Evolution of the Hunter Chapter 100


-Who has been inside the crimson dungeon?

-Crimson dungeon?  What is that?  You should just say it in our language the ‘Bbalgan Dungeon’.

-Let’s just refer it to as the red hole.  Originally, dungeons were called the blue holes.

-I concur with calling it the red hole.    Crimson dungeon is too difficult to pronounce anyway.

-You English sycophants.  Why are you so obsessed with English as there isn’t any new business going to America?

-Who are you accusing of being obsessed?  I speak it because I’m comfortable with it.


The stories about the red dungeon took the central theme of the conversations within the community for the hunters’ market.

While quickly scanning the posts on the community, Jun has run into a rather interesting post.


-The level of difficulty in the red hole is much higher than that of the blue hole.


The opinion, basically skewing towards the red hole, was that it has many more monsters and stronger ones even if at the same levels.

At a glance, it was an agreeable statement when thinking about the vampires.

On the other hand, items were more readily available.  As a result, there were people who expressed concerns for items’ price drops.


-If that’s the case, wouldn’t the items’ prices be at dirt cheap levels?

-It wasn’t just yesterday that the prices hit dirt cheap.  It’s not even a new story.

-I suppose…. I had sold all my items at very low prices… took freaking losses.

-But, if the level-1 monster is stronger, wouldn’t an item that was earned there also better?

-That is a convincing argument.  Although I need more information, it is very possible that that would be the case.

Already, people began to speculate and realize the potentials of new items.

The red dungeon is based on the new dungeon system, so the items earned there are clearly new ones.

And most of the new items boast greater performances than the basic legacy ones.

There aren’t many differences as far as the offensive and defensive capabilities are concerned, but the associated options are quite good.

“Should I block this?”

I was the only one holding most of the new items.

I feel like I will be taking losses, should these items be liberally distributed.

“It may not be relevant, but the number of hunters that you’ll encounter at the Yellow Sea will definitely increase.”


Junseok Han spoke.  At the moment, Junseok Han, Sooah, Edward and I are planning the next moves at a near-by café.

Junseok Han was surprised by the Edward’s identity, however, he seemed to quickly adapt to the revelation.

I plan to disclose the guy’s identity to all participants as honestly as possible.

No reason to keep confidential something that will be found out shortly.  For starters, his fangs aren’t even looking human.


“Red dungeon, I mean how about if we explore the red hole as a test?”

Sooah asked.

“I was thinking to examine its inside anyways.  I am curious as to what kind of items will be dropping, as well as test to see if they actually function as they are supposed.”


Those dungeons that are created by Mystic Dungeon Program were immediately getting managed by the dungeon administration team.

As most of the man power was eliminated from the Yellow Sea, the eradication efforts of the Chinese hunters, in the forest region, is also being delayed.

The focus has certainly shifted to tend to a more urgent matter.


“As long as the topic came up, how about we enter the dungeon today?”


“I brought them.”

“I did too.  Just in case.”

Sooah and Junseok pointed to large back packs.  It explains their intentions for brining so much stuff to the meeting.


“What about Edward?  It will be dangerous if we enter a high level dungeon.”

“Don’t worry about me.  I can take care of myself.”

“I should be OK as I possess the power of shadow transformation.”

This guy escaped from my grasps for a relatively long time.  His life won’t be in danger, unless he encounters a surprise attack such that he couldn’t even respond in a blink of an eye.

Besides, he is not alone, Sooah and I are here.

I didn’t think that there would be monsters that couldn’t be detected by Sooah and myself inside the level-4 dungeon.

After adjourning the meeting with that, we headed to the closest level-4 dungeon.

A dungeon, which was created beneath a Buddhist monastery at Bongwha Mountain, where much profit was made from the visiting hunters for a while.

There were even rumors of many people of hiring mercenaries in the fight to control the land.

The inside was crowded with the deprived hunters, who couldn’t hunt as many dungeons have disappeared.

Waiting for our time to enter, we quietly stayed put.

*********************  Maybe a good stopping point??  ****************

“A lot of people are here.  Are they all waiting to enter the dungeon?  So, do we not have place here?”


I shook my head in response to Sooah’s question.


“I think they are trying to pack in as many people as possible since it is a newly created dungeon.  No one will know what will happen inside.  I think they are granting entrance in groups of 20 people.”

“I see.  Then there will not be much to gain.”

“Well, have to consider it as a reconnaissance mission.  We are the only ones who know what will appear inside.”

Level-4 monsters Mooka-Mooka and Two-Tulips usually make their appearances in the dungeon of Bongwha Mountain.

Mooka-Mooka is a monster that takes a similar shape to a gorilla, while Two-Tulips is a purple haired giant predator of the cat family.

As one can see from the monsters, the inside of the dungeon is a safari.

The inside environment will change according to the monsters’ category.

The level-4 footwear will make up the majority of the falling items.

Considering the fact that footwear does not get dropped often as legacy items, this place will become a rather hot region going forward.

Of course, if I do not change things.

The discerning nature of our team makes us easily standout among the bustling crowd.

First of all, Sooah is very fashionable and Edward can be easily mistaken as a celebrity due to his good looks.


“Is that only a 4 people team?”

“Yeah, and they look awfully weak too.”

“Are they here to put on a fashion show?  What sort of clothes are they wearing?”

“Really, leather suit and fur coat.”

“Well, the looks don’t impress, perhaps, they have powerful gears and skills.”

“Gosh, everyone and anyone roam around claiming to be hunters these days.”

“That’s because of that stupid Yellow Sea or something.  They release so many items that it caused a large jump in the number of novices.”


We overheard people whispering about us.  As Sooah abruptly gave an angry look in their direction, they slowly turned away their heads.

“For crying out loud, who do they think they are that they act in such a way?”

“Let them be.  They will stop eventually.”

“Elder O-PPa, you always say things like that and be the first one to create an incidence.”

“Hey, when did I?  It’s always because of you that things happen.”

“The only incidence that I ever caused was that one time when I taught the high school kids a lesson?  Even that was a mistake.”

“All I ever did was that I took away Jeongbae Park’s armor suit.  For your information, I did not start the fight.”

“Let’s just say we are even then.”

“For some reason, I feel like I’m on the wrong side of a bargain….?”

“Then I will compensate you for it.  What would you like?  Should I buy you a dinner?”

“……No, you should stop leading the conversation to your favor.”

“Maintain your composure, please.  It makes me sad.”


Sooah bit her lips tight after expressing her thoughts.  She looked as if she was to shed tears at any moment.

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