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Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~ 47

  1. Official Bulletin Part 3

[To her] Genocider’s exclusive thread 57 [I want to be bullied]

1.Anonymous Genorer

This is a thread to talk about Genocider.

Please feel free to post.

However, if you do not obey the minimum rules, there will be management from the operations.

Please keep in mind that she might read this thread so please post amicably.

Previous thread: http://**********


>>980 Next thread please.


141.Anonymous Genorer


Genocider is so cute so I want to be bullied by her mercilessly…


142.Anonymous Genorer

But I wonder if she’s here now…


143.Anonymous Genorer


It seems like you’re not just going to be pleased with being bullied…


144.Anonymous Genorer

Or rather, does anyone know Genocider’s real name or PN?


145.Anonymous Genorer

I want to be dissected with that thrilled face…///


146.Anonymous Genorer


I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s because of the level of concealment skill is shit high, but I can’t see it. I thought I was going about to see it, but in the end I was killed before I could so there might be overlapping skills of the same system.


147.Anonymous Genorer


As expected, her level is too high lol.


  1. Anonymous Genorer


You are the lifetime honorary Genorer, there’s no doubt for that.


149.Anonymous Genorer

Everyone! I started playing this game because I admired Genocider!

From now on I’m going to start a slaughter spree in the open area and will be streaming it so please watch! →:http://**********


150.Anonymous Genorer




151.Anonymous Genorer


Well… Um… Please do well!


152.Anonymous Genorer


Genocider is truly a dark person.


153.Anonymous Genorer

Rather than that video, I have some videos of Genocider myself, so would anyone want to see the compilation I made~?


154.Anonymous Genorer


Yess! Yes yes yess!!


155.Anonymous Genorer


You’re really talented.


156.Anonymous Genorer


Yes, yes!


157.Anonymous Genorer

>>149<- talentless



158.Anonymous Genorer

Well then, I’ll stream it, Genocider’s battle series!!



159.Anonymous Genorer

As expected, this person’s mind is weird(it’s a praise).


160.Anonymous Genorer

No matter how many times I’ve watch it, the expressions of the crowd when the tutorial old man’s head went flying off will always be funny.


161.Anonymous Genorer

Ah, you have already done it before I’ve started the quest.

Stop fooling around.

I’ll kill you.


162.Anonymous Genorer

Hey, it’s not a costume! (Pointing your throat with a dagger)


163.Anonymous Genorer

Be sure to smile to express your love for the murderer.

What are you so fearful of?! Die!

Smile even when you are going to die.


164.Anonymous Genorer

Hey let go of the weapon! Hey! You’re going to die!


165.Anonymous Genorer

You di-ks stop it lololol


166.Anonymous Genorer

How can he even be the top of the strategic group when his head is easily decapitated?

This PVP beginner bastard! Hey!!


167.Anonymous Genorer

Well, he’s just in front to be killed, right?


168.Anonymous Genorer

Creak creak (Sounds of head flying off)


169.Anonymous Genorer

This game’s great♡

Just die


170.Anonymous Genorer

Sorry for not sparing a single person♡


171.Anonymous Genorer

Stop it already lololol my stomach hurts lololol


172.Anonymous Genorer

Accept death without even thinking about it.


173.Anonymous Genorer

Wow~ Amazing amazing.

Kill the players who are dirty.


174.Anonymous Genorer

Ah♡I’ve been killed a bit♡


175.Anonymous Genorer

Ah, wait, you’re going to slip!

The passageway’s filled with sticky blood so it’s dangerous.

Don’t spill blood all over, die!


176.Anonymous Genorer

Ah♡I am kind of dying♡


177.Anonymous Genorer

Don’t you feel sorry for the arson in the temple?


178.Anonymous Genorer



179.Anonymous Genorer

Um-is this really the open space?


180.Anonymous Genorer

You should die too! Dude!!


181.Anonymous Genorer

You killed so many people in a short span of time…

I kind of died…


182.Anonymous Genorer

That skill is impossible to become Genocider.


183.Anonymous Genorer

Thanks to you guys, my eyes are rolling! lololol




[Progress of Strategy] Comprehensive Chat Thread 104 [Where are you now?]

1.Anonymous Adventurer

This is the comprehensive chat thread.

Please feel free to post.

However, if you do not obey the minimum rules, there will be management from the operations.

Previous thread: http://**********


>>980 Next thread please.


214.Anonymous Adventurer


The level of perverse has increased…??


215.Anonymous Adventurer


I wonder why did he do that.


215.Anonymous Adventurer


Don’t go leveling up! lol


216.Anonymous Adventurer


Evolution of pervert..


217.Anonymous Adventurer


The soldiers have already gotten used to it lol.


218.Anonymous Adventurer

Hey, isn’t it tough to have your skill level increase suddenly?


219.Anonymous Adventurer


Is there no one who’d stop this guy…?


220.Anonymous Adventurer


I think you’d know if you’ve read the verification thread but after the primary skill has evolved to the MAX at 30, it is relatively easy to go up to level 30 of the secondary skill. After that, it will be difficult to go up fast but I think that’s where the game really starts from there on.


