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Kakei Senki 38 (Teaser)

If it can be done, then I will

“Barcelo… Barcelo of the ‘Blacksnake’? That must have been a formidable enemy. The ‘Sword Edge’ Knight Squad also considers him a troublesome enemy.”


Daniel also seemed to approve of Marco’s opinion. He even felt somewhat relieved. He actually wanted to leave it to a specialist than cling to Marco since he didn’t quite have anything to brag about his tactical prowess. Among the three people sitting at the table, there’s one more strategist other than Marco.


“Dear me, ‘Blacksnake’, now that has a nostalgic sound…”


Akseri laughed sarcastically after saying that. He is strongest general Daniel knows. He had been defeated once in the maneuver battle with Kusta but that’s because he fought in the enemy’s ring. Daniel thinks that he wouldn’t lose in a fight where the options aren’t limited. And Marco probably has the same point of view. He thought Kusta not being invited here was proof of that.


This was in Aslia kingdom’s center northside, close to Marquis Maryaranta’s territory’s northern side. One could even see the fort being rebuilt on the “land-shore” surface in the old battlefield which people avoid. It gave off the vibe of a developing village. And the very wooden building Daniel was in now had a signboard hung outside which said “Monarch’s Guards Squad HQ”.


He had come here under the pretext of making a side trip on the way to the front line fort’s ‘Sword Edge’ Knight Squad camp. The Gyokahara battle with the Empire ended in the Kingdom’s defeat and the soldiers on the front line are still at high alert and prepared for a raid. However, the real situation was that the place was very chaotic due to reorganizing and calculating the loss and so the higher ups assumed that the enemy army is also in a similar state, judging from how the battle went.


Although there was a fair bit of mayhem, the damage itself was not so much. And no one there knew how to accept the fact that they had lost… that was the impression Daniel got from there. Kyogahara still spreads wide in between the two countries.


After visiting those who needed to be visited and seeing things that needed to be seen, Daniel had become a traveller on water. He had made it all the  way to Chitoga town with a boat under the summer sun. And then, from there, he came here by the brand new highway on a horse. He had joined in with the garrison after accompanying the convey of construction wood.


This is a detour. Even if it’s a remote place, it’s a detour ‘cause he thought of dropping by here. Daniel himself also wanted to come here and Yurihalshira also implicitly told him to check on here. There were a lotta people from Hakkimen guard squad in the Monarch’s Guard Squad. He was especially close with Akseri Arnell.

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