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Genocide Online – Play Diary of an Evil Girl –

  1. Krebskulm Liberation Front – Broken Army 4






“Sorry. It’s just a little farther.”


I said as I held the hand of a young girl who had been a slave, and ran. She was likely too tired to keep going, but there was nothing I could do. Our pursuers would catch up to us.




“Tsk! There they are!”


After nearly fainting from Rena punching me in the stomach, I used the chaos in order to help the former slaves escape through the underground passages… This girl had been rescued by some pervert noble. Though, it seemed that she had not been a slave for long, and had not been hurt yet, but as the mansion had been very far from any of the underground entrances, we were still running.


“Sorry. You must hate being touched by someone like me. But it’s not far now, okay?”




I said, and after seeing her nod, I picked her up so that my arms were fixed like a chair.


“Chase them!”

“You faulty tools!”


Our pursuers brandished their weapons above their heads as they jumped out. It would be hard to dodge their attacks…




And so I used the ‘Net Magic’ to make grass grow at their feet, and bind their entire bodies. …I could hear creepy laughter coming from somewhere, but I ignored it.


“‘Ablaze.’”(Translator: like backlash)


I immediately followed it with the Net Magic, ‘Ablaze’ in order to burn the grass and cause repeated damage while slowing them down. …Memes and silly images popped out of nowhere as part of the effects, but I ignored them!


“‘Freeze.’”(Translator: like suspended)


The grass burned up and created walls of smoke, allowing me to escape towards the water ways, which I also froze with Net Magic. …I could see images and audio from alt accounts that were making terrible apologies, but I ignored them!




“There they are!”


“Block the road!”


It was just as I thought that I had shaken them off. Guards were suddenly blocking the path up ahead. They must have predicted where I would go. While it had been a shortcut, I didn’t know the place as well as they did… It could not be helped.


“‘DQN Magic’…Legal Speeding!!”


While it was only for a brief moment, there was an explosive acceleration of speed and I passed…trampled over, the soldiers. …I could hear sounds like, ‘Squeak! Boom! Woo-woo! Stop right there!’ which I think was supposed to be the sounds of an accident and siren. And also a police officer. But I ignored them!!



“Wait right there!”


“‘Shit post’!”


As I ran them over, I activated another ‘Net Magic’ in order to slow them down.

A group of people wearing white bodysuits and with anime icons stuck on their heads suddenly surrounded the guards and shouted things like, ‘Do you really think it’s okay to do this?’ ‘There are some people who can’t run!’ ‘I caught a pocket monster!’ ‘You can make more money working in an office, and it’s safer! Why don’t you study for that?’ ‘Isn’t she cute?’ The provocations went on and on… It was horrifying, and so I ignored them!!


“Hey, those people…”


“Don’t look at them!”


I was one to talk, since I had brought them out. But this was clearly bad for children. And so I ran while keeping them out of her vision.


“There they are!”

“Don’t let them get away!”


Shit! There really were so many of them. I knew this was the district where the nobles lived, but there didn’t have to be so many!


“Tsk! I didn’t want to use it in front of her, but…hah! ‘Female Child’!”


Otaku Magic…it was magic that was once popular among otaku, and allowed you to summon a girl who had an insolent expression…


“You trash! Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“Tsk. You’re just a brat!”

“Don’t disrespect your elders, okay!?”

“Ahhh, I’m scared!”

“You’ll lose no matter what!”


—She succeeded in antagonizing them…




Her glare was painful! She was looking this way without any expression! She might as well just insult me!


“Uhhh… ‘Overwhelming Growing Ability’ ‘Ancient Accelerator’!!”


I activated the ‘Reaju Magic.’ And then a bunch of smart types, the people who use facebook but not twitter, and make posts like ‘overwhelming growth through pushing oneself,’ ‘partnership through physical thinking,’ ‘reliable boss, kind senpai, cute kouhai’ etcetera…came out and started talking about how wonderful their lives were…and while I wanted to ignore them, they doubled my buffs and enchantments, and with my enhanced AGI, I was able to dash on ahead…!!


“…Why are you crying?”


“It’s nothing…”


Like that, I continued to run through the town until we reached the entrance. …It had been such a long road to get here. And I somehow managed to receive damage from my own skills… It was ridiculous, but I was the one who had acquired them…


“See? You just have to follow these people now.”




“Thank you for bringing her.”


“Not at all. Now I just have to…”


As I tried to leave, the girl grabbed my sleeve. What now?


“…What’s the matter?”


“I, uh…thank you for saving me. My name is Rina…so, uh…I’ll thank you properly next time!”


“That’s fine. I’ll be looking forward to it, okay?”




How’s that? I can be useful too! Did you see that, Miss Rena?


“Well, I must be going now. Can I leave her in your hands?”


“Yes, don’t worry.”




The girl… Rina. I left her to the freed people and I ran back through the town. I didn’t expect to live like a light novel protagonist…but if I could help even a few people within a game, I would do my best!


<<Your Karma has gone up.>>


I heard the announcement as I ran to my next destination.



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