221.Anonymous Adventurer


Thank you!

Hmm~ then what about the karma value? I have also killed the NPC but it doesn’t decrease?


222.Anonymous Adventurer


Not much is known about the karma value even in the verification class.

However, it will decrease if you kill more… I guess, even if you kill, it differs depending on where, when, how and who you kill, you know? How did you kill?


223.Anonymous Adventurer


Ah, is that so?

I went out to the streets and attacked a passerby who had the guards down, maybe that’s why…


224.Anonymous Adventurer


Wait a minute, based on that fact, how did Genocider achieve such karma value? lol


225.Anonymous Adventurer

Genocider’s karma value is damn dangerous (child-like comment).


226.Anonymous Adventurer


At the street’s open space (temple), in the daytime where people has gathered, she openly set arson and launched surprise attacks, killing good civilians (women, kids and elderly included) and priests.


227.Anonymous Adventurer


Lol, this person is weird after all.


228.Anonymous Adventurer


What happened to the karma value? lol


229.Anonymous Adventurer


But, right now, for those verifiable karma values, the lowest one has reached beyond -110, didn’t it? Therefore Genocider’s karma value should be between -120 and -140.


230.Anonymous Adventurer


Well, that sounds pretty plausible.


231.Anonymous Adventurer



232.Anonymous Adventurer

It’s the world announcement.


233.Anonymous Adventurer

This Lena person is also damn mysterious, no? For attacking the underground tomb before the strategy team does.


234.Anonymous Adventurer

Or rather, what’s a world quest?


235.Anonymous Adventurer


You didn’t know? It’s quest for the world.


236.Anonymous Adventurer


I see. Thanks.


237.Anonymous Adventurer

Don’t put up a skit.


238.Anonymous Adventurer

Nobody knows about Lena, really?


239.Anonymous Adventurer

I don’t know.


240.Anonymous Adventurer

I don’t know.


241.Anonymous Adventurer

How would I know, idiot.


242.Anonymous Adventurer

(´・ω・`)I see-


243.Anonymous Adventurer

Seems like the strategy team could not stop Lena


244.Anonymous Adventurer

Maybe she’s Genocider?


245.Anonymous Adventurer


That’s impossible.


246.Anonymous Adventurer


That Party name is definitely a no for Genocider lol


247.Anonymous Adventurer

Genocider would probably choose a more serious name- thought it’s just based on my image of her lol


248.Anonymous Adventurer

She has that much drive, achievements and charisma; a legendary person who increased the power of the chaos team, who used to be weak. There’s no way she’d choose that Party name…


249.Anonymous Adventurer

I see, that’s true… sorry for saying weird things.


250.Anonymous Adventurer

It’s fine.


251.Anonymous Adventurer



252.Anonymous Adventurer

What’s this?!!


253.Anonymous Adventurer

It’s the notice for the official event-! ヾ(*´□`*)ノ


254.Anonymous Adventurer

“Hidden Tag Game” sounds fun lol


255.Anonymous Adventurer

But the order team will also have to attack the others huh…(perplexed)


256.Anonymous Adventurer

Normally, the order members would defend while the chaos members would attack, right? I’m not sure about the neutral though.


257.Anonymous Adventurer

It’s the first game since the start of the service, it’s a little huh?


258.Anonymous Adventurer

Also, it seems like the order team and chaos team would be against each other so I don’t think there’d be a problem.


259.Anonymous Adventurer


Then, what about neutral?


260.Anonymous Adventurer


With the neutral, it means that everyone around us would be the enemy… (Trembling voice)


261.Anonymous Adventurer

Hah, the top five names were also listed! …there’s one shitty dangerous person, no? lol


262.Anonymous Adventurer

There’s a person with a super low karma value lol.


263.Anonymous Adventurer

This person is definitely Genocider!!


264.Anonymous Adventurer

[Quick News] Genocider’s PN is Lena.


265.Anonymous Adventurer

I didn’t expect her to be really Genocider…


266.Anonymous Adventurer

Eh, wait- then, that foolish party name really belongs to Genocider?

Also, isn’t Genocider solo?


267.Anonymous Adventurer


From what I heard from Hannes, who was defeated again in the north underground passage, she seems to have allies with some unknown people so maybe she’s not always solo?


268.Anonymous Adventurer


Hmm- I see~


269.Anonymous Adventurer

Who’s it! Apologize! To me!! Apologize, you idiots!!!


270.Anonymous Adventurer



271.Anonymous Adventurer

Sorry, I didn’t expect it to be true…


272.Anonymous Adventurer

Genocider has a surprisingly cute side lol.


273.Anonymous Adventurer

The difference with second place is exactly 100 lol.


274.Anonymous Adventurer

What did she do to get so low…?


275.Anonymous Adventurer

She murdered and dissected the soldiers…


276.Anonymous Adventurer

She also used children as shields lol.


277.Anonymous Adventurer

This person’s mind is weird after all.



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