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39 Part 2






I sent out some poison needles as a follow up attack, but the talkative one blocked them all. However, the quiet one, who was still in the air, had been hit by all of them, so I wasn’t too disappointed.


“Y-you bastard…and you even have the chaos affinity.”


“? Chaos? …Ah.”


I suppose they were talking about the karma level? It was true that my karma was quite low…but then again, I didn’t even know what the average was. However, mine was still below zero.


“…Shouldn’t you be on our side? What madness has caused you to be over there?”


“? Well, I suppose it’s because this side looks like it would be more fun?”


What was he going on about? Chaos this and chaos that. It has nothing to do with that. I am just doing as I please.


“Then why does it matter to you how I play with my own toys!”


“Hah… Wait, you were playing? While making this huge mess over here?”


It really was a mystery to me. What could you do with them, if you decapitated them so badly…


“Ha! You do ask strange questions, don’t you? People eat when they are hungry, and they sleep when they are sleepy. And they will bed a woman when they have the desire…it’s the same thing!! If anything, shouldn’t you be applauding me for taking it out on tools instead of real people!?”


No, that wasn’t what I was asking about… Oh, the quiet one has regained consciousness and is getting back up. I think I better send him some more poison needles.


“You love it too. Blood. You love to scatter organs and hear the cries of your victims! Otherwise, you would not have fallen to this degree!”


I didn’t hate the sight of blood, but I didn’t love it either. Most importantly, it wasn’t very sanitary, and so it was better to avoid splattering it everywhere.

Besides, decapitation was how I studied the most efficient way to destroy. This kind of ‘playing’ that was a dead end was just… I preferred toys that lasted long.


“And so you should…”


“How long is this going to take?”


It was very boring… I would have more fun listening to Yuu talk about his extensive knowledge of anime.

And so while I threw poison needles towards the silent one -well, it might have been unnecessary, as the previous needles were starting to take effect, and his consciousness was hazy- I thrust my sword at the boring one.




While he finally stopped talking, I could see that he still wanted to say something. However, I had had enough of it, and would end things here.

I moved in before he could take another step, and smashed the handle of the sword into his mouth. When I saw his teeth shatter, I went in to break his nose with my fist. He started to fall back, I moved behind him and kicked upwards into his lower back. As his body bent in half and shot up into the air, I grabbed his arm in order to stop him. And without a second’s pause, I swung down with my shortsword and cut off all four of his limbs.




This man talked too much, and we were just not on the same wavelength. He was also boring, and for someone who liked screaming so much, his own scream was very disgusting. He had nothing going for him at all…

At least the silent one had been amusing to me, that is, when he was bleeding from all the holes that the poison needles made in his face… Oh, was he already dead? Well, at least now I knew how effective the poison was.




In any case, since they were making an example of all these people, perhaps I should do the same to them? The silent one would look very unsightly if I just swapped out all of his limbs.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! Do you think you’re going to get away with this!?”


“…You’re being much too loud. Here, drink some of this.”


“What are you doing!? Stttooooppp———glug!!??!?”


As he was starting to hurt my ears, I stuffed his mouth with a bottle of poison that quickly flowed down and burned his throat, robbing him of the ability to talk.


“…! …!!”


Now that I had some peace and quiet, it was time to get back to work. First, I used some low grade potions to stop the wounds from bleeding, then I tore up the clothes and rolled them onto their faces.


“…You are now my property. A toy. Alright?”


As he looked at me with fear, I took what he said was proof that they were tools—the mark that was once a mark of slavery, and burned it into his back with my blade, which I had heated with fire magic.




…Apparently, the pain had caused him to lose consciousness. I could no longer enjoy his reaction. What a failure…


“Well, as long as he is kept here, someone will see him. So it’s fine.”


Now, it was time to go to the landlord’s house!

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