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46 Part 1

Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~ 46

  1. Announcement

<World Announcement: Player Lena cleared the Krebs Krumm Liberation Front>

<World Announcement: This led to the establishment of a temporary government in Belzenstock City, which gave the central government strong autonomy>

<World Announcement: Various other changes have occurred, so please check yourselves>

<You have leveled up>

<You have acquired skill points>

<Your karma value has dropped significantly>

<You have acquired a new terrifying skill>

<You have acquired a new speech skill>

<You have newly developed impact resistance>

<You have newly developed water resistance>

<Your existing skill level has increased>

<Your skill has reached a certain level, but it can be further evolved>

<New title: You have acquired World Quest Achievement>

<New title: You have acquired a new sea enemy>

<The levels of servants have risen>


Hmm… The battle results, including the fights in this revolution, have arrived. It would have been dangerous if I did not evolve into the advanced classes.

I’ve only realized that I could only level up to the advanced class by defeating the underground passage boss and decrease my karma value with the explosion of other PK and underground passage, when I played with the kids.

The conditions for evolution were “extremely evil” or “extremely virtuous” for the karma value and “neutral” for other special conditions; to level up to the advanced level, the same karma condition + level 40 is required. It’s easy to level up, but I guess it’s hard to meet the karma value and other special conditions. I was able to do that because I realized the requirements but… could there be an even more advanced class or evolution stage?


“For now, I guess I’ll meet up with Yuu again.”


After confirming that I’ve recovered to a certain extent, I headed for the city.




I’m back in the town but… I can’t find Yuu anywhere. I wonder where did he go to…


“Oh, isn’t that Sage Ron?”


“…Oh it’s you.”


Sage Ron was waiting for someone in front of the Lord’s Residence so I decided to ask him.


“Have you seen Yuu?”


“…If it’s that kiddo, I guess… at the Verification Class? He was dragged away by some friends, it seems.”


I see… It’s not the first time I’ve arrived at the Belzenstock City, so perhaps there were some players who originally lived in this city… also, the underground passages would be open to access soon… probably. That’s what Yuu said though.


“Do you know where is Ronove… that stupid son…”


“Oh? Should I say it?”


He’s probably waiting for Ronove, but he must have guessed what has happened when he saw me here.


“…No, with his personality, he might have guessed from the fact that the Lord is here…”


“Oh right, it was fun.”




I really enjoyed “playing” with Ronove. The revolution was also great as the nobles were overthrown, but the combats then left more to be desired in terms of quality and quantity. In that aspect, he’s competent enough to rival the Head of Alexei Knights and I’ve become stronger too, so it was a good match.


“I want to thank and apologize to you… Thank you for lending us your help in obtaining freedom and sorry for my son’s rudeness…”


“Eh? Ah, is that so? It doesn’t really matter to me.”


I understand why he thanked me, but why did he apologize to me?


“Thank you… what are you planning to do from now on?”


“Well, from now on—”


<Message from the management: Notice of the official event>


Oh? There’s a message from the management… an official event announcement? This will probably decide the next course of action. I’ll confirm it later…


“—it seems that the fellow travelers are having a gathering, so I’ll go there too”


“…is that so? Let me ask you one last question.”


“? What’s it?”


What was it that he wanted to ask me? I can’t think of anything other than Ronove related matters though…


“…What will the Lord do from now on?”


“? I’m just going to do what I want to?”


“I see…”


What did he just asked me? If it’s about what I’m going to do from now on, I’m just doing to do what I want to, so I don’t really know.


“In that case, I’ll take my leave. Please tell the sisters to take care.”


“…Are you not going to meet them?”


“…It’s impossible for me to do anything more.”


“…? Is that so? I got it. I’ll let them know.”


“Yes. Thank you, well then-”


I cannot act any further, since there’s nothing to ask I better place a little distance between us. I played with the pendant on my neck as I left the scene.






From: KSO management

Subject: Notice of Official Event

Body Message: We are pleased to announce that the first official event “Hidden Tag Game” will be held; it will take place three days later with a span of one week. As the perceived speed of brain waves will be increased, it will feel like a week, but in reality only one day will pass, so please be assured. However, please note that you have to sleep in the game. We have prepared a map dedicated for the event.

The details of the content will be explained below.


1) Players will be divided into “order”, “chaos” and “neutral” camps based on their current karma value. The allocated colors are blue for “order”, red for “chaos” and white for “neutral”.


2) One after the start of event, the whereabouts of the players in each area will be displayed on the event map for a short period of time, so please refer to it and attack or defend yourselves from other players. After that, it will be displayed on the map at regular intervals according to the karma value.


3) The points earned will change depending on the karma value of the defeated player. The higher the karma values of the “order” players, the higher the points. Conversely, the lower the karma values of the “chaos” players, the higher the points. Also, the closer the karma value of the “neutral” player to zero, the higher the points. The defeated players will return to the normal map from the event map and can watch the game from the UI.


4) If the “order” player defeats the “chaos” player, the points earned will be doubled and vice versa. “Neutral” players will earn double the points regardless of the camp they have defeated, so please attack both sides aggressively as you will be less likely to be targeted.


5) The more points you earn, the darker your color will be displayed on the map, and the time interval of display will be shortened, so please do your best.


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