boiled taro.


“Yes, I have them prepared properly. Wait just a bit.”


“I will help.”


“Thank you, Lily.”


After Tena went down to the kitchen together with Lily, they soon came back with a few layered boxes.

They put those on the table, opened the lids and lined them up, side by side.

“Please dig in.”


Inside the box, there were salmons, steaks and many other colorful food, all packed.

Yep, it is great. It is great but…. It is quite different from the osechi I know.

Isn’t this just packing what was called ‘western food’ in the previous world into a box?



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