Chapter split into four(4) pages

Botsuraku Chapter 88

Volume 5: Chapter 2


“Boss, we’re done taking those boards apart.”

Boss… Did they mean Doolas?

No, they didn’t. If word spread that slowly in the confines of this prison, it would be uninhabitable. I was the boss. Me, Kururi Helan. It was almost like we were living in some zoo enclosure; once I’d sent their boss flying, having beaten him to a point well beyond recovery, his followers had made a rather sudden turn and adopted an attitude that was much more pleasant. They followed my orders well.

I was more than certain that each last one of them had done something that warranted their incarceration here, so I had few qualms about getting the most use I could out of them.

“All done, then? Bring them all to Cell 136.”

“Got ya.”


Another follower piped up.

“What?”..Continue Reading

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