12: Clean Up


“In the first place, you are always way too reckless in your actions. Can’t you put yourself in our shoes, even a little!”

“We put so much effort into activating that sealing magic, and you just had to go and waste it all!?”

“What were you going to do if that statue went berserk!?”

“About that, I do understand that it would be preferable if you can solve this without sealing her, but what about all our hard work?”


I was forced to sit in a seiza position on top of the pedestal that the Evil God Statue was on, as Leonora and Orlaine both lectured me from both sides at the same time.


I admit it, I was in the wrong in this case. It might have been because of the bloodkin symbol, but there was a part of me that was acting rather impulsively.


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