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30 Part 2

“Likewise, Miss Rena.”


Well, at least she’s laughing happily. Even though I’m still not completely sure what I’m feeling, this should be good enough for now, I guess.

More importantly, I can’t help but look forward to “playing” with her —.


* * * * * * *


When Yuu acts suspiciously before entering the city, I rudely think, “Again …?” and feel sorry about it. While apologizing in my heart, I proceed to register him as my friend.

I manage to make a friend for the first time in real life and games. We are not of the same sex, but that doesn’t matter. I can now tell my mother to rest assured, since she has been worrying that I would die without making any friends.

“… Okay!”


“Shall we enter the city?”




With a triumphant pose, Yuu and I set foot in “Belzenstock City”.


* * * * * * *


“… There are a lot of slaves here, aren’t there?”

As we enter the city and strolled down the main street, many people with a slave seal tattooed on their left cheeks are roaming the street.


“… Actually, those tattoos were originally put in places that aren’t readily visible, like the sole, to prevent collusion between slaves.”




“Yeah, but the feudal lord has been replaced. When the pressure against slaves is getting stronger, the seals are tattooed on their faces for easier identification, or so I heard.”


“I see —.”

He is very well-informed. You can’t get that kind of detailed information from playing games normally. Where on earth does he learn all that stuff?


“… Even so, the slave seals look cool, don’t they?”


“That seal symbolizes Krebskulm, a monster that looks like a sea dragon that governs other monsters lurking around this bay area.”


The name Krebskulm is also pretty cool. Could it be a unique monster?


“Such a dreadful thing is made to be the seal for slaves?”


“It was originally the fastest existence in this bay area. So it seemed to be the sailors’ helper at some point in time. But before you know it, it has become a representation of something fast and spread throughout this city.”



Something fast for slaves? Is it something like finishing their work fast, or rising from their slavery status fast or something like that?


“Well, erm …. In this city, slaves are not much different from consumable goods, and the same seal is used for perishables …. In other words, the seal signifies things that are easily damaged ….”


… I see, I see?


“… Think of being a slave for life as being someone else’s tool for life. The seal has that kind of strong meaning.”



… I see, such a terrible reason. A tool? I see.

“… I’ve decided what I want to do in this town.”


“What is it?”


I give him my best smile when I see his surprised and puzzled expression.

“Do you know the French Revolution?”



He seems to have been petrified with his frozen face. I wonder if my smile is that scary.


Anyway, I have decided on this matter. Let’s get ready immediately.



Translator’s notes:

*The author uses the word  (machi) which means a busy place or a road. There’s another machi () which means city/town/urban area. Its possible that the author meant to use the latter. So for the sake of this story, Im using city for the translation, which makes more sense anyway.

**The author uses the word “short knife” (instead of “short sword”). “Short knife” means it has a single edge, while “short sword” would be translated to “dagger” since it is double-edged. So to avoid confusion, I used “knife” in my translation.

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