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Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~ 44

  1. √ A – Part III

The vibe emitted by Ronove took a sudden change… I felt like I have seen this somewhere before…


“Body reinforcement – Storm Sea Dragon”


To prevent the same thing from happening again, I attacked with iron balls and poisonous needles with the rock-bombarding skill “Meteor” and “Comet”, but they were all dodged barely.



“Physical Revitalization – Meat Slicing and Bone Fracturing”


In that case, I’ll get close up and wield the “Explosive Flame Four-Blades”, but I was counter-attacked with the same skill… Could it be that? I could take the chance to attack during the transformation.


“High Enchant – Sacred Ocean”


Anything beyond this would be too dangerous. A clergyman, not the captain of knights, might be able to get through him; a poison attack strategy is futile.




The iron balls were set up with explosives, and I threw it with all my strength using the rock-bombarding skills and it flew off like a bomb- however, the opponent just punched it away; I didn’t expect such strength…


“Oath – I am the hunter for evil heretics”

I struggled to inflict maximum damage… but it seemed useless so I had to resort to this…

“Oath – I am the leader of devout believers”


I was unable to hinder the opponent who has completed the reinforcement process…




Important NPC

Name: Ronove Spelldia Lv. 60 <+25>

Karma Value: 155 <Good>

Class: Storm Sea Fist Fighter Second Class: Warrior Priest Third Class: Ocean Wizard”


Storm Sea Dragon <Rise in STR Rise: Extra Great – Rise in VIT: Extra Great>

Meat Slicing and Bone Fracturing <Rise in STR: Extremely Great – Fall in VIT: Great>

Attribute Assignment <Ocean Attribute for Attack: Extra Great>

Oath: Enforcer <Rise in STR: Extremely Great – Rise in DEX: Extremely Great – Fall in Average HP: 3%/1s>


Krebs Krumm Supreme Priest – Firstborn

Krebs Krumm Faith – Vice Priest

Krebs Krumm Executive Agent



“…I’ll slaughter you with all my strength now! <Regen High Heel>”


Ah! Dirty! This person’s dirty-handed!! People who’re normally this strong would not be granted the price of transcendence strengthening, no? I can’t get out of the minus digits, but I can’t just wait for recovery… The poison attacks would be counteracted against, and the HP would naturally recover by itself after some damage’s inflicted. It cannot be helped it, I have to unleash all my power-


“Physical Reinforcement – Slaughter Organ”




I can do more.


“Telepathy – Magic”


I will seek reinforcement from Yamada and the others now.


“High Enchant – Glory Prominence, High Enchant – Ruin Storm, High Enchant – Darkness Abyss, High Enchant – Light Devotion”


“Bastard!? How many are you going to go for…?!!”


<Oath> Skill.., I guess? I have no idea how to obtain it, so as a replacement for that, I’ll use reinforcement.


“Enchant – Physical Power, Enchant – Physical Barrier, Enchant – Accelerator”




Race: Human

Name: Lena Lv. 40 <+15>

Karma Value: -201 <Extremely Bad>

Class: Annihilator Second class: Magician Third Class: Evil Healer

State: Possession <Kageyama>

Slaughter Organ <Rise in STR: Extra Great – Rise in AGI: Extra Great>

Magic <Rise in INT: Great – Rise in LUK: Great – Rise in Enhancement Efficiency against Demons: Great – Rise in Enhancement Efficiency from Demons: Great>

Attribute Assignment <Flame Attribute against Attacks: Extremely Great – Storm Attribute: Extremely Great – Light Attribute: Extremely Great – Dark Attribute: Extremely Great>

Reinforcement Assignment <Rise in STR: Great – Rise in VIT: Great – Rise in AGI: Great>




This must be the limit? Well, the opposite party started using prohibited moves first, so I guess it shouldn’t matter?


“…I guess I really have to kill you here right now!!!”


The ground started to split apart and Ronove dashed over faster than the speed of sound; I could not react to that speed and just stood still.


“What chaotic power… how many people have you sent to hell?”


“…Hell? Does it even exist? I’ve never been there before so I can’t speak for it…”




Is there a world for the afterlife? I have never died before so I don’t know. Why did I ask something that cannot be confirmed…? What about Ronove? ….Well, personally for me I hope it exists…

I escaped Ronove’s repeated fist punches. Including the forest behind me, the surrounding has been blown off by that impact and I struck the elbow with the handle of dagger.


“Damm! …Why do you have that much power and technique skills for such a young person?!!”

“…I’m not sure why.”


I answered Ronove’s questions in the midst of the continuous attacks and defence. I dodged the opposite party’s kicks and tried to wield the dagger at the neck, but it was reflected by the chin and a right straight punch came for me. I flipped my body in the air and grabbed the wrist with my right hand and placed my left hand on the back of the elbow; using the opponent’s momentum, I threw him into the air.




While he’s in the air, he tried to land some punch at a fast speed, so fast I could not see it, and I immediately backed off to avoid it.


“Why… You’re the good person who saved the sisters, right? Was that anything that forced you to act this way?”


Once again, we clashed with each other. I aimed for the neck with the dagger and wielded it sideways, but the dagger was struck down with the left hand, he dealt the “Crimson Lotus Land” punch and answered the earlier question.


“I helped the sisters because you guys cannot be found. By helping the kids, it would lower your guards, so I did that.”




While my wrist was being crushed, I used the force of fulcrum and hit the solar plexus with <Wind Dust Release> which blew him off.


“Gah!! … <Exheel>! But you were having fun with the sister, no?! Why have you fallen to such lowness?”


“That’s right-”


While adjusting my posture in midair, the opposite party let me go… he did an axe kick with probably a skill, I crossed my arm and escaped to the side…. There’s a huge hole in the ground.


“-If I really have to say, I probably did that because it seemed fun?”


He threw an iron ball like a bomb as he answered.


“In the first place, I just followed my heart, so I find it difficult to answer if you ask me the reason why.”




“Also, would you stop asking while we’re ‘playing’? We’re killing each other after all.”


I actually wanted him to focus on ‘playing’, but he’s been deviating from it since earlier?


..”…it’s fine, I’ll have no hesitation or guilt when it comes to killing you!!”


Is he finally going to be serious? That makes me happy.

